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Best MW3 Holger 556 loadout, build, and full class setup

If you’re hoping to turn this assault rifle into the ultimate weapon, then here’s the best MW3 Holger 556 loadout for a versatile build on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout: The Holger 556 build painted red, set against a blurred background of promotional art depicting key characters.

What is the best MW3 Holger 556 loadout? One of the later unlocks in the game, the Holger 556 is already dominating most matches thanks to its high damage and fire rate, making it a weapon that you need to use. So, this is what you need to make the best MW3 Holger 556 loadout.

It’s not surprising to see an assault rifle already dominating the MW3 meta, and with the Holger 556 being one of the best MW3 guns right now, as well as one of the most fun to use in the best FPS game, we recommend you use it too. In fact, we imagine it’ll be one of the top guns in MW3 for quite some time, though you’ll need a good Holger 556 build to reach its full potential.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout

The best MW3 Holger 556 loadout is:

  • Muzzle – VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Barrel – Chrios-6 Match
  • Stock – RB Addle Assault Stock
  • Rear Grip – Morn-20 Grip
  • Underbarrel – XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

In our experience, the Holger 556 works best in mid-range firefights, but it can easily dominate when at close range. When you first unlock it, the Holger has a kick when it comes to recoil, and while the damage is great, its range isn’t the best. That’s why our loadout is focusing on increasing the range and the recoil control of this amazing weapon, turning it into one of the best MW3 loadouts available.

If you’re also a fan of Warzone, then it’s a great weapon to level up and get used to as we expect, given its reliability at a variety of ranges, the Holger 556 will also stand out in the battle royale mode. Keep up with the Warzone meta to see where the Holger 556 and the other MW3 weapons land.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout: The Holger 556 build in the customization menu.

First up is the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor. Not only will this keep us off the minimap when firing, but we’ll also gain some handy benefits to recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range that help this Holger 556 build compete at further ranges. It does, however, hurt aim down sight speed, aim walking steadiness, and sprint to fire speed. While the Shadowstrike Suppressor has no positives or negatives, we find the added recoil control of the Spiritfire to put it ahead in this case. Likewise, the HMRES Mod does increase bullet velocity, but we lose much-needed recoil control.

Continuing to rein in the recoil, we have the Chiros-6 Match barrel. This hugely increases the recoil control and bullet velocity and range, as well as slightly adding to the gun kick control. While it does drop the aim down sight speed, aiming idle sway, and other speeds, it’s worth bringing that control and velocity up in return. Since we’re aiming to dominate the mid-range, it’s a worthwhile trade, though you’ll be surprised how competitive you can still be in close quarters with this Holger 556 build. However, if you’re finding it a little too sluggish, then you could swap the Chiros-6 for the Banner-80 Light Barrel, which trades control for speed.

For our stock, we went with the RB Addle Assault Stock. This further increases recoil control and gun kick control, while only slightly decreasing the ADS speed. All in all, it’s a simple but effective grip that does exactly what we need it to. If you want to turn the speed up a notch, then the Holger 26 Factory Stock is a good compromise, striking a fine balance between speed and control.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout: A Gilded camo Holger 556 loadout being inspected by the player.

Then we’ve got the Morn-20 Grip, which comes in clutch for mid-range fights thanks to the improved flinch resistance. With the slower fire rate of the Holger 556, it’s important to make every shot count, so the Morn-20’s positive effect on flinch, recoil control, and gun kick control is worth the almost unnoticeable aim walking speed reduction.

Finally, we’ve got the XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop. Since we’ve now tamed the hefty recoil of the Holger 556, it’s time to make up for some of the hits to mobility that we’ve taken on. That’s where the XRK Edge comes in, enhancing aim walking speed, movement speed, aim down sight speed, and sprint to fire speed at the cost of aim walking steadiness, as well as hipfire and Tac Stance spread. These drawbacks are more than worth the added agility we’ve now got that helps this MW3 Holger 556 loadout in close-quarters fights.

If you’re finding it speedy enough for your playstyle, then you could always drop an attachment like the XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop in favor of an optic like the Cronen Intlas MSP-12 or the Slimline Pro, or even pick different ammo like the 5.56 NATO High Grain, Hollowpoint, or Round Nose. We rather like the standard iron sights so we prefer to go with an extra stat attachment like the XRK Edge to make up for the shortcomings we’ve incurred.

With the best MW3 Holger 556 build complete, you’re almost ready to take down some enemies on the various MW3 maps. But before you invite your friends to show off, here’s the full class setup.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout: The Rival-9 in the Holger 556 loadout, shown in the class setup screen.

MW3 Holger 556 class setup

The best MW3 Holger 556 class setup is:

  • Vest – Overkill Vest
  • Secondary – Rival-9
  • Tactical – Stun/Flash Grenade
  • Lethal – Drill Charge/Frag Grenade
  • Gloves – Assault Gloves
  • Boots – Stalker Boots
  • Gear – EOD Padding

Starting off with a bang, we recommend the Overkill Vest, which lets us carry two primaries, swap weapons faster, and reload while sprinting. The reason we’ve chosen the Overkill Vest over the Gunner Vest in this instance is so we can retain access to the Boots slot, as these are particularly handy with the Holger 556. With that said though, the increased reload speed and other benefits of the Gunner Vest are still superb, making it a great second pick.

