November 2019 Archive

Disguised Toast says LoL streamers are doing the ‘graveyard shift’ to avoid Tyler129 November 2019
Zonic says the constant changes to Vertigo in CS:GO are "frustrating"29 November 2019
Streamer discovers blatant CS:GO cheat at DreamHack event29 November 2019
League of Legends All-Star 2019 lineup revealed29 November 2019
Pokemon Sword and Shield was watched more than PUBG, FIFA, and Overwatch on Twitch in November29 November 2019
Overwatch 2's assistant game director says "lots of heroes" are in the works29 November 2019
Tyler1 blasts Twitch for banning his League of Legends teammate Tarzaned29 November 2019
Twitch bans s1mple for using homophobic slur during CS:GO stream29 November 2019
League of Legends pro Goldenglue looks set to be the only NA mid laner in LCS28 November 2019
Pokimane says she's still owed six figures from sponsorship deals28 November 2019
Scump says he's "super excited" to play with FormaL again in the Call of Duty League28 November 2019
FIFA 20 streamer Castro hits two million followers on Twitch28 November 2019
Doublelift says the new League of Legends champion Aphelios "can't be hard to play"28 November 2019
CS:GO players unanimously voted against having a Dota 2 style International28 November 2019
Rogue's Finn reveals which champions he loves and hates and League of Legends28 November 2019
Fissure fined $3,000 for leaking sensitive Overwatch League information28 November 2019
How Japan fell in love with Rainbow Six Siege and its esports scene27 November 2019
Dr DisRespect says he'd only buy a Tesla Cybertruck if Elon Musk delivered it27 November 2019
Tarzaned wins LoL Twitch Rivals with Tyler1, announces Twitch ban shortly after27 November 2019
Twitch just broadcast a weird horror house stream 27 days after Halloween27 November 2019
Crash, Shipment, and Vacant to return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for new season27 November 2019
A former League of Legends designer wanted to "copyright the moon" for Aphelios27 November 2019
Overwatch League players should "rise to the challenge" of home and away travel27 November 2019
KSI wants Logan Paul to get down on his knees and beg for another fight26 November 2019
Pobelter says League of Legends teams in LCS need to stop recruiting "washed up players"26 November 2019
A Dota 2 fan fed a bot patch notes and it's written its own hilarious update26 November 2019
Renault Sport Team Vitality’s drivers talk the Pro Series, favourite tracks, and the future of F1 esports26 November 2019
Figures for the PUBG Global Championship suggest viewership is declining26 November 2019
Riot Games spent a year making Aphelios for League of Legends26 November 2019
James Banks slams esports tournament organisers for not paying talent on time26 November 2019
Three players leave Griffin as League of Legends free agents25 November 2019
Professional CS:GO players banned from using custom character models25 November 2019
Scump wants Crimsix to "grow up" and stop creating Call of Duty drama25 November 2019
Fareeha nearly breaks her laptop during Overwatch cooking stream25 November 2019
Doublelift says League of Legends' Fenix "has never shown signs of brain activity"25 November 2019
Race against your friends in CS:GO's new Death Racers mode25 November 2019
PUBG amends community mission milestones after overestimating its playerbase25 November 2019
Two-time League of Legends Worlds champion Bang joins Evil Geniuses22 November 2019
Disguised Toast leaves Twitch to stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming22 November 2019
Twitch streamer caught opening CS:GO cases on a plane22 November 2019
Dr DisRespect roasts TimTheTatman for calling him a ‘boomer’22 November 2019
FACEIT Justice will see CS:GO players teach its Minerva AI about toxicity22 November 2019
Tyler1 gets roasted by his past self for picking meta League of Legends champions21 November 2019
The results are in for the League of Legends All-Star public vote21 November 2019
ZywOo and S1mple currently tied as the highest rated CS:GO players of 201921 November 2019
Nadeshot says franchising in Call of Duty esports is "a mistake”21 November 2019
Fortnite is too "random" to be a successful esport, according to Team Vitality's CEO20 November 2019
Two YouTubers believe there's a hidden MMR system in Modern Warfare20 November 2019
Doublelift might not attend League of Legends All-Star because it's "working for free"20 November 2019
League of Legends preseason update adds Elemental Rifts20 November 2019
Riot bans former Griffin League of Legends coach for "physical and verbal abuse"20 November 2019
Teamfight Tactics ranked returns but everyone's getting a hard reset20 November 2019
Manchester City sign FIFA 20 pro Ryan Pessoa, who's aiming for eClub World Cup glory20 November 2019
A new PUBG Global Championship mode will let you play like a pro20 November 2019
Cloud9 fined for violating League of Legends equity rule20 November 2019
