March 2020 Archive

League of Legends metal band Pentakill could be returning31 March 2020
Valorant's producers had to tell the team to stop playing to speed up development31 March 2020
Summit1g says Valorant will be “ten times the game” Overwatch is31 March 2020
Pro player Poach ditches Fortnite esports for Valorant31 March 2020
Leaker claims Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could get 60 remastered maps31 March 2020
Scoom officially retires from competitive PUBG31 March 2020
Valorant's closed beta goes live next week30 March 2020
Key stats from the LEC 2020 Spring Split so far30 March 2020
Twitch Stream Aid raises $2.7m with help from John Legend, Sting, and Shaggy30 March 2020
Codemasters says that the Virtual Grand Prix's success is "incredible" for a game like F1 201930 March 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's remaster slated for release this week30 March 2020
Reigning LCS champions Team Liquid fail to make Spring Playoffs30 March 2020
Gabe Newell is proud of the esports industry's growth so far30 March 2020
Streamer visits viewer’s Animal Crossing island, finds creepy shrine to Pokimane27 March 2020
Valorant’s influencer event reportedly happening this weekend27 March 2020
CS:GO pro sues Valve, claims VAC ban cost him a move to OG26 March 2020
Swathe of music stars to feature in Twitch’s Stream Aid 202026 March 2020
Dr DisRespect says he’s “losing brain cells” playing solos in Warzone26 March 2020
Rocket League achieves highest concurrent player count ever26 March 2020
Flashpoint confirms FPX’s CS:GO team will be replaced for Phase 226 March 2020
LEC disables reworked Wukong from competitive play25 March 2020
Nadeshot is convinced there's skill-based matchmaking in Warzone25 March 2020
Twitch star Tyler1 reacts to Greekgodx’s “out of touch” music video25 March 2020
Keemstar promises a new Warzone Wednesdays format25 March 2020
LPL team Rogue Warriors releases jungler after allegations of match fixing25 March 2020
All 16 teams competing in Keemstar’s Warzone Wednesday tournament24 March 2020
Gordon Hayward says LoL players are far more toxic than NBA players24 March 2020
VR streamer discovers working pens in Half-Life: Alyx, proceeds to draw penis24 March 2020
No team can match OG’s ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat23 March 2020
K/DA and True Damage rapper Soyeon streams some League of Legends as Akali23 March 2020
Ninja reminds Cloakzy about his Twitch follower count after Mixer dig23 March 2020
ESL One Rio CS:GO major rescheduled for November23 March 2020
Epic bans four Fortnite pros for collusion in the FNCS23 March 2020
350,000 viewers watch the Formula 1 Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix23 March 2020
We're giving away 10 codes for MisBits20 March 2020
Rugby players destroy Excel Esports staff in League of Legends showmatch20 March 2020
Why esports events like Not The Australian Grand Prix will help fill the sports void20 March 2020
The League of Legends European Masters tournament returns next month20 March 2020
The Overwatch League has been postponed again20 March 2020
Riot Games reveals Sova in new Valorant trailer19 March 2020
New Overwatch hero Echo can morph into her enemies19 March 2020
ScrubKilla leaves Mousesports over "unreasonable" Rocket League contract19 March 2020
Trivium's Matt Heafy is making up for cancelled tour dates with Twitch gigs19 March 2020
League of Legends pros and streamers "whitelisted" as NA servers hit 90% capacity19 March 2020
Echo will be Overwatch’s next hero19 March 2020
SonicFox and Dekillsage sign for Evil Geniuses19 March 2020
NICKMERCS says Warzone is so good he feels like a “kid at Christmas”18 March 2020
Five esports pros named in Forbes' 30 under 30 Europe list18 March 2020
CS:GO's ESL Pro League breaks viewership records again18 March 2020
Dr DisRespect calls Nadeshot clueless during Call of Duty Warzone clutch18 March 2020
Merry the Hobbit from The Lord of the Rings wants your best League of Legends tips18 March 2020
Dota 2 hits 700,000 peak players for the first time in three months17 March 2020
The LEC and LCS will resume this weekend with online matches17 March 2020
A Dutch radio station is using clips of Twitch star xQc for its interludes17 March 2020
Twitch viewership is 10% higher than this time in 201917 March 2020
Bugha says Fortnite is "always going to be the best" battle royale17 March 2020
Ninja teams up with SypherPK for Fortnite Champion Series duos17 March 2020
AI will moderate YouTube videos during coronavirus pandemic17 March 2020
2016 TSM League of Legends roster reunite for LCS in-houses16 March 2020
14-year-old CS:GO player m0NESY invited to FACEIT Pro League16 March 2020
Lando Norris tops the Twitch charts with Not The Australian Grand Prix F1 stream16 March 2020
Overwatch League adds weighted odds to hero pool selection16 March 2020
Call of Duty squad set a new Warzone record with 78 kills16 March 2020
Streamer says Tom Clancy is "turning in his f*****g grave" over new Siege skin16 March 2020
Summit1g explains why he dislikes Call of Duty: Warzone13 March 2020
Korean politician called out for boosting in League of Legends13 March 2020
LEC Spring Split suspended until further notice13 March 2020
Call of Duty, Overwatch and more suffering server issues13 March 2020
Call of Duty streamer TMemoryy sets a Warzone record with 57 kills13 March 2020
What Farming Simulator’s developers hope to achieve with its new “state of the art” esports studio13 March 2020
The groups for Flashpoint Season 1 have been drafted13 March 2020
Riot denies reports that Valorant will have URF-themed skins13 March 2020
