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MW3 Prestige system explained - how to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3

If you want to go even further beyond the max level in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, here’s the MW3 Prestige system explained for PS5, Xbox, and PC.

MW3 Prestige system: Soap from Modern Warfare 3 operator pack in front of the Derail map loading screen

How do you Prestige in MW3? Reaching max rank and starting over again has been a staple of Call of Duty for years, at least until the recent games. Whether you’re a returning fan or a newcomer, you may be hoping to understand the MW3 Prestige system, as well as how to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3. We’ll also be sharing our tips on how to level up fast in MW3 so you can reach the cap quicker.

Hitting Level 55 is only the start of your journey in one of the best FPS games, especially considering all of the MW3 camos you’ll want to unlock when playing MW3 multiplayer. But if you’re hoping to restart and work on your Prestige progress while leveling up the best MW3 guns, we have some bad news for you.

CoD MW3 Prestige system explained

There is currently no way to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3, with the max level in MW3 capping at 55. However, Sledgehammer has confirmed in a recent interview with content creator Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres that the cap will increase and Prestiging will arrive when the MW3 Season 1 release date lands, mimicking the same system we had in MW2.

With the release of each new season, the level cap will rise, allowing players to reach a new max level each season. This is the modern Prestige system, with each new level cap offering a new badge to showcase your Prestige.

Upon entering a new Prestige, you won’t lose any of your hard-earned weapons, perks, equipment, etc., and everything will be kept unlocked. As of MW2 Season 6, the max level is 1250, and with this year’s system being the same we expect a similar max level for Modern Warfare 3. Here’s how the Prestige caps are expected to look for Season 1:

  • Prestige 1 – 56-99
  • Prestige 2 – 100-149
  • Prestige 3 – 150-199
  • Prestige 4 – 200-249
  • Prestige 5 – 250 (Season 1 level cap)

In past Call of Duty games, you’d hit the level cap and restart from scratch, earning a new badge, calling cards, and usually an unlock token or something similar. This token would allow you to permanently unlock one item (weapon, perk, equipment, etc.) so that you’d permanently have it regardless of your current level. Many may prefer the endless grind of a new level cap, but we prefer the old prestige system as it added a level of challenge and customization.

How to Prestige in MW3

In Modern Warfare 3, you don’t have to do anything to Prestige. Once the level cap is increased with the first season, you’ll simply earn XP again and continue to level up, with each new season restarting (or continuing) the grind. This is an automatic process and one you don’t need to think about.

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How to level up fast in MW3

The best ways to level up fast in MW3 are:

  • Making use of Double XP tokens and weekends
  • Playing specific playlists
  • Completing daily and weekly challenges

The first way to level up fast in MW3 is to save your Double XP tokens for whenever the level cap is raised, as well as take part in all of the Double XP weekends until the next Call of Duty game releases. Working smarter, not harder is crucial, so be sure to optimize your resources where you can.

You should also prioritize playing particular playlists like Domination, Ground War, Hard Point, and Kill Confirmed where you can farm XP via multiple methods. Kill Confirmed is a particularly great option if you’re having a rough day in the aiming department, as you can simply run around collecting tags to rack up experience.

Finally, be sure to grind through the daily and weekly challenges if you have the time. Daily challenges reward 2,500 XP each, while weeklies range from 2,500 XP to 10,000 XP.

That’s the CoD MW3 Prestige system explained. If you’re hoping to Prestige and level up quickly, we suggest using the best MW3 loadouts that make up the MW3 meta right now or picking up one of the best PS5 controllers or best Xbox controllers for that competitive edge.