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Best Xbox deals 2024

The best Xbox deals will save you a small fortune on Microsoft's consoles and top games, as well as all of those lovely quality of life-improving accessories.

Xbox deals: an Xbox Series X and Series S

What are the best Xbox deals right now? Whether you’re still enjoying last generation’s Xbox One, or are in possession of the current-gen Xbox Series X|S, then you probably know the pain of longingly staring at that shiny new game or accessory and thinking: ‘well, time to sell a kidney I guess.’ But don’t rush out to that back-alley doctor just yet, as our Xbox deals guide might just save you a set of stitches and some cash.

While Microsoft initially struggled to churn out top-tier Xbox exclusives at the beginning of the console’s lifecycle, there’s now a rapidly growing library of new Xbox games which help make it one of the best gaming consoles. And that’s not even taking into account the extraordinary value offered through Xbox Game Pass, which houses some of the very best Xbox games you can play at a bargain price. Of course, Game Pass isn’t a cure-all for your Xbox needs, and you’ll still need to set your sights on some of the best Xbox accessories to really get the most out of your gaming experience.

Now, this is where we jump in. Having meticulously explored the cosmos of deals out there like one of Starfield‘s starfarers plumbing the depths of the Milky Way, we’ve collated the very best Xbox deals out there right now. With this guide, you’ll be able to secure everything from a new charging dock to one of the best Xbox Series X TVs without breaking the bank.

Here are the best Xbox deals:

Xbox deals: consoles

Xbox console deals

Here are the current Xbox console deals to bag yourself an Xbox Series X or Series X console at a great price:

The Series X hasn’t budged in price all too much since release, but these are strong discounts worth taking advantage of before the holiday. Likewise, the Series S is generally seeing the largest discount yet, even going below the $239.99/£235.99 price during the Lunar New Year 2023 sale. While this isn’t much of a drop for folks in the UK, it’s more substantial in the US, showcasing that there’s wiggle room on the entry-level model.

It’s also worth checking out Microsoft’s own ‘Certified Refurbished’ as it’s a great way to enjoy a second-hand Xbox safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with the manufacturer directly. It doesn’t represent an enormous discount versus buying a brand new console, but a saving is a saving.

While picking up refurbished tech can often be a bit risky, that isn’t the case here – not only do these refurbished consoles come directly from Microsoft following their own rigorous testing and fixing, you’ll also get a 90-day warranty on your purchase.

  • Xbox (US) – Xbox Series X (refurbished) $449.99
  • Xbox (US) – Xbox Series S (refurbished) $249.99
  • Xbox (UK) – Xbox Series X (refurbished) £419.99
  • Xbox (UK) – Xbox Series S (refurbished) £209.99

Xbox deals: console bundles

Xbox console bundles

Here are all of the best Xbox console deals and bundle deals:

In the US, GameStop also has several great deals on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Now is a good time to pick up the console by itself, or even bundled with stellar games to play right off the bat.

Xbox deals: games

Xbox games deals

Here are the best Xbox games deals:

For more great Xbox games deals, check out the links below. Here you’ll find the complete Amazon lists for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One games in the US and UK, as well as other big discounts we’ve happened upon during our deals search. Don’t forget to pick up Xbox Game Pass, either, as the value you get from it is an absolute bargain in itself.

Xbox deals: accessories

Xbox accessories deals

There’s an ocean of great Xbox accessories out there, from the best Xbox controllers to the best Xbox headsets, charging stands, keyboards, and more. You can check out what Amazon has on offer in the US here or the UK here, or consult our expert picks of the best Xbox accessories deals:

How much is an Xbox Series X|S?

The Xbox Series X|S prices have remained consistent since launch in the US – $499.99 and $299.99 respectively – though there have been hikes in various markets since the beginning of 2023. In an August 2023 interview with Eurogamer Xbox CEO Phil Spencer says that these prices won’t be trending downwards any time soon.

While you might get the odd temporary drop here and there, especially when the Black Friday Xbox deals roll around, the Xbox Series X|S will continue to retail at the following:

Xbox Series X

  • US – $499.99
  • UK – £479.99
  • EU – €549.99
  • JP – ¥59,978

Xbox Series S

  • US – $299.99
  • UK – £249.99
  • EU – €299.99
  • JP – ¥37,978

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Choosing between an Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S depends on your specific gaming setup, budget, and desire to futureproof. As the pair sit at wildly different price points there are, naturally, major differences between their specs. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision at a glance:

  • Performance: The Series X has a far more powerful GPU than the Series S, allowing it to push true 4K resolution where its little brother maxes out natively at 1440p.
  • Price: The Xbox Series X is $200/£230 more expensive than the Series S.
  • Display: If you have a 4K display then the Series X is better suited for it, though the Series S does have 4K upscaling. Meanwhile, we’d opt for the Series S for 1080p gaming.
  • Future-proofing: If you’re looking to eventually upgrade your setup to 4K, then the Series S will serve as a strong stop-gap thanks to its upscaling, but won’t replace true 4K long term.
  • Disc drive: The Series X comes with a Blu-ray disc drive, while the Series S doesn’t. We can’t recommend the latter if you have a lot of physical media, or like to trade your games in.
  • Storage: The Series X comes with 1TB of storage out of the box, while the base model Series S is only 512GB. You can, however, upgrade to the 1TB Series S for an extra $50/£50. There is one other thing to consider – if you’re subscribed to Game Pass, hundreds of games can be streamed via Xbox’s cloud gaming service, which means you don’t have to download and store games.

From our perspective, if you have the budget and want the best possible gaming experience with 4K resolution and high performance, the Xbox Series X is the way to go. If you’re on a budget, don’t have a 4K display, and are willing to compromise on some performance aspects, we’d recommend opting for the Xbox Series S.

While both consoles are capable of putting out 120fps gameplay, the 12 teraflops of GPU power in the Xbox Series X allows it to not only render more frames more consistently than the 4 teraflops GPU in the Series S, but you’ll also get far better ray-tracing support across a broader range of titles. Of course, you’ll seldom get 120fps at 4K resolution on the Series X due to the demands of modern AAA titles, but the overall experience is better on the Series X.

However, for 1080p gaming the Series S still looks great, and even when upscaled we’ve seldom experienced performance issues – it’s a great stop-gap should you eventually make the jump to 4K. If you’re running a 1440p display, that’ll also be supported natively by the Series S, making it an attractive choice for gaming on a more modest setup.

For more of our thoughts on Microsoft’s latest and greatest consoles, check out our Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review.

And that’s our full rundown of all the best Xbox deals you can enjoy right now. With your new console, games, and accessories in tow, you now have limitless entertainment at your fingertips. If you’re looking to show off your skills through livestreaming, then be sure to check out our Xbox streaming guide for more on how to get started, as well as the best beginner streaming setup to take your content creation to the next level. Have fun!