Valorant will have around 10 agents at launch12 March 2020
Dr DisRespect signs new two year streaming deal with Twitch12 March 2020
TF Blade gets banned from League of Legends Korean server for bad behaviour12 March 2020
LCS and LEC to be played behind closed doors12 March 2020
Devin Booker finds out about the NBA season's suspension from Nadeshot12 March 2020
Dr DisRespect teases streaming platform announcement12 March 2020
Valve and ESL postpone the ESL One Los Angeles Dota 2 major12 March 2020
All Overwatch League homestands for March and April have been cancelled12 March 2020
The 12 CS:GO teams for Flashpoint Season 1 have been revealed12 March 2020
Invictus Gaming’s Rookie hits 2,000 LPL kills11 March 2020
Paris Eternal's Overwatch League homestand has been cancelled11 March 2020
ESL One LA Dota 2 major will kick off with tasty Evil Geniuses vs OG fixture11 March 2020
Tyler1 claims jungle is the “easiest role” in League of Legends11 March 2020
Twitch streamers struggle with Call of Duty Warzone’s pesky parachutes11 March 2020
NICKMERCS defends Fortnite controller players and slams “b****ing” Fortnite pros10 March 2020
FunPlus Phoenix reportedly signs Heroic's CS:GO team10 March 2020
Call of Duty Warzone had over 350,000 viewers on Twitch in its first hour10 March 2020
Riot "open to exploring" more Valorant game modes after launch10 March 2020
Jankos wins a game of League of Legends solo against five Iron players10 March 2020
Psyonix adds $250,000 to Rocket League Regionals prize pool10 March 2020
Dr DisRespect says he'll never play Apex Legends again10 March 2020
Riot moves League of Legends MSI to July, cancels Rift Rivals events10 March 2020
T1 signs former CS:GO pro Brax as first Valorant player10 March 2020
Fortnite Champion Series for Season 2 is duos and kicks off March 209 March 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Warzone drops tomorrow with two modes9 March 2020
Pokimane calls CS:GO cases “a scam,” immediately gets her favourite skin9 March 2020
Wunder picked Janna in G2 vs Fnatic because he saw her win rate on Reddit9 March 2020
Twitch star Myth slams “super demotivating” Fortnite for lack of content9 March 2020
Clayster happy that Dallas Empire could “quiet the noise” after CDL LA win9 March 2020
LEC Spring Finals moved from Budapest to Berlin6 March 2020
Twitch cancels TwitchCon Amsterdam6 March 2020
Riot will reportedly drop URF-themed weapon skins in Valorant6 March 2020
Pokimane had "many" streaming offers but took less money to stay on Twitch6 March 2020
Call of Duty streamer banned from Twitch after firing a gun live on stream6 March 2020
Jenson Button signs the world's fastest gamer for the GT World Challenge Endurance Race5 March 2020
Apex "ready" to captain Vitality's CS:GO team5 March 2020
Psyonix cancels Rocket League World Championship5 March 2020
GO Battle League, Pokemon GO's ranked play, starts March 135 March 2020
Pokimane signs multi-year streaming deal to remain on Twitch5 March 2020
G2 Esports to move into the LVL, a new esports and community hub in Berlin5 March 2020
Faker becomes the first player to hit 2,000 kills in the LCK5 March 2020
S1mple calls racist Twitch donator a "piece of s***"5 March 2020
Zer0 thinks he’ll never play for New York Subliners again after his CDL benching5 March 2020
Mizkif viewers donate more than $5,000 while he sleeps on Twitch5 March 2020
Valorant will offer cosmetics but not in loot boxes5 March 2020
Alex leaves Vitality's CS:GO team over "intense travelling schedule"5 March 2020
ESL One Los Angeles Dota 2 Major expected to go ahead as planned5 March 2020
Escape From Tarkov streamer loots a key tool worth 1.6 million from dead player4 March 2020
Some of Valorant's four launch maps will have more than two bomb sites4 March 2020
Ninja reports a Fortnite squad for trying to "ruin" his stream4 March 2020
Lux will be the first League of Legends champion to have skins from every tier4 March 2020
Dr DisRespect blasts Overwatch's heroes and AI in hilarious Twitch rant4 March 2020
xQc returns to Twitch to explain why he was banned for a second time4 March 2020
League of Legends pro Doublelift apologises after being benched by Team Liquid4 March 2020
PUBG Corp is hiring for a new project called XTRM4 March 2020
Riot Games cancels Valorant streamer events to "protect the players"3 March 2020
G2 drops Fabian and SirBoss to form Rainbow Six Siege "super team"3 March 2020
One of Valorant's agents shares his name with an axed League of Legends champion3 March 2020
Overwatch League coaches share their thoughts on the hero pool system3 March 2020
Hitchhiking IRL streamer encounters hilarious mystery stream sniper3 March 2020
Trainwrecks unboxes rare CS:GO sticker worth $6,0003 March 2020
Riot Korea suspends the LCK indefinitely over coronavirus concerns3 March 2020
Epic Games delays competitive Fortnite events to address performance issues3 March 2020
PUBG's bringing back Vikendi but it'll have less snow and moving trains3 March 2020
Dota 2's monthly average player count is at its highest in six months2 March 2020
Natus Vincere's IEM Katowice win leaves an ex-player in tears2 March 2020
LCS pros blame poor solo queue games for their region's lack of development2 March 2020
Twitch rejects xQc's appeal after he was banned for streaming nudity2 March 2020
The new Smash World Tour will visit seven countries in total2 March 2020
Streamers and esports pros react to Valorant reveal2 March 2020
Project A unveiled as Valorant, will launch this summer2 March 2020
Natus Vincere's record-breaking IEM Katowice win demonstrates the strength of CS:GO1 March 2020
Natus Vincere beat G2 Esports to win IEM Katowice 20201 March 2020