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All MW3 maps in multiplayer

Find out all the Call of Duty MW3 maps in the multiplayer mode, from faithful remasters to new locations coming as a part of the 2023 game's seasonal updates.

What are the MW3 maps? The locations you can do battle on are always one of the most fun and exciting features of every new Call of Duty game, and the Modern Warfare 3 maps in the 2023 keep this trend going. So, here are all of the launch MW3 maps and even some locations coming later down the road in post-launch updates.

Call of Duty MW3’s core multiplayer maps call back to the long history of one of the best FPS game franchises, though it’s as much a blast for newcomers as it is veterans of the series, as our MW3 review covers. While there are plenty of new mechanics to master in MW3 multiplayer and the fresh MW3 meta, things will, nonetheless, feel rather familiar for fans when it comes to the maps, at least for now.

MW3 maps

The 20 Call of Duty MW3 maps are:

If you’ve played older Call of Duty games, then you might recognise the bulk of these. That’s because, at launch, MW3 (2023) features remasters of every original MW2 (2009) map. Yes, that includes beloved maps like Estate, Favela, Highrise, Rust, and Terminal. As a result, this is likely the closest fans get to a full MW2 (2009) remaster, given all the base game maps will be returning as the launch MW3 maps.

As for brand-new MW3 maps at launch, these are all relegated to Ground War, Invasion, and the return of the War game mode from COD WW2 at launch. Resort, Military Base, and Industrial Belt are available in Ground War and Invasion, while Operation: Spearhead, originally revealed as Launch Facility, is restricted to War and will be the only map for that game mode when the game releases.

That’s not all though, as Activision has confirmed over 12 new ‘core’ 6v6 maps will be available as part of the post-launch offering with Seasons. So, once all the MW3 (2023) maps are available, we’ll have at least 32 maps to wage war on across a variety of modes, including the launch MW2 (2009) remasters and the brand-new offerings.

However, what you might not know is that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will also be receiving a handful of maps from it’s predecessor, starting around Call of Duty MW3 Season 1. Leading up to launch there was much confusion online over what happens to the MW2 (2022) content, as many of these maps have become fan-favorite arenas. While it was already known that all of the weapons and cosmetics would be carried forward, the maps were an enigma.

Dubbed “Modern Warfare 2 Carry Forward maps”, arenas from its predecessor will gradually become available in a separate playlist in MW3. Activision notes that these maps are “completely additive”, meaning they will “appear in addition to a full complement of new (and remastered) seasonal maps and other content”. Yes, that means these aren’t counted as part of the estimated 32 ‘core’ maps, likely because they’re relegated to a separate playlist and aren’t given the remastered treatment in any way.

The first batch of MW2 (2022) maps coming forward include Farm 18, Mercado, and Shoot House, with more coming with each Season. It’s worth pointing out that these will be graphically identical to how they are in MW2 (2022), though the new features, mechanics, and changes made in the sequel will still be present. Likewise, new MW3 modes like Cutthroat also won’t be playable on these Carry Forward maps.

While it’s a shame that these maps will be restricted to their own dedicated playlist and won’t join the core map rotation, many are glad that these popular maps won’t be left behind.

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However, with so few new MW3 maps coming in 2023 – and the only new maps at launch being Battle Maps – there’s been plenty of criticism online. Though fans are happy to see iconic and much beloved maps from MW2 (2009) return, many were hoping for a better balance between new and old. Hopefully then, the post-launch MW3 maps will deliver on this to provide more fresh experiences.

Nevertheless, with so many changes to the gameplay in MW3 (2023) since we last saw most of these maps in MW2 (2009), even the stacked list of remasters feels drastically different. For instance, we now have access to new movement, such as sliding and clambering, new Perks and Field Upgrades, new MW3 guns, and attachments.

From our experience, this makes up play on these remastered very differently to how we used to over ten years ago. Long gone are the days of slowing walking around the map, limited to running, crouching, prone, and jumping. Now we’ve got sliding, clambering, and Tac Sprint that less us move around the map at lightning pace and in whole new ways.

