November 2020 Archive

PUBG's PS5 and Xbox Series X versions to receive big improvements next year30 November 2020
Rainbow Six Siege is getting a streamer mode in Year 630 November 2020
Cyber Monday deals - save £10 on the new Xbox Wireless Controller29 November 2020
Cyber Monday deals - save 19% on this Razer Kitty streaming bundle28 November 2020
Save £20 on the Xbox One S 1TB in the Black Friday weekend sales28 November 2020
Black Friday deals for WD_Black P10 hard drives are a go - save up to $40/£4727 November 2020
Sony is reportedly banning PS5 users for exploiting PS Plus Collection loophole27 November 2020
FIFA 21 Black Friday event kicks off with Record Breakers release27 November 2020
This handy Twitch bot tells you when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are back in stock27 November 2020
Black Friday deals for Secretlab chairs are live - save up to $100 / £7027 November 2020
Your PS5 may be recording your trophy celebrations26 November 2020
The ePremier League returns for the FIFA 21 season26 November 2020
Shadowless Base Set Charizard Pokémon card sells for $295,000 at auction26 November 2020
Fall Guys Season 3 teaser reveals new skins26 November 2020
Cyberpunk 2077's first PS5 gameplay footage has arrived25 November 2020
Sony confirms more PS5 stock for retailers “before the end of the year”25 November 2020
Modern Warfare controversially crowned Esports Game of the Year25 November 2020
Rainbow Six Siege on PS5 to get adaptive trigger and haptic feedback support25 November 2020
Valve delays new Dota 2 hero, confirms start date for 2021 Dota Pro Circuit25 November 2020
Demon's Souls PS5 Pure Bladestone farming spot24 November 2020
Win a World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Collector's Edition24 November 2020
Epic reveals Fortnite Crew subscription service for exclusive skins24 November 2020
The biggest esports games24 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's new patch crushes bugs and stability issues24 November 2020
Overwatch League planning to keep regional split for 2021 season24 November 2020
Valve employee apologises for manually banning a Dota 2 player23 November 2020
Winners of RuneScape's Golden Gnome Awards 2020 have been revealed23 November 2020
League of Legends' next champion will be Rell, The Iron Maiden23 November 2020
Valorant's game director wants to release new maps "as soon as possible"23 November 2020
Treyarch fixing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's zombies split-screen bug23 November 2020
Here's how to kill every Demon's Souls boss in one hit20 November 2020
Amazon customers reportedly delivered rice and lamps instead of their PS5s20 November 2020
We're giving away three Tempo Storm t-shirts!20 November 2020
PUBG Shield, a community anti-cheat initiative, has banned 3,000 players so far20 November 2020
Someone bought a PS5 in the UK on eBay for more than £7,00020 November 2020
Super Smash Bros. Big House tournament cancelled after Nintendo cease and desist20 November 2020
Riot is set to remove the League of Legends Prestige Point system in 202119 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's MP5 has already been nerfed19 November 2020
League of Legends: Wild Rift will be unlocked in Europe next month18 November 2020
Demon's Souls PS5 farming spots: best soul farming locations18 November 2020
Five League of Legends champions you should try out on patch 10.2318 November 2020
Demon's Souls PS5 has a new duplication glitch18 November 2020
Fortnite's new video chat feature launches today on PC, PS4, and PS518 November 2020
Astralis locks in its League of Legends roster for 202117 November 2020
Someone's made a Zelda inspired controller for the PlayStation 517 November 2020
Demon's Souls PS5 best weapon: how to craft the Northern Regalia17 November 2020
League of Legends clubs will be removed with patch 10.2517 November 2020
PlayStation's CEO says "we're not hearing" concerns about PS5 storage17 November 2020
Demon's Souls PS5 has a new infinite souls glitch17 November 2020
GAME wants a UK-based content creator to become the "face of gaming"17 November 2020
Overwatch to introduce Priority Pass system to reduce role-specific queues17 November 2020
T1 apologises for allowing "hate speech" on its official Discord16 November 2020
YouTuber destroys PS5 with mayonnaise and electric saw, attempts refund16 November 2020
Capcom data breach may have compromised 350,000 items of info16 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War SBMM debate reignited by pro players16 November 2020
We're giving away a copy of Halo: Shadows of Reach!13 November 2020
All Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War wildcards13 November 2020
All Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes13 November 2020
All of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps13 November 2020
Riot states League of Legends' Seraphine "was not based on any individual"13 November 2020
FIFA 21 POTM Son SBC: How to solve and which players to use13 November 2020
A new FIFA 21 feature will let you set spending limits for Ultimate Team12 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's movement receives big changes for launch12 November 2020
We're giving away PS4 and Xbox One codes for Spellbreak!12 November 2020
You can finally send Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME12 November 2020
Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass gets another round of tweaks11 November 2020
Rocket League will support 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X|S11 November 2020
Cloud9 announces $500-a-year Stratus subscription service for "superfans"11 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War double XP codes to be dished out with beef jerky11 November 2020
Xbox Series X|S users are reporting problems with unresponsive buttons11 November 2020
PUBG patch notes 9.2 - dirt bike, driver shooting, and more11 November 2020
Valorant patch notes 1.12 - new observer UI, social panel improvements, and more10 November 2020
Someone's already made a wood veneer for their Xbox Series X10 November 2020
Valorant's "sleek, utopian, and hopeful" Ion skin line drops tomorrow10 November 2020
Hearthstone card reveal – here’s your first look at Cenarion Ward10 November 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone's loadouts are finally separate from Modern Warfare10 November 2020
Royal Ravens’ 2021 Call of Duty League roster had to be built around “outstanding” Seany9 November 2020
Dota 2 gets a spooky surge of players thanks to Diretide event9 November 2020
PS5 Remote Play app could let you play next-gen games with a PS4 controller9 November 2020
The best Street Fighter V characters9 November 2020
How to set up an Xbox Series X|S9 November 2020
Dekillsage: There is “no excuse” for fighting game developers not using GGPO9 November 2020
Microsoft is giving away Xbox Series X consoles during its UK launch stream6 November 2020
How the PS5's next-gen features could evolve online gaming6 November 2020
Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO and Sword and Shield6 November 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone loadout drop glitch makes you invisible6 November 2020
Respawn makes it easier to complete Apex Legends’ Season 7 Battle Pass6 November 2020
PS5 controller teardown reveals how adaptive triggers work5 November 2020
All PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online-only5 November 2020
Why you should buy the Xbox Series X over the Series S5 November 2020
The Legion Games kicks off its #PauseYourGame campaign4 November 2020
Apex Legends Season 7 patch notes - Horizon, Olympus, Trident, and more3 November 2020
Everything you need to know about the PS5 controller2 November 2020
Fortnite on next-gen includes “cooler-looking” visuals and faster load times2 November 2020
Seraphine has the most disliked Champion Spotlight in LoL history2 November 2020
Best Hearthstone decks: top decks for ranked play1 November 2020