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Here’s how to kill every Demon’s Souls boss in one hit

Make mincemeat out of the Souls-like's bosses with the Demon's Souls one-hit glitch using the infamous Blueblood Sword.

Demon's Souls Armoured Spider boss fight

19/03/2024 This exploit has since been patched in the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls following a fix to the Blueblood Sword. However, it is still possible to use this exploit if you disable your internet connection and avoid updating the game to the latest version.

Demon’s Souls is a notoriously tricky game, though, in the PS5 remake, there’s an exploit that allows you to kill any enemy – including its tough-as-nails bosses – in a single hit. The Blueblood Sword glitch is tied to the infinite souls exploit, and while it takes some effort to prep, becoming nigh-on unstoppable is a more than sufficient reward.

We’ve already gone in-depth on Demon’s Souls’ best weapon and how to craft it, the best soul farming spots and Pure Bladestone farming spots you’ll find in the whole wide world of Boletaria, and how exactly to avoid the late-game item grind using a new duplication glitch, but this latest discovery might be the biggest, most game-breaking find to date. In fact, this exploit should probably only be used on a repeat run to avoid ruining one of the best Souls-likes for yourself.

Demon’s Souls one hit glitch explained

First, you’re going to have to obtain a Gold Coin. Your best bet is to farm one or more of them from the Fat Official enemy type found in world 2-1.

Now that you’ve acquired this luck-boosting goodie, you need to head on over to the Nexus, jump into your inventory, consume your Gold Coin, and then have a quick chat with the Maiden in Black. This should cause your luck stat to start rising to a ridiculously high level.

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With your luck stat now glitched to high heavens, it’s time to head out and grab yourself the Blueblood Sword – a weapon that scales infinitely with luck. See where we’re going with this?

Now comes the tricky part, as the Blueblood Sword isn’t easily accessible until you’re already a fair way through the game. You need to travel to world 5-1 and head to the western part of the giant poison swamp. There you’ll find a Broken Sword guarded by some hard-hitting enemies. Check out Ymfah’s video embedded above if you’re struggling.

Now you need to make your way through the Valley of Defilement, defeat Maiden Astraea in 5-3, and take her Pureblood Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed in world 2-1. Enter the upgrade menu and get old Ed to turn your rubbish Broken Sword into a glorious Blueblood Sword.

With your luck stat as high as it can be, the Blueblood Sword’s damage output should be nothing short of legendary. Now head out and show those demons who’s boss!

Remember though, this exploit is no longer accessible in the Demon’s Souls PS5 remake. That is unless you disable your console’s internet connection and avoid updating the game – and therefore the patch that fixed the bug.