Since we can carry two primary weapons, we’ve opted for the Rival-9 SMG. This lets us swap to a weapon more suited to close-range firefights when we need to. While the Holger 556 is more than able to hold its own in CQC, having an SMG specifically designed for when you’re forced into the thick of it is very handy indeed. Be sure to check out our MW3 Rival-9 loadout to learn more. If you’re using a Vest other than Overkill or Gunner, and don’t have access to two primaries, then we actually recommend the RGL-80 grenade launcher. This grenade launcher packs a hell of a punch (as long as your foe isn’t using EOD Padding), demolishing anyone controlling or taking an objective. It works well with the mid-range, zone-controlling nature of the best MW3 Holger 556 loadout.

For our tactical equipment, we recommend the age-old Stun Grenade or Flash Grenade. Both are reliable options that slow the enemy down whether they’re pushing you or you’re taking the fight to them, making them fish in a barrel. Paired with our lethal equipment of choice, the trusty Drill Charge, which can send an explosive projectile through any wall, you’ll find there’s no cover that your enemies are safe behind. However, we do also swap to Frag Grenades or the Breacher Drone depending on which map or MW3 modes we’re on. In other words, there’s room to pick your favorite combination of equipment and it will work well enough.

Since we’ve opted for the Overkill Vest, we forgo access to Field Equipment. With Field Equipment not having the biggest impact on your overall K/D, it’s a worthy trade. However, those of you using a different Vest might like the Comm Scrambler, Munitions Box, Portable Radar, or even the A.C.S.

MW3 Holger 556 loadout: The player inspecting a black and green camo Holger 556 loadout.

Finally, the gear. The Assault Gloves are some of the best Gloves in MW3 for when you want to be a little more aggressive. While jumping, accuracy and ADS time are improved, allowing you to leap around a corner and catch enemies off-guard. If you’re a less offensive player that prefers to take things slow and steady, then the Marksman Gloves are a great alternative reducing sway and flinch while aiming. Otherwise, Scavenger, Commando, and Quick-Grip also work depending on your Vest combination.

As for Boots, it’s a close call between the Stalker Boots and Tactical Pads but we ultimately went with the former. Since the Holger 556 excels in the mid-range and has a slower fire rate overall, we find the increased strafe and ADS movement speed invaluable in winning shootouts. However, the Tactical Pads are a stellar option too, speeding up your slide and increasing your overall slide handling. If neither of these fit your playstyle, then you can’t go wrong with the basic Lightweight Boots to outpace your foes and quickly reposition.

Last, but certainly not least, is the EOD Padding. This decreases incoming damage from non-killstreak explosions and fire. When sticking to an objective, this can work wonders in protecting you from all the grenades that get thrown your way. Even outside of objective modes, grenade and explosive spam is everywhere, so the EOD Padding has you covered. We’ve also found the underused Data Jacker to be quite a fun pairing, so long as you’re not on an objective as you won’t have the explosion protection of the EOD Padding to save you.

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MW3 Holger 556 alternatives

As a mid-range beast, the Holger 556 has a great selection of alternatives to choose from if you still find you’re not getting along with it despite having the best build at hand. First up is MW3 SVA 545 loadout, a reliable all-rounder. On the other hand, there’s the more feisty MW3 MCW loadout which has more of a focus on close to mid-range fights than mid to long-range ones, though this is unlocked after the Holger. Otherwise, there’s also the scrappy MW3 MTZ-556 loadout that’s more or less a budget MCW and unlocked much earlier on.

Outside of assault rifles, the best MW3 BAS-B loadout is a great battle rifle that not only offers increased bullet penetration compared to ARs but also delivers a great amount of damage. And with our build, we got the Gilded MW3 camo without breaking much of a sweat.

That’s not all though, as the MW3 Striker loadout can also do the trick. Despite being an SMG, the Striker boasts good range and recoil control, making it a laser beam in close and mid-range shootouts.

Lastly, while it doesn’t necessarily feel anything like the Holger 556, the best MW3 Longbow loadout turns this sniper into a reliable one-hit rifle in close to mid-range fights. It similarly prizes accuracy and precision and rewards you so with a deadly TTK.

How to unlock the Holger 556 in MW3

To unlock the Holger 556 in MW3, you must reach player level 37. Being about just over halfway through the standard level progression, unlocking the Holger 556 will take you quite some time to unlock.

If you’re eager to get it as soon as you can, then we recommend using a Double XP Token to speed up the leveling process. This works wonders in playlists like Rust 24/7 where high scores are much easier to attain, thereby giving you more XP at the end of the match.

While you’re leveling up to unlock the Holger 556, we recommend using the alternative weapons we’ve suggested, such as the BAS-B, the MTZ-556, or the Striker.

That’s how to make the best MW3 Holger 556 loadout, build, and class setup in the current meta. That’s not all you can do to improve your K/D though. For those looking to dominate in MW3 multiplayer, we recommend getting a competitive edge by picking up one of the best Xbox controllers or the best PS5 controllers. Some even have extra buttons which makes moving around the map and performing slick tricks a breeze.