Stainless Games wants the community to shape the future of ShockRods19 November 2019
Sneaky won't fight for his spot on Cloud9's League of Legends team19 November 2019
Hundreds of North American Collegiate CS:GO teams now have access to Skybox19 November 2019
The best esports teams of 201919 November 2019
All the big deals and rumours from the first day of League of Legends free agency19 November 2019
The next CS:GO Major will reportedly be held in Brazil19 November 2019
CS:GO adds Operation Shattered Web and nerfs the Krieg19 November 2019
Disguised Toast loses a Pokemon shiny hunt bet and gifts his Twitch chat 1,000 subs19 November 2019
How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports18 November 2019
Gamer recovers their hacked Steam account and discovers loads of CS:GO skins18 November 2019
These are the Rocket League Worlds groups for Season 818 November 2019
Ubisoft is working with Tencent to bring Rainbow Six Siege to China18 November 2019
PUBG will phase out locked crates next month18 November 2019
CaptainFlowers features in a metal cover of LoL Worlds song ‘Giants’18 November 2019
HenryG calls out tournament organisers and warns he'll drop more "esports nukes"18 November 2019
All the winners from the 2019 Esports Awards18 November 2019
A Dacia bug in the PUBG Global Championship nearly cost a team a place in the final18 November 2019
Sjokz is confident European League of Legends teams will excel at Worlds 202018 November 2019
Zonic reveals k0nfig's lateness and toxicity prevented him a place on Astralis18 November 2019
Tekkz on breaking records, struggling with success, and why he chose Fnatic17 November 2019
LoL Worlds host Sjokz hints at her Esports Awards picks16 November 2019
Who could win ‘Streamer of the Year’ at the Esports Awards 2019?15 November 2019
Dr DisRespect isn’t happy that xQc’s Pokemon stream had more viewers than him15 November 2019
FIFA 20 pro Tekkz says he “wouldn’t feel anything” from winning last season15 November 2019
Vitality’s CEO wants LoL team to "contend with the best" within three years15 November 2019
A quarter of League of Legends fans don't play the game at all, according to a report14 November 2019
Twitch launches Twitch Studio to help new streamers14 November 2019
EwOk announces she's leaving Twitch to stream on Mixer14 November 2019
Voting is now open for League of Legends All-Star 201914 November 2019
Method removes WoW Classic streamer Jokerd for "offensive" behaviour14 November 2019
Death Stranding has averaged 97,000 Twitch viewers so far14 November 2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits silver in League of Legends14 November 2019
Vitality's Gregan and Scrub Killa on Worlds, the new season, and the future of Rocket League14 November 2019
Esports pros are put under the same pressure as athletes, according to a study14 November 2019
CS:GO's Cache has been remade in Unreal Engine14 November 2019
Luminosity Gaming’s accounts show the value of streaming to esports teams13 November 2019
CS:GO teams must now disclose partnerships before majors in 202013 November 2019
PUBG is trialling a new skill-based ranking system13 November 2019
Pantheon is officially the most banned League of Legends champion in Worlds history13 November 2019
Gregan believes franchising could lead to a more competitive Rocket League scene12 November 2019
Giantwaffle spent three months training to stream 19 hours a day12 November 2019
Only one person got a perfect LoL Worlds Pick'em12 November 2019
Dataminer discovers 13 new operators in Modern Warfare files12 November 2019
Andrew Yang discusses collegiate esports on the campaign trail12 November 2019
Modern Warfare player ends a Search and Destroy round in under three seconds12 November 2019
Astralis win IEM Beijing and enter CS:GO grand slam race12 November 2019
Tyler1 suggests some interesting names for his League of Legends scrim team12 November 2019
Another Fortnite pro has been banned by Twitch12 November 2019
A League of Legends fan creates a True Damage and K/DA mashup12 November 2019
Blizzard president says the Blitzchung Hearthstone ban exposed "immaturity"12 November 2019
LoL Worlds 2020 will take place in six cities across China11 November 2019
PUBG leak suggests the Riot Shield is nearly here11 November 2019
League of Legends teams need to "step up their game" according to Vedius11 November 2019
Rainbow Six Siege pro players think Kali is too overpowered11 November 2019
G2's Caps promises Europe is "going to get stronger" at League of Legends11 November 2019
Tekkz wins the first major of the FIFA esports season11 November 2019
LWX becomes the first player to not die during a LoL Worlds final11 November 2019
Ocelote says G2 Esports will win a Worlds title in the future10 November 2019
FunPlus Phoenix's League of Legends Worlds win was written in the stars10 November 2019
V.Hive is more than just a hub for Team Vitality's fans, it's the future8 November 2019
Grabbz says G2 won't "disrespect" FPX in the League of Legends Worlds final8 November 2019
