August 2020 Archive

Call of Duty League 2020: teams, format, dates, prize pool, and more30 August 2020
Riot Korea confirms ten team shortlist for 2021 LCK franchise spots28 August 2020
Chaos postpones ESL One semifinal in solidarity with anti-racism protests28 August 2020
Royal Ravens’ Seany says that recognition is great, but winning the CDL is top priority28 August 2020
TSM signs world number one blitz chess player Hirakru Nakamura28 August 2020
Riot explains its approach to footstep audio in Valorant28 August 2020
Custom Jordans and an actual throne among prizes for CDL Champs winners28 August 2020
Dr DisRespect hates the term 'esports gamer'28 August 2020
COD veteran Clayster says the satisfaction of winning is staving off retirement27 August 2020
Fall Guys Season 2 is going to be medieval themed27 August 2020
League of Legends band K/DA returns with a new track27 August 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands finally has a release date27 August 2020
Nominees for 2020 Esports Awards' industry categories revealed27 August 2020
Black Ops: Cold War's Warzone reveal pulled in nearly one million Twitch viewers27 August 2020
Latest CS:GO update adds changes to Mutiny, Swamp, and Cache27 August 2020
You can attend Gamescom tonight in Minecraft27 August 2020
Top Esports wins 2020 LPL Summer Finals27 August 2020
4D Sight's AI tech "blew up" during lockdown, now caters to 150+ esports teams27 August 2020
Fortnite's pump shotgun unvaulted for Chapter 2 Season 427 August 2020
Dota 2 7.27d patch notes - Spectre, Zeus nerfed, 27 other heroes changed27 August 2020
xQc leaves Sentinels to "pursue new opportunities"27 August 2020
Tfue and FaZe Clan settle long-running contract dispute27 August 2020
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold seven million copies on Steam27 August 2020
NiKo tells CS:GO fans he's had "enough with the hate" on FaZe Clan27 August 2020
Rocket League overhauls its challenges ahead of going free-to-play27 August 2020
Everything we know about Black Ops Cold War - release date, trailer, and more27 August 2020
The big Fall Guys interview: streaming success, memes, and more26 August 2020
The best FiNN Warzone loadouts26 August 2020
Amazon's New World beats Crucible's streaming figures in just two days26 August 2020
EA announces record breaking prize pool for Madden 21 Championships26 August 2020
LEC crowns its coach and rookie of the 2020 Summer Split26 August 2020
T1 eliminated from LCK Playoffs, could miss out on LoL Worlds spot26 August 2020
NFL Pro Derwin James to take on celebs in new Madden 21 event26 August 2020
Escape From Tarkov streamer asks Babestation for Tarkov tips26 August 2020
Dota 2's The International 10 prize pool is now the biggest in esports history26 August 2020
Call of Duty League commissioner says Warzone is a "great sandbox" for esports26 August 2020
Call of Duty pros criticise MP5 changes ahead of CDL Championship finals26 August 2020
Legends of Runeterra new expansion features 89 new cards, seven champions25 August 2020
Skadoodle won't play on T1's Valorant roster while he "expands his agent pool"25 August 2020
Fall Guys could "die real quick," according to Shroud25 August 2020
YouTube confirms Leafy's ban is permanent25 August 2020
James Corden and the Great British Bake Off are inspiring big changes for EA's esports25 August 2020
Valve still isn’t committing to rescheduling TI10 and Dota Pro Circuit25 August 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new FiNN LMG looks very overpowered25 August 2020
Fall Guys patch fixes unbalanced team games and crashes25 August 2020
Network N is hiring an Audience Development Manager!24 August 2020
Shroud isn't going pro in Valorant, but he's open to being a stand-in24 August 2020
PUBG Mobile aims to be "bigger than League of Legends" with Global Championships24 August 2020
Hyper Scape's Crowncast is going to get new updates to help streamers24 August 2020
PUBG Mobile 'New Era' update to improve graphics, user interface24 August 2020
CDL Championship Weekend might be streamed inside Warzone's Stadium24 August 2020
The laws and loopholes behind Burger King's Twitch donation marketing campaign24 August 2020
League of Legends Worlds 2020 schedule revealed24 August 2020
CDL Championship Weekend brackets confirmed24 August 2020
All of Origen's League of Legends players are free to talk to other teams21 August 2020
You can now check which streamers you've played in Valorant21 August 2020
Here's the draw for B Site's Valorant Ignition Series21 August 2020
K/DA might be making a League of Legends comeback21 August 2020
Lekr0 completes North's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster21 August 2020
FlyQuest qualifies for League of Legends Worlds for the first time21 August 2020
Valorant 1.06 patch notes - shotgun accuracy nerfed20 August 2020
Shroud's first week back on Twitch attracted nine million viewers20 August 2020
Gorgc, OG's first Dota 2 streamer, leaves after seven months20 August 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be officially revealed in Warzone20 August 2020
Twitch streamers slam Burger King's controversial ad campaign20 August 2020
The LCK is moving back online for the "protection of players"20 August 2020
TimTheTatman finally wins at Fall Guys20 August 2020
Who are the biggest Fortnite streamers?20 August 2020
TimTheTatman still can't win at Fall Guys, loses bet to Lando Norris19 August 2020
