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Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders, editions, bonuses, where to buy

Find out the latest on the Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders, editions, bonuses, and more so you know where to buy the 2023 game ahead of release and what you get.

MW3 pre-order: Captain Price against a blurred background of characters from the game. A shopping cart icon is on the left, tucked behind Price.

Activision has officially begun the reveal process for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023), which means everyone’s looking to get in on the action. So, here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders, including when they go live and all the editions and bonuses you can expect from grabbing a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 pre-order.

2023’s Call of Duty MW3 is the next game in the hit FPS series and we’re sure it will be one of the best competitive FPS games when it’s in our hands. For more on when that will be, check out the Call of Duty MW3 release date so you don’t miss a thing. With an arsenal of new MW3 guns and MW3 maps on the way, we can’t wait to finally get our hands on MW3 multiplayer.

Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders

Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders are available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC at Gamestop, BestBuy, Steam, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Game in the UK. There are two editions available for purchase with a variety of pre-order bonuses and exclusive items for those that pre-order.

With MW3 having been officially revealed in the gameplay trailer. Here, Activision has given us all the juicy details on the MW3 beta which, according to leaks, is taking place in early October 2023 for all systems. Additionally, it will also grant early access to the MW3 campaign mode ahead of the full release. Check out our MW3 early access guide to learn more.

MW3 pre-order bonuses also include the Soap Operator pack for immediate use in MW2 and Warzone, which will carry forward into MW3 when it’s released.

This release schedule and pre-order bonuses have worked wonders for Activision in the past, encouraging more players to pre-order the latest entry to get in early and receive unique cosmetics. As such, it’s not surprising to see it repeated for MW3 pre-orders, granting not only digital items for purchasing the game ahead of release but also opportunities to play parts of the game ahead of launch.

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Call of Duty MW3 editions

The Call of Duty MW3 editions are:

  • MW3 Standard/Cross-Gen edition ($69.99) – also known as the cross-gen bundle, this will include both a past-generation and current-generation version of the game on the console.
  • MW3 Vault edition ($99.99) – this will grant additional digital bonuses, such as the Nemesis Operator pack cosmetics, two Weapon Vaults, and the first Battle Pass.

Following the trend of recent releases in the series, especially MW2, it would have been highly surprising if Activision had shifted from this established pre-order and edition offering. Nevertheless, the editions and pre-order structure remains largely unchanged.

As for the MW3 Vault Edition specifically, this includes the following:

  • Vault Edition bonus contents
    • Nemesis Operator pack – Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov skins
    • Two MW3 Weapon Vaults
    • Battle Pass
    • 1,100 CP
    • Blackcell (for one Season) and 50 bonus tier skips
  • Modern Warfare 3 contents
    • Early access to the open beta
    • Early access to the Campaign
  • Soap Operator pack
    • Pre-order for immediate access to the Soap Operator pack in MW2 and Warzone, which will be carried forward into MW3 when it launches

And that covers everything you need to know about Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders right now. Most of all, we’re excited to get a glimpse at all the MW3 modes that are featuring, as Activision has come up with some creative new modes as of late, as well as how MW3 zombiess can be developed.