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One of 2023’s best horror games just $8 on Xbox, but there’s a catch

Xbox players can save a whopping 90% on Motive Studios' Dead Space right now, but you'll need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to actually do it.

If you can believe it, Motive Studios’ truly exceptional Dead Space remake is available at a staggering discount on the Xbox Store right now; this new Dead Space Xbox sale knocks 90% off the horror game’s full price. Strangely, however, this deal is only actually available if you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you don’t have one of those, though, but you still want to save big on Dead Space, there’s technically nothing that says you actually need to keep an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription once you’ve taken advantage of this offer.

Easily one of the best horror games of the year, Dead Space is an absolute must-play title – whether you have a library of new PS5 games or new Xbox games waiting for their chance to shine or otherwise. With refreshed mechanics and gruesome graphics, new gameplay sections that lend themselves to an improved story progression, and a fully-voiced Isaac Clarke – something the original 2008 release shockingly didn’t have – Motive Studios’ remake really is one of the best we’ve ever seen; it elevates something of a cult classic horror into an unmissable experience – especially on Xbox Series X|S. So, the fact that you can actually pick this game up right now for less than a venti Caffe Latte and a Ham and Swiss Panini from your local Starbucks is almost too good to be true.

But, with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you can – which, we know, is a bit of an odd caveat.

However, that’s the deal available on the Xbox Store at the moment. For a limited time, if you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can pick up Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition for $7.99 – which is a saving of $72 and 90% off the full price. The current Xbox Store sale lasts until December 10, but there’s no mention of an end date on this offer – which would suggest it will be available for a little longer.

Similarly, those of you in the United Kingdom can pick up Dead Space for just £7.99 – again, a saving of £72 and 90% off the full price on the Xbox Store.

If you’re already an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you might know that – at least for the time being – Dead Space is actually one of the best Xbox Game Pass games already available to play via EA Play. However, there’s no telling how long Dead Space will be one of the available Xbox Game Pass games and – although a little unlikely – it could be dropped from the service as early as tomorrow. So, while not the longest game available, it’s better to be owning it than renting it with Xbox Game Pass.

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Those of you without an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, though, would still be getting a good deal if you paid for one month of access to the subscription service (which is around $12) and then bought Dead Space for $8 – that’s still over 75% off the full retail price.

Although, if that is too much hassle for you, you can still pick up Dead Space for $31.99 / £31.99 without any sort of Xbox Game Pass membership. So, not all is lost. And, for PlayStation players, you can pick up Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition for $39.99 / £39.99 right now – that’s 50% off and still an excellent deal all things considered.

Elsewhere, though, in the world of the best Xbox deals, you can find out more about the best Xbox controllers right here and best Xbox expansion cards right here. Dead Space isn’t a small game, so it’s definitely worth thinking about expanding your internal storage if you want to play it anytime soon.