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Zombies mayhem galore! MW3 free multiplayer weekend arrives for PS5

Call of Duty players on PS5 and Xbox can soon drop into the MW3 free multiplayer weekend, which includes access to MW3 Zombies too.

MW3 free multiplayer weekend ps5 xbox

If you’ve been wondering just how good (or bad) MW3 is, then the time to check it out is right around the corner. That’s because Call of Duty players can experience what online delights lay ahead in the MW3 free multiplayer weekend, which gives players a chance to sample the game’s fast-paced skirmishes, limited-time playlists, and even some undead carnage. And it all begins very soon on PS5 and Xbox.

Rally up your finest Call of Duty squad, because you’ll need more than just the best MW3 loadouts or the best MW3 guns to dominate on the battlefield. Activision confirms in a new blog post that the upcoming free MW3 multiplayer access period is arriving “just in time for the holidays, [as players can] get a taste of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 […] from December 14 through 18.” But what exactly does this snippet of MW3 offer up new and returning franchise fans on PS5 and Xbox?

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Well, the good news is that you can jump into classic locales, as the MW3 maps within this period will serve up Highrise, Rust, and Shipment alongside some fresher arenas. Specifically, players can tear it up in extremely close-quarters map Meat, which is one of the better maps to arrive in recent Call of Duty history. It has the intensity of Shipment, but you’ll be furiously fighting down narrow corridors or warehouse interiors in a bid to secure a capture point – or rack up some brutal kills in arguably one of the best multiplayer game experiences out there for COD fans.

However, if traditional multiplayer isn’t your thing, then you can check out what MW3 Zombies is all about too. The latest iteration of the long-running survival mode leaves round-based gameplay, taking place in a large open-world map, where players can go about their business however they please. Or, if you feel like embracing your team player side, you can assist fellow undead slayers to complete contracts or even traverse into the Dark Aether itself. However, far more sinister threats away here.

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Activision is ensuring the MW3 free multiplayer weekend is a considerable display of content, so here is everything that is included in total:

  • 6v6 Core Maps: Terminal, Rust, Highrise, Shipment, Afghan, Meat
  • Ground War Maps: Popov Power, Orlov Military Base, Levin Resort
  • Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Ground War, War
  • Playlists: Rustment 24/7 (Shipment and Rust), War Mode, 6v6 Moshpit (featuring Highrise, Meat, Afghan, Terminal), Ground War, Modern Warfare Zombies

What will you be playing during this period? We recommend giving MW3 Zombies a chance, even if you’re not so sure about it leaving round-based gameplay behind. It really is a blast, and retains plenty of familiar elements from previous Zombies experiences.

Don’t worry about having to actually purchase of the many new PS5 games around, though, as an additional download for the Call of Duty hub that also houses Warzone will get you into the action.