January 2020 Archive

Summit1g and Pestily top January Twitch charts with Escape From Tarkov streams31 January 2020
Valve is hiring an esports software engineer31 January 2020
FunPlus Phoenix donates $288,000 to help combat coronavirus31 January 2020
Fortnite pro Clix and Chicago Bears’ Tarik Cohen win the Twitch Streamer Bowl31 January 2020
Hero pools are coming to Overwatch to change the meta weekly30 January 2020
Caps’ debut game as an ADC in League of Legends set an impressive record30 January 2020
Kentucky schools ban Fortnite from varsity esports program30 January 2020
Will the Call of Duty League drown under a lack of developer support?30 January 2020
Twitch cancels Jenna's partnership following Discord message scandal30 January 2020
OG unveils its complete Dota 2 roster for 202030 January 2020
Blizzard cancels Chinese Overwatch League events over coronavirus threat30 January 2020
Train, Mirage, and Dust 2 changed in latest CS:GO update30 January 2020
League of Legends streamer Tyler1 calls someone a "dips**t" for donating $10029 January 2020
The standout stats from the Call of Duty League Launch Weekend29 January 2020
Rainbow Six Siege designer notes hint at Lesion nerf29 January 2020
SumaiL joins OG's Dota 2 roster29 January 2020
Riot's head of EU esports says LEC players leaving for LCS is a "good sign"29 January 2020
Ranked play is coming to Pokemon GO28 January 2020
DrLupo rages after being team killed in Escape from Tarkov28 January 2020
LazarBeam sets a Fortnite record for longest ever solos game28 January 2020
Atari to open eight esports and gaming-themed hotels28 January 2020
A talent agency claims Ninja's Mixer contract is worth $20-30 million28 January 2020
ESL admits it "got it wrong" over CS:GO Pro League changes28 January 2020
YoungBuck "much happier" since moving from Fnatic to Excel27 January 2020
Why a Dota 2 pro quit to pursue League of Legends27 January 2020
Akali has been banned in every LCS and LEC game so far27 January 2020
Pokimane turned down a $3 million sponsorship deal27 January 2020
OG's JerAx retires from Dota 2: "Living this culture has hit me hard"27 January 2020
Six teams confirmed for new CS:GO B Site league27 January 2020
League of Legends Pro League delayed due to Coronavirus threat27 January 2020
The LEC Spring and Summer finals will be held in Budapest and Malmo24 January 2020
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will have a new physics engine24 January 2020
S1mple switches CS:GO roles following Natus Vincere signing24 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra resets account progression for beta24 January 2020
CallMeCarson turns down date with porn star Mia Malkova24 January 2020
45 LCS players claim being a League of Legends pro helps their love life24 January 2020
Fortnite pro Aydan makes his mum cry after paying off her college loans24 January 2020
Apex Legends adds a new rank and splits to competitive for Season 424 January 2020
Blitzchung's Hearthstone Hong Kong protest wasn't planned23 January 2020
PUBG increases loot spawns on Karakin23 January 2020
Jeff Kaplan says he's reluctant to add hero bans to Overwatch23 January 2020
Twitch users have watched 350 million hours of Apex Legends since launch23 January 2020
Linus opens up about retirement thoughts in emotional stream23 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adds the crossbow and more loadout slots23 January 2020
100 Thieves reveals new Los Angeles training facility23 January 2020
Talent for FACEIT's new CS:GO league revealed23 January 2020
Doublelift says he hates Team Liquid “being the villain” in League of Legends22 January 2020
Rocket League stats suggest demolitions are the new meta22 January 2020
Tyler1 goes on a date with Faker to eat a massive burger22 January 2020
Summit1g, Dr DisRespect, and xQc discuss whether PUBG is “doomed”22 January 2020
Arena of Valor was the biggest mobile esport of 201922 January 2020
The LEC will have a new format for the 2020 League of Legends season22 January 2020
Rocket League fans want more transparency about the esports scene22 January 2020
Dignitas is back in CS:GO after signing legendary ex-NiP roster21 January 2020
Antoine Griezmann launches his own esports organisation21 January 2020
Desperado Esports owner says PUBG Corp sent him a single email in a year21 January 2020
Tyler1 says his League of Legends team is “dog ****”21 January 2020
T1's LoL coach doesn't believe the team are favourites to win the LCK21 January 2020
Fortnite bans "signalling" in official tournament matches21 January 2020
ZywOo named as HLTV's best CS:GO player of 201921 January 2020
Dr DisRespect mocks BadBunny’s Twitch rant about viewers watching her for free21 January 2020
Pros think Atlanta FaZe is the team to beat in the Call of Duty League20 January 2020
League of Legends dragon bug launches Lee Sin into space20 January 2020
Device says he'll be happy if Astralis has changed perceptions on stress in CS:GO20 January 2020
iRacing driver who died after serious illness honoured with tribute lap20 January 2020
Ollelito wins the third FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup20 January 2020
Pokimane's viral TikTok dance is a Fortnite emote now20 January 2020
Ubisoft files lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS organisers20 January 2020
Former Overwatch League caster MonteCristo joins Cloud920 January 2020
Donald Trump's latest campaign video uses music from League of Legends17 January 2020
Scoom believes PUBG "wasted a year" with the league structure17 January 2020
The Power Rangers fighting game is an esport now17 January 2020
Ocelote confirms Caps is moving to ADC in League of Legends17 January 2020
Fortnite streamers team up with NFL Pros for Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl17 January 2020
Sneaky to stream full-time after stepping back from League of Legends esports16 January 2020
Scrub Killa replaced by French teenager on Team Vitality's Rocket League team16 January 2020
ESL commits to improving player rights with landmark CS:GO agreement16 January 2020
League of Legends' neglected champions will get skins this year16 January 2020
G2 invited to compete at the 2020 Six Invitational16 January 2020
PewDiePie takes a break from YouTube to "cool down"16 January 2020
Aphelios, Shaco, and Yasou voted as the most annoying League of Legends champions16 January 2020
Capcom wants Teppen to take a piece of Hearthstone’s esports pie16 January 2020
Ninja is finally getting his own Fortnite skin15 January 2020
Tyler1 brainstorms more crazy League of Legends team names for Twitch Rivals15 January 2020
Volibear owners in League of Legends will get a free "demonic" skin after his VGU15 January 2020
PUBG's new Season 6 map is called Karakin15 January 2020
LEC on-air talent form their own League of Legends band14 January 2020
Teamfight Tactics devs reveal mobile release date and tease set 314 January 2020
PUBG teases new map, destructible environments, and C414 January 2020
Valkyrae signs exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming13 January 2020
We're hiring! Network N is looking for an Editor-in-Chief and an SEO Manager13 January 2020
Semmler says recent Overwatch changes made it difficult for him to cast13 January 2020
Rick Fox ends his League of Legends Season 10 placement games in Iron 313 January 2020
AGDQ raises $3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation13 January 2020
Legends of Runeterra’s open beta will feature a full ranked season13 January 2020
Malphite is getting a League of Legends Worlds skin because Doinb's wife plays it13 January 2020
Apex Legends Grand Soirée event offers up seven different game modes10 January 2020
Tyler1’s League of Legends team to play show match against MAD Lions10 January 2020
LCS commissioner says Monday Night League will bring a “new vibe” to League of Legends10 January 2020
Houston Outlaws Overwatch team move training facilities after residents complain10 January 2020
DickStacy leaves Renegades and quits competitive CS:GO due to “eye condition”9 January 2020
DJ Nicky Romero to perform at first Call of Duty League Home Series event9 January 2020
The 2020 League of Legends cinematic 'Warriors' is here9 January 2020
Dafran treated to brilliant Dr Dre cover on Overwatch’s Paris piano9 January 2020
CEO of Riot Games Korea, Jaysen Park, has died9 January 2020
LCS schedule expands to three days a week, will include Academy games8 January 2020
Aphelios' ban rate in League of Legends hits 223% in Korea8 January 2020
Dakotaz will "evolve" his Fortnite streams with a facecam8 January 2020
PlayStation might have leaked Overwatch 2's release date8 January 2020
Ninja was the most talked about streamer on Twitter in 20198 January 2020
Super Bowl winner Jay Ajayi is a pro FIFA player now8 January 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer confirms more 6v6 maps are coming8 January 2020
There are more Danish League of Legends players in LCS than LEC8 January 2020
Ghost Gaming only made $173.49 from a custom PUBG skin last year8 January 2020
Blizzard doubles the number of Hearthstone Masters Tour events for the 2020 season7 January 2020
League of Legends players will have to wait for the Wukong rework7 January 2020
G2 Esports' new Rainbow Six Siege analyst is a full-time accountant7 January 2020
ESL Pro Tour launched for Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3: Reforged7 January 2020
The FIFA 20 Team of the Year has been revealed7 January 2020
North wants to become the "leading Scandinavian esports organisation"7 January 2020
DoA is the latest esports caster to leave the Overwatch League7 January 2020
Ninja's talent agency planned to "disrupt" the streaming industry7 January 2020
Dota Underlords has lost 80% of its playerbase7 January 2020
Cloud9 signs ATK CS:GO roster6 January 2020
YouTuber plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with DK bongos6 January 2020
Rumours of a rebrand circulate after North's pages purged of posts6 January 2020
Season 10 of League of Legends starts this week6 January 2020
Pokimane, Loserfruit, and Muselk ask for donations to tackle Australian bush fire crisis6 January 2020
PUBG's executive producer admits releasing the game was a "risk"6 January 2020
Esports community site Liquipedia reveals its most viewed teams of 20193 January 2020
Why you need to check out the Guitar Hero clone section of AGDQ3 January 2020
WWE star Cesaro just hit Silver 3 in ranked League of Legends3 January 2020
Ninja slams Fortnite duos partner Reverse2k for “personal” Mixer comment3 January 2020
FunPlus Phoenix will play Invictus Gaming in the first LPL game of the season3 January 2020
A new video explains how Miramar became a battleground in PUBG3 January 2020
Summit1g's molotov fail voted as the worst CS:GO play of the decade3 January 2020
Summit1g is Dr DisRespect's favourite streamer of 20192 January 2020
Twitch generated more revenue than YouTube Gaming in 20192 January 2020
Escape From Tarkov is the most watched game on Twitch right now2 January 2020
AdmiralBahroo signs an exclusive two year deal with Twitch2 January 2020
The Call of Duty League will have fewer events due to franchises being "overwhelmed"2 January 2020
Happy's Deagle ace named as the CS:GO play of the decade2 January 2020
Chris Puckett confirms he won't be hosting the Overwatch League in 20202 January 2020
Rocket League pro Scrub Killa announces free agency after Team Vitality contract expires2 January 2020
BIG Clan adds two new players to its CS:GO lineup2 January 2020
Broxah could miss the start of the League of Legends season due to visa issues2 January 2020
Happy New Year from The Loadout1 January 2020