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We’ve found the addition of clambering to the series since the original MW2 versions of these maps to have the biggest impact. For example, on Highrise, players can access completely new routes, such as climbing onto the helipad and then the cranes without having to first make their way up the stairs. Likewise, there’s plenty of shortcuts on Favela, Rundown, Terminal, Underpass, and more. Overall, this makes the gameplay significantly faster and more fluid on these MW3 maps than veterans like ourselves we expecting.

Nevertheless, these maps will put your skills to the test. So, we recommend taking a look at the best MW3 loadouts and MW3 best guns to start off on the right foot.

Keep reading to find out more about the Call of Duty MW3 maps in the 2023 game, including any differences between the remastered maps. We’ve included comparisons between the remasters and the originals where possible too.



Afghan is an iconic map from the past that makes its return in the MW3 maps list for multiplayer. Set around a crashed C-130 plane surrounded by bunkers in a desert canyon, Afghan offers a variety of different engagement ranges and verticality.

Of all the remastered maps, this one perhaps plays the most like its original counterparts, since the sneaky path from the tail of the plane to the rocky overlook was already possible back in the original version. The only real difference is how fast players can flank you and how hard it can often be to see enemies hiding out in the bunkers given the more realistic lighting.



Derail was one of the largest maps in the original MW2, and it’s one of the largest MW3 maps as well. Taking place around various warehouses, a derailed train, and a small housing area, Derail is incredibly varied in terms of environments. However, with many long sightlines, it’s often seen as more of a sniper’s paradise, so stay on your toes.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t too happy with Derail due to it shining a light on weapon imbalance and visibility issues. There’s no denying that setups like the best MW3 BAS-B loadout, MW3 Holger 556 loadout, or any of the snipers can dominate spawns from a distance, but we’ve enjoyed being back. However, we still find it odd just how big this map is, as most of it is never used.



Everyone loves Estate, not just because it’s home to one of the best campaign missions in 2009’s MW2, but because of the great map design for PvP. Returning in the MW3 maps list for 2023’s game, Estate features a large house overlooking a forested area. With lots of opportunities to flank as well as snipe, there’s room for different playstyles.

One interesting detail players have noted is just how much bigger this map feels than how they remembered it, though it really has always been this big. We though so too until we went back and look at the original. Thankfully though, the more varied and faster movement options in MW3 do make it quicker to traverse.



Favela is one of the most dense maps in CoD history, featuring a multi-layered slum in Rio de Janeiro that also featured in the campaign of MW2. With several accessible rooftops making for great sniping plays as well as tight alleys for SMGs to shine, there’s a little something for everyone.

Domination, Hardpoint, and other objective-based modes can be incredibly exhilarating and challenging given how dense the center of the map is. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on the rooftops if you’re looking to play the objective.

We’d argue that Favela is one of the MW3 maps that feels most impacted by the new movement abilities compared to its original iteration. For example, there’s now much more shortcuts and flanking routes that let you avoid ladders or stairs. As a result, you’ve got to watch your back much more than we remember.



Highrise is one of the most iconic maps in CoD history and it’s about time it returned. Set atop a skyscraper under construction, Highrise offers lots of cover and various engagement ranges. Most interestingly, Activision hasn’t removed the beloved out-of-map glitch from the original.

In case you didn’t know, the original rendition of this map had an exploit where players could climb the various platforms on the side of the tower to reach the top of one of the buildings, giving you a view of the whole map. Just whatever you do, don’t look down.

Like Favela, there’s plenty of new flanking routes available to you, such as clambering from the underground area to the main level, or to the helipad by avoiding the stairs. Players haven’t quite caught onto this yet so we’ve had a blast catching our foes off guard through these new routes.



Invasion is set in a highly urban area of Afghanistan and provides an intense experience thanks to all the elevated positions and accessible buildings. While you might be tempted to run through the streets, you’ll be vulnerable to those in more advantageous positions.

Despite this map being virtually identical to its original form, we find it feels quite different overall. The improved graphics, lighting, and more realistic style changes the atmosphere quite drastically. Nevertheless, there’s still the intense shootouts in the rubble of buildings that made the 2009 map an instant classic.



