League of Legends clubs will be removed with patch 10.25

Start migrating your clubs to Discord now

Yasuo, with his long white hair in a ponytail, runs away from a fire

We’ve known for a while about Riot Games’ intention to shut down League of Legends clubs, but now we finally have a date for its removal: December 10.

The feature, which has been a part of the game for the last four years, allowed players to team up with like minded individuals, create communities in-game, and express themselves as a collective. However, like in all multiplayer games, a small group of players have been using clubs inappropriately, leading the developer to shut it down ahead of the 2021 season.

While club tags for example has helped players express their individuality on the Rift, or share their love for a certain team or champion, product lead Jared ‘Karadwe’ Neuss, says he’s seen an “alarming number of more malicious and inappropriate tags out there” in his latest blog.

As such, the system will be phased out with patch 10.25 – at least, that’s what Riot Games is targeting at the moment. