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You’ll never guess these secret ways you can demolish The Finals’ maps

With fully destructible arenas and countless interactable objects, you'd never expect these absurdly creative ways to destroy The Finals maps on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals maps: A feminine character wearing a black swan dress with her arms raised, set against a blurred background of an futuristic city map being destroyed..

Embark Studios struck a nerve with The Finals, capitalizing on fervor for an action-packed and interactive multiplayer FPS that we’ve been sorely missing on PS5 and Xbox these past few years. Even when you thought you’d found out all the secrets the game holds, players are still being surprised by The Finals maps and the remarkable features you can take advantage of to dish out destruction and take home the money, with its cranes and elevators being among the most exciting features.

The Finals has been a break-out success on PS5 and Xbox thanks to its incredibly creative sandbox offering up some of the most unique multiplayer action of recent memory, resulting in it quickly becoming one of the best FPS games and best multiplayer games. With the non-stop chaos and fast-paced action that makes The Finals feel like the first truly next-gen FPS, you’ve usually got your eyes on the prize – that being a vault with stacks, and stacks of money calling your name. However, take a second to slow down and you’ll find small but remarkably impressive and surprisingly helpful features to help you claim victory on PS5 and Xbox.

Most impressively, we discovered that the cranes in The Finals are, in fact, interactable. That’s right, not only can you clamber your way to the top for a deadly vantage point, but you can actually step into the control room to move the crane. By interacting with the buttons on the control panel, you’re able to turn the crane left and right and, more importantly, extend and retract the crane arm. Why is this so amazing? Well, the cranes feature a fully functioning wrecking ball. You can no doubt already imagine the entertaining possibilities of a wrecking ball in a game all about destruction. If you can maneuver the crane towards a vault location, then the crane can be used to utterly demolish the objective area, smashing through the walls with ease and exposing any players inside.

The Finals maps: The player in a crane cockpit interacting with the controls, with a wrecking ball destroying a building through the window.

Unfortunately, it seems this great feature has gone rather under the radar, with one Reddit user by the name of ‘nutty91’ exclaiming “Dude, I sincerely had no idea this was possible… Actually mind blown!”. This level of interactivity and creative destructive potential has been one of the main draws of The Finals around launch, with players on PS5 and Xbox amazed by just how outlandish you can get, including echoing Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

The crane craziness doesn’t even stop there though, with Reddit user ‘yyzGhoul’ discovering that you can topple the crane entirely. Yes, the gigantic cranes can be destroyed as well, crumbling other nearby structures on their way down. So, if there’s a pesky sniper camping on the crane or, perhaps, a crafty contestant taking full advantage of the wrecking ball to control an objective, then why not bring the crane down to its knees?

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On a remarkably less destructive note, The Finals’ maps also feature functioning elevators. Unlike the well-known platforms found outside many buildings that simply travel up and down, the interior elevators include buttons for individual floors. Given these buttons aren’t the typical, large ‘interact’ buttons you might be used to so far in The Finals, we forgive you for not realizing. However, press one of the small elevator buttons for your desired floor – or even multiple floors – and the lift will take you to the correct floors in order. This might not sound all that useful at first but it’s a great way to save time and effort walking up flights of stairs or searching for a zipline. With players having complained about a supposed The Finals movement nerf at launch, we recommend you take the elevator even though these speed changes were proved incorrect by the developers.

These are just a few of the incredible discoveries we and The Finals’ community have discovered mere days after release, and we’re sure there’s plenty more to discover, so enter the competition once again contestants. Likewise, we’re excited to see how the developers can build upon the exceptional interactivity in the future with The Finals roadmap. As for how you could top a fully functioning crane with a wrecking ball or a working elevator, we’re not sure, though it could easily earn The Finals a place among the best games on PS5 and Xbox.