The LEC has released a spicy rap battle for the 2020 summer playoffs19 August 2020
League of Legends Worlds soundtrack has been produced by Universal19 August 2020
The LEC's Summer Split all-pro team is finally here19 August 2020
FIFA 21 will not support cross-play of any kind19 August 2020
Rocket League's revamped tournament mode will match players based on rank19 August 2020
CS:GO's report botting problem has been fixed again19 August 2020
Two streamers suffered the same injuries on separate streams yesterday19 August 2020
Rami Ismail locked out of his flat during Microsoft Flight Simulator stream19 August 2020
Team Liquid claims LCS Coaching Staff of the Split award19 August 2020
Pokimane apologises, says she supports transformative content on YouTube19 August 2020
Apex Legends Season 6 patch notes - Rampart, armour changes, and more18 August 2020
How NASCAR made the overnight switch to esports18 August 2020
Dr DisRespect's book has a release date and you can pre-order it today18 August 2020
G2 Esports leads the bidding war for a Fall Guys skin18 August 2020
Dota 2's The International prize pool hits $33 million18 August 2020
Hyper Scape guns: the best weapons in August 202018 August 2020
Maverick gets an extra gas canister in Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation17 August 2020
Operation Shadow Legacy is a game changer for Rainbow Six Siege17 August 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone's latest glitch causes items to fall through stairs17 August 2020
ESL are launching their first ever brick and mortar store17 August 2020
Dear retires from Starcraft 2 to complete military service17 August 2020
Dr DisRespect teases IRL stream with Pewdiepie17 August 2020
Shroud calls out clout chasers on his return to Twitch17 August 2020
Streamer plays Fall Guys with just a single button17 August 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's new ping system arrives with Operation Shadow Legacy16 August 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's match replay will be tested in Operation Shadow Legacy16 August 2020
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy nerfs Thatcher's EMP grenade16 August 2020
Everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy16 August 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Everything we know about Zero16 August 2020
xQc says he's harassed "all the time" on other Twitch channels14 August 2020
Ninja's first merch drop has gone live14 August 2020
NBA 2K21's new gameplay features revamped dribbling, shooting controls14 August 2020
Everything we know about NBA 2K21 – new dribbling, shooting, and more14 August 2020
Valorant developer apologies for CEO's "abilities don't kill" comment14 August 2020
Valorant might be about to completely rework ranked mode14 August 2020
The best computer desks for gaming14 August 2020
2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals dates revealed14 August 2020
Final Valorant Ignition Series event in NA to be hosted by B Site14 August 2020
Comparing the Comebacks: How Shroud, Dr DisRespect, and Ninja fared on their return to streaming13 August 2020
Fortnite streamer Ewok signs an exclusivity deal to return to Twitch13 August 2020
CSPPA reveals a new CS:GO world rankings system13 August 2020
Fortnite pro Bugha denies FNCS collusion after getting a warning from Epic Games13 August 2020
Shroud gained 13,000 subscribers in his first hour back on Twitch13 August 2020
BLAST has reportedly scrapped its controversial partnership with NEOM13 August 2020
Luminosity Gaming signs paralysed streamer RockyNoHands12 August 2020
Madden 21 X-Factors: Every new X-Factor and Superstar Ability12 August 2020
Ezreal is the Summer Split's most played champion in the LEC, LCK, and LCS12 August 2020
CDL and OWL reveal roster rule changes for 2021 season12 August 2020
Dr DisRespect's new Rogue Company map looks a bit like his face12 August 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone gun glitch plagues TeeP's Trials tournament12 August 2020
FunPlus Phoenix joins the European Valorant scene12 August 2020
SK Gaming's Trick will reportedly be ineligible for LoL Worlds due to visa issues12 August 2020
Who is Shroud? Net worth, earnings, streaming setup, and more12 August 2020
Symfuhny Warzone Loadouts: Weapons, attachments, and more12 August 2020
Sneaky "actively looking" to return to League of Legends esports12 August 2020
Shroud announces his return to Twitch11 August 2020
ArtStyle returns as's Dota 2 coach11 August 2020
Here's how StarCraft 2 manages to stay spectator friendly11 August 2020
Five things the FIFA 21 FUT trailer didn’t tell you11 August 2020
The Apocalypse Games is The Walking Dead VR Olympics for streamers11 August 2020
Hyper Scape events: all the Crowncast events you can vote for11 August 2020
Hyper Scape hacks: the best hacks and abilities to use11 August 2020
Dr DisRespect might be making a map for Rogue Company11 August 2020
Counter Logic Gaming releases its League of Legends coaches after poor season11 August 2020
CS:GO pro nitr0 is reportedly switching to Valorant11 August 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's weapon tuning patch won't change CDL meta guns11 August 2020
Everything we know about Hyper Scape – release date, gameplay, and more11 August 2020
You can vote for your Overwatch League MVP now10 August 2020
