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PS5 and Xbox players can kick off CODMAS with new MW3 Double XP event

The holidays have come early with an MW3 Double XP Weekend event coinciding with the CODMAS update and the perfect grinding playlist on PS5 and Xbox.

MW3 Double XP CODMAS: A Santa zombie standing looking over their shoulder with a weapon in their hands. There are three Double XP icons around them, one large on the right and two smaller icons to the left.

There’s nothing MW3 fans like ourselves love more than 2XP events; it’s the perfect time to level up your account and weapons, especially if you’re aiming for the prestigious Mastery Camos. Well, Christmas has come early with an MW3 Double XP event set to return alongside the festive fun of the MW3 CODMAS event. So, suit up with a brand-new gun and get grinding.

MW3 is one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox, and Double XP events always bring players back in droves excited about an accelerated grind. If you’re a new player coming from the MW3 free multiplayer weekend, then it’s the best time to unlock the full arsenal of weapons and equipment with ease. There’s no better time to kit out a new weapon, so push the MW3 meta to the side for now and get ready for some satisfying bonus XP to reach the peak of the MW3 Prestige system.

According to the in-game events page (which is currently bugged for many players), the latest MW3 Double XP event should start on Thursday, December 20, 2023, shortly after the launch of the CODMAS event. Given it’s a Double XP Weekend, it’s expected to end on Monday, December 25, 2023, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted longer to give all the newcomers over the holidays a headstart.

MW3 Double XP CODMAS: The Shipmas 24/7 playlist in the multiple menus, showing a Santa zombie character holding a rifle.

Nevertheless, this means you can jump into the new Shipmas 24/7 playlist (a winter version of the iconic Shipment map) and Hangover 24/7 playlist (a winter rendition of Highrise) to cause some chaos. Both new playlists not only offer oodles of festive fun thanks to the newly decorated maps but they’re also exceptionally good for earning massive amounts of XP in no time. We recommend heading into Shipmas in particular with a fresh loadout of un-leveled weapons to take advantage of the occasion. Remember, there are also the festive events launching with CODMAS – Santa’s Slayground and Slay Ride – that will give you even more to do during the Double XP Weekend.

MW3 Double XP CODMAS: The Sleigh skin in the CODMAS Operator bundle, showing a reindeer mascot character holding a gun.

Unfortunately, the events page makes no note of whether a Double Weapon XP or Double Battle Pass XP event will also be occurring, meaning you won’t necessarily be leveling weapons or your battle pass faster than you already can on intense, close-range maps like Shipment. With that said, it’s not uncommon for Sledgehammer to run all three types of Double XP events all at once, and Christmas would be the perfect excuse.

However, with MW3 Season 1 adding new levels with the Prestige system and the free weekend bringing in fresh players, it’s worth taking advantage of the account XP on this occasion. We can only hope that Sledgehammer Games does indeed treat us to a Double Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass XP event over the holiday period; leveling each weapon to max takes a lot of time if you’re gunning for the MW3 Mastery Camos.

Recently, there has already been a wide range of playlists that are perfect for grinding, including Meat 24/7 and Rustment 24/7 (which has since added Meat after widespread demand). The arrival of these fresh festive playlists and a Double XP Weekend is great news for many, though it does come after a lot of us have already spent a lot of time grinding on Shipment. Thankfully, the brand-new decorations for Shipment this year will give us something new to look at as we whizz around the arena spawn-killing and getting spawn-killed, as is the way with this tight-knit map.

To get up to speed on the meta ahead of the MW3 Double XP Weekend and CODMAS event, check out the latest MW3 patch notes that missed the mark when it came to weapon balance. If you’re focused solely on getting high scores each match, then the best MW3 loadouts and best MW3 guns are still standing strong in Season 1.