Riot's Games says a League of Legends World Cup is "on our radar"8 November 2019
Magic: The Gathering launches competitive European circuit8 November 2019
Norman Reedus tells a streamer off for staring at his crotch in Death Stranding8 November 2019
Infinity Ward nerfs claymores and the 725 in latest Modern Warfare patch8 November 2019
Rainbow Six Siege is adding an AWP to Operation Shifting Tides8 November 2019
A PUBG dataminer thinks a clan system is coming to PUBG8 November 2019
FUTWIZ’s FIFA pro Lyricz talks relief, redemption, and eWorld Cup dreams7 November 2019
Team Vitality's new HQ has a cafe and a cinema7 November 2019
Intel Extreme Masters revokes its controversial suicide rule for CS:GO7 November 2019
CS:GO's creator set to reveal new MMO shooter7 November 2019
Fnatic sign British FIFA esports pro Tekkz7 November 2019
Stars share their predictions ahead of KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match7 November 2019
Hearthstone developers say Blizzard was too quick to ban Blitzchung7 November 2019
Dota 2 player Topson paid more tax than any other Finnish athlete in 20187 November 2019
The new Rainbow Six Siege operation is called Shifting Tides6 November 2019
China to limit the amount of time and money kids spend playing games6 November 2019
PapaSmithy calls League of Legends Worlds SKT predictions "fanciful"6 November 2019
Apex Legends update adds duos and a firing range6 November 2019
Apex Legends level designer urges players to find more easter eggs6 November 2019
Deadmau5 is streaming on Mixer now6 November 2019
Rocket League's blueprint system will have trade limitations6 November 2019
London Spitfire names its UK home venues for Overwatch League 20206 November 2019
Esports pros at risk of back and neck pain according to a new medical report6 November 2019
Twitch bans AriGamePlays for sexually suggestive content6 November 2019
Mixer triples the amount of hours streamed on its platform6 November 2019
Colourblind Twitch streamer struggles to defuse the bomb in Modern Warfare6 November 2019
CouRage reveals he moved to YouTube to escape Twitch's sub-count button6 November 2019
Unikrn wants to pay someone $50,000 to stream for six months5 November 2019
Games trade bodies unveil principles for fun and fair esports5 November 2019
Street Fighter V producer says his game is perfect for Intel's Olympics event5 November 2019
Perfect PUBG pick'ems will win exclusive PGC weapon skins5 November 2019
You don't need water to go fishing in Fortnite apparently5 November 2019
Voting closes soon for the Esports Awards 20195 November 2019
Tyler1 really wants G2 to lose League of Legends Worlds 20195 November 2019
Modern Warfare streamer hits 1k subs seven years after starting on Twitch5 November 2019
17,000 League of Legends players got their Worlds pick'ems completely wrong5 November 2019
Slasher says more big streamers are set to leave Twitch5 November 2019
Rainbow Six Siege devs watched torture documentaries to create Caveira5 November 2019
CouRage leaves Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube5 November 2019
Two of NiP’s Rainbow Six Siege players denied visas for Pro League Finals4 November 2019
The US Army is using esports as a recruitment tool4 November 2019
A Twitch streamer covers Toto's Africa for his donation alert4 November 2019
PUBG has a bug that makes footsteps silent in School4 November 2019
Hearthstone's Liooon crowned as BlizzCon's first female winner4 November 2019
G2 vs SKT's LoL Worlds semifinal is the most watched esports match of all time4 November 2019
Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 has new CS:GO rules4 November 2019
Epic permanently bans a FaZe Clan Fortnite player for using aimbot4 November 2019
G2's Wunder says the SKT game was the "real" League of Legends Worlds final3 November 2019
The format of the Overwatch League is being overhauled for 20203 November 2019
Warcraft III: Reforged's beta pool is expanding3 November 2019
StarCraft II relegated to the sidelines at Blizzcon2 November 2019
Blizzard apologies at Blizzcon, announces Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons2 November 2019
Here's what we learned about World of Warcraft: Shadowlands at BlizzCon2 November 2019
Overwatch 2 introduces Push, PvE, and an updated engine2 November 2019
All the announcements from BlizzCon 20192 November 2019
Spanish streamer TheGrefg gains 750,000 Twitch followers in under three weeks1 November 2019
A Hong Kong Hearthstone deck has been created for the BlizzCon protest1 November 2019
Fortnite player accidentally rides his teammate's sniper bullet1 November 2019
McDonald's is using CS:GO slang to sell burgers to Blast Pro Series fans1 November 2019
Astralis' dupreeh wants the "overpowered" Krieg to be nerfed1 November 2019
Banned Hearthstone player Blitzchung joins Tempo Storm1 November 2019
Only 34 perfect League of Legends Worlds Pick'ems remain1 November 2019
100 Thieves return to CS:GO with Renegades roster1 November 2019