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These “fan-favorite” COD maps will appear in MW3 multiplayer

Call of Duty players can battle across this select handful of MW2 maps shortly after Modern Warfare 3 launches on Xbox and PS5 platforms.

MW3 new maps season 1

All the original base-game maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) are ready and raring to go when you boot up MW3 for the first time. As we anticipate the arrival of MW3 Season 1, Call of Duty players can also look forward to a handpicked selection of arenas from MW2 (2022) to appear in the game too. In fact, according to Activision, these are a selection of “fan-favorite” maps to do battle in.

“To further augment an already-impressive selection of core 6v6 maps, we are excited to announce that a number of fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 maps will gradually become available to play in Modern Warfare 3 throughout the live seasons,” says Activision in a new Call of Duty blog post. Set to join the game shortly after the Modern Warfare 3 release date, the blog clarifies that “the initial selection […] will become available shortly after launch in a dedicated playlist.”

Unlike instances like the re-introduction of Museum in MW2, Activision confirms that these maps will count as the key content included when the MW3 Season 1 release date arrives: “These maps are completely additive, meaning they are scheduled to appear in addition to a full complement of new (and remastered) seasonal maps and other content.” These maps will iconic locales from one of the best FPS games ever made, the original MW2, and Activision believes they will benefit from enhancements.

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“These maps are graphically identical to how they appeared in MW2, and due to the innovations to movement and general gameplay mechanics present in MW3, you may find that they play in an altogether different manner,” Activision expresses. However, there is a slight catch. With the arrival of new playlist Cutthroat, these maps will not be compatible in this mode.

While it isn’t a massive list, here are the additional arenas joining the roster of MW3 maps:

  • Farm 18
  • Mercado
  • Shoot House

We’d like to see maps like Crown Raceway get their time to shine in Modern Warfare 3, though you’ll probably be glad to see other maps like the ‘worst map’ in MW2 be left behind. And we don’t blame you. With the next COD entry looking to the past to add maps retrospectively, perhaps locations like the underrated (yes, underrated) Piccadilly, Hackney Yard, or Atlas Superstore could also be on the cards.

Modern Warfare 3 early access begins imminently, but only if you’ve got your MW3 pre-order confirmed. Be sure to check out this neat MW3 discount if you want to check out the MW3 campaign before your friends do.