New FIFA 21 Icons include Torres, Puskas, and Vidic10 August 2020
FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will have FUT Events and custom stadiums10 August 2020
Twitch Prime is now called Prime Gaming10 August 2020
Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero is a natural at Fall Guys’ football mode10 August 2020
Everything we know about Madden 21 - release date, trailer, and more10 August 2020
G2 CEO Ocelote says 2020 LEC format “makes no f*****g sense”10 August 2020
TSM defeats Sentinels in most watched Ignition Series event yet10 August 2020
CS:GO caster Moses joins Team Liquid as head coach10 August 2020
Team Liquid finishes top of the LCS Summer Split regular season10 August 2020
Rogue is the first team to qualify for League of Legends Worlds 202010 August 2020
The US Army unbans viewers who asked about war crimes on Twitch10 August 2020
Dr DisRespect claims he did “nothing to warrant a ban” from Twitch7 August 2020
NICKMERCS hits four million followers on Twitch7 August 2020
New CS:GO weapons case adds 17 community designed skins7 August 2020
Gla1ve denies reports he'll be competing at ESL One Cologne7 August 2020
FaZe reportedly replacing CS:GO stand-in Bymas with Kjaerbye7 August 2020
Overwatch's new Experimental Mode lets you ditch the double shield meta7 August 2020
Riot Games to set up new ethics committee following NEOM backlash7 August 2020
Call of Duty partners are receiving black boxes from Activision7 August 2020
Apex Legends Season 6 introduces crafting and new legend Rampart7 August 2020
Trump’s ban on Tencent app WeChat won’t affect Riot Games or Epic Games7 August 2020
Dr DisRespect goes live on YouTube Gaming6 August 2020
Dr DisRespect teases his return to streaming6 August 2020
Them’s Fightin’ Herds gallops forward from Evo with a tournament of its own6 August 2020
Fortnite pro banned for getting inventory bug has decision reversed by Epic6 August 2020
CS:GO pros' mental health to be put under the spotlight in new university study6 August 2020
CS:GO casters are refusing to work with BLAST over NEOM partnership6 August 2020
YouTuber Jake Paul's home raided by the FBI6 August 2020
Dallas Fuel releases support HarryHook for “player misconduct”6 August 2020
Valorant’s game director thanks players for bearing with “rocky” Act 2 release6 August 2020
Retired CS:GO pro PashaBiceps joins Team Liquid as streamer6 August 2020
David Beckham’s esports team signs FIFA pro NRaseck6 August 2020
A Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event is in the works6 August 2020
Blizzard pays tribute to Reckful by making a World of Warcraft NPC in his name6 August 2020
Twitch star Pokimane to take a month off from streaming6 August 2020
Scrub Killa and Gregan are reunited - and their Rocket League ambitions haven't changed5 August 2020
Ninja's first Twitch stream in over a year peaks at 98,000 viewers5 August 2020
Shroud posts a second mysterious Valorant teaser about his future5 August 2020
PUBG Continental Series is getting a fourth event this year5 August 2020
Ninja returns to Twitch for surprise Fortnite stream5 August 2020
T1 signs a multi-year streaming deal with Twitch5 August 2020
FaZe Clan adds former Overwatch pro Babybay to Valorant roster5 August 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone has 75 million registered players5 August 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 patch notes5 August 2020
Fall Guys launches, overtakes Just Chatting, League of Legends on Twitch5 August 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 is live now5 August 2020
League of Legends and Valorant developer Riot Games takes next week off5 August 2020
Six FIFA 21 gameplay changes you might have missed4 August 2020
xQc was July’s most watched Twitch streamer4 August 2020
FIFA 21 gameplay trailer shows off Creative Runs, Agile Dribbling, and more4 August 2020
Valorant 1.05 patch notes - Killjoy, Deathmatch added, Raze nerfed4 August 2020
League of Legends caster Ender reportedly had offseason offers from pro teams4 August 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone trailer teases five-man squads4 August 2020
Fortnite pro Ronaldo joins NRG’s stacked roster4 August 2020
Fortnite is finally adding cars this week4 August 2020
Dallas Fuel DPS Decay steps down from OWL roster after he “refused” to practice4 August 2020
PC Building Simulator's esports expansion drops today4 August 2020
Pimp officially retires as a CS:GO pro to focus on content creation3 August 2020
Some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can pre-download Season 53 August 2020
New esports scholarship for women aims to improve the industry's diversity3 August 2020
Valorant Act 2 adds a free-for-all deathmatch mode3 August 2020
"Movies, voice acting, cartoons" could be next for Ninja3 August 2020
Fortnite temporarily suspends motorboats3 August 2020
How a fall from grace made StarCraft 2 better than ever before3 August 2020
MontanaBlack says Call of Duty: Warzone is “unbearable” for streamers3 August 2020
Fall Guys is already being plagued by hackers3 August 2020
Streamer says next League of Legends champion Samira will be "easy to play"3 August 2020
Fortnite FNCS qualifier crowns its first female winner3 August 2020
FaZe Clan's Valorant captain JasonR leaves less than six weeks after signing3 August 2020
League of Legends Worlds 2020 details confirmed, all stages to be played in Shanghai1 August 2020