We’re giving away three Tempo Storm t-shirts!

Get your hands on a SrGrafo design

You don’t have to buy a big, thick sporting jersey to show your support for esports organisations nowadays. Most teams have their own line of fashionable clothing ranges, from colourful crew necks to slick kicks. Tempo Storm is one of these organisations, so we’ve teamed up to give three limited-edition t-shirts to one lucky person.

But what’s so special about these tees? Well, they all feature designs from Andre ‘SrGrafo’ Rojas, an artist whose web comics have become popular on Reddit. In fact, these graphic tees were all created to help raise funds for The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the largest organisation in the States to represent Black College Community through scholarships and partnerships.

Tempo Storm has a much wider collection, but we’re only giving away the SrGrafo Tee, the Tempo & SrGrafo Tee, and the ThomaS Tee to one person in the USA. The winner will be able to pick their size once they’ve been selected.

So if that’s caught your attention, then you’ll need to complete the actions required via the Gleam widget below. We don’t need too much from you, but we do need your full name and email address so we can contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners next week. Don’t worry though, we promise we won’t send you spam.

TL – Tempo Storm t-shirt giveaway

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