Apex Legends level designer urges players to find more easter eggs

There's more to find on World's End.

Apex Legends

It’s been a month since the World’s Edge was added to Apex Legends for the start of Season 3, and one of Respawn’s senior level designer has revealed that half the easter eggs hidden away in the map haven’t been found.

Rodney Reece’s revelation has been taken as a challenge by the Apex Legends subreddit, but he’s not given any clues as to where we might find them, nor how many we should be looking for.

So far fans have found street signs in the lava-filled map which are named after developers and designers at Respawn, a photo of a very fluffy corgi, and a pizza on one of the rooftops in Capitol City. A poster of Pathfinder that has the caption ‘Hang in there’ in Skyhook. A plush Nessie can also be found on the game’s new training range, giving a nod to the huge mythical creature that could be spotted in Season 1.

Despite some taking on it on as a challenge, others have attacked Reece for some of the problems they believe to be affecting the game. Some players argue they’re too busy dodging lasers to look for easter eggs, hinting that the game’s Charge Rifle should be nerfed or removed from the game altogether.

Either way, with the latest patch bringing in new changes, and reports that parts of World’s Edge is changing, this easter egg hunt just got exciting. Will we see another Loch Ness Monster?