Karachi also returns as an MW3 map, offering a multi-layered urban environment. From tight streets covered with rubble to several rooftops and balconies, there’s both lots of verticality and lots of tight streets.

With the increased mobility in MW3, those with a keen understanding of the layout will be able to find climbing opportunities and other flanking routes to quickly traverse the medium-sized map.

One thing we’ve noticed from our time with this map is just how tight some of the alleys really are. Though the layout is the same, having more general clutter around the map and a faster suite of movement options makes these side streets feel incredibly small. This does, however, make flanking even more intense as enemies can appear from anywhere and you have nowhere to back up to.



Set in a Brazilian quarry, this map offers some great sniping spots as well as numerous flanking routes. This map was something of a playground for snipers and trickshotters back in the day, and it’s still got some of that magic in MW3.

With the central crane now being accessible, there’s even more possibilities for long-distance fights, as well as intense CQC action as it’s an objective location in modes like Hardpoint. Similarly, the additional movement mechanics since the original rendition give you opportunities to clamber over previously rigid lanes.



One of the most overlooked maps from its original game, Rundown is set in a dilapidated village in Brazil. With a river cutting the map in half, players are largely funnelled across two bridges to reach the other half of the map, making for some interesting plays.

Although we loved the 2009 version of this map more than most, we find it’s MW3 variant to be quite hectic due to poor visibility. With the large number of windows affording players sightlines, you have to keep your eyes on lots of locations all at once, and seeing enemies in MW3 isn’t all that easy with more realistic lighting. In other words, there can be a cost to having more realistic visuals.



Rust is arguably the most well-known CoD map besides Nuketown for many of the same reasons, primarily it’s very small size. With the map being focused around a central structure, there’s lots of chaos to be had on Rust. As the old saying goes, Rust is the ultimate 1v1 arena, and we’d love for MW3 to honor this with a special or limited-time 1v1 mode at some point.

In the MW3 version, there’s much more paths than ever before, including a small walkway at the base of the tower and another halfway up. This makes assaulting the central structure more swift than previous version, helping to combat the issue of campers. However, the spawns are about as troublesome as ever, so expect to respawn right in the middle of a shootout.



Scrapyard’s plane boneyard settings makes for a unique and fun setting to do battle in, so many players welcome its return. With several accessible plane parts and warehouses, Scrapyard can be chaotic thanks to all the different paths through it.

With that said, it’s also one of our favorite maps in the entire game, even more so than its original counterpart. The new movement lets you swiftly move between lanes, sliding in and out of plane parts to catch enemies out. It is, however, an absolute pain if the enemy get air support as there’s only so many places you can take cover that aren’t already filled with players.



Skidrow, set in an urban US environment, funnels players into close-range engagements in an apartment block. With alleys around the outside offering a variety of flanking routes, you’re in for some high streaks if you can catch your enemies off-guard. Like the other maps, increased mobility has opened up several new flanking routes compared to its original rendition.

This is quite possibly the most popular of the MW3 maps, and we often see it winning out in the map voting system. Thankfully, given how well-designed this map is and how many playstyles it can accommodate (even in objective-based modes), it’s not too bad playing on it as often as you will.


Sub Base

As the name suggests, Sub Base takes place in a Russian submarine facility, though the submarine in question is largely just there for aesthetics. However, the many buildings offer intense close-range action, especially when considering the catwalks that give sneaky players lots to play around with.

Even the remastered version of this map, we finally get to see more of the sub itself, especially as objective-based modes like Hardpoint send you over to the docks.



Based on the environment used in the controversial ‘No Russian’ mission from the MW2 (2009) campaign, Terminal has become a fan-favorite map ever since it’s debut. Set in an airport terminal, both the terminal and the parked planes are accessible to players, offering varied sightlines and flanking routes.

This medium-sized map gives room for a wide range of playstyles if you’re skilled enough, from swift shotgun-sliding action to deadly quickscoping.

It’s particularly intense in objective-based modes that funnel players into the halls and even the plane, providing for some of the most fun we’ve had so far in MW3.



As another one of the most overlooked maps, Underpass makes a return in the MW3 maps list. Oozing with atmosphere thanks to the pouring rain and derelict highway overpass looming over the map, it’s certainly one of the more visually striking maps. However, it also features lots of long-range sightlines and vertically that gives medium and long-range weapons a time to shine. With more mobility in the series since its original release, more of the rooftops and other buildings are also accessible, further encouraging a long-range playstyle.

Despite the original version not being all too popular, MW3’s Underpass often wins out in map voting, likely because its a sniper’s paradise.



Set in a forested environment near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Wasteland is an eerie map. With a large bunker at the centre of the map, several trenches, and shrubbery dividing the map in two, it’s certainly a map that rewards clever plays. Due to the long sightlines leading into the central bunker, snipers can work wonders here, though you will be outmatched if you’re thinking of entering the bunker yourself with a sniper in hand.

Most of all, there’s a great opportunity to see some of the highest killstreaks in action on Wasteland, especially as the awkward spawns from the original version return. With grenades galore, be careful where you walk when you spawn.

One issue have encountered, however, is player visibility. Dense vegetation and realistic lighting might look beautiful, but it makes seeing enemies a struggle at times, especially with Operator skins that look like Groot running around.

Call of Duty MW3 maps: A train track cutting through a wooded area, with a large building in the background as part of the Levin Resort map.

Levin Resort

Levin Resort is one of the brand-new maps to MW3, limited to Ground War and Invasion modes. In fact, Levin Resort is one of the many POIs from the new Warzone Urzikstan map, explaining it’s much larger setting.

As the name suggests, Levin Resort was once a popular tourist spot, with a packed pool and shopping centre. However, it’s now in ruins. With numerous large, open areas, such as the nearby train tracks and resort courtyard, you’ll want to stay alert at all times.

Call of Duty MW3 maps: Open missile silos and many barricades within the Orlov Military Base facility.

Orlov Military Base

Like Levin Resort, Orlov Military Base is a brand-new Ground War and Invasion map based in Urzikstan. Very reminiscent of CoD4’s Countdown map, Orlov has lots of bunkers and missile hatches to use for cover. This will no doubt come in handy consider the high-ground surrounding the base that will give snipers room to shine.

Call of Duty MW3 maps: Several cranes and towers within the Popov Power energy facility map.

Popov Power

It’s time to pop-off at Popov Power, a new Ground War and Invasion map also based in Urzikstan. Supplying energy to the region, there’s several massive cooling towers and silos that give snipers a very good view of the whole map. On the other hand, the large facilities and warehouses are perfect for close-range combat or for escaping from vehicles and snipers.

If you’ve played the MW3 missions in the campaign, then you should recognise this map from mission three, Reactor, though it works a lot better as a multiplayer map than an Open Combat Mission.

Call of Duty MW3 maps: A large missile silo in the ground with several barricades, as part of the Operation Spearhead map.

Operation: Spearhead

Operation: Spearhead, designed for the War mode, launches with a map based in Orlov Military Base and Kadurin Silo in Urzikstan. Like Orlov, expect, it certainly gives vibes of CoD4’s Countdown map. There’s plenty of cover thanks to the barricades, hatches, and warehouses, which will come in handy as you progress through the linear mode.

You’ll start by clearing anti-aircraft defenses so armored vehicles can be dropped in, which can then be used to assault the launch site and override the missiles.

This will be the only map for MW3’s War mode for a while, though it’s starting strong.

War maps in past CoD titles are typically large-scale maps but with a more linear structure, where attacking teams look to secure a couple of objectives along a defensive line, forcing the defensive team back to a new defensive line. You can get a flavor of that from this footage of War mode in Sledgehammer’s 2017 CoD titles, WW2.

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And that’s all the MW3 maps in the 2023 release at launch and beyond, including the iconic remastered maps that are back and the new additions too. We will be updating this with each seasonal map as well, so you’ll always be up to date on the arenas you can wage war in. In the meantime, start grinding for the flashy MW3 camos and see how the MW3 Aftermarket Parts system shakes up the meta. Otherwise, there’s always the innovative MW3 Zombies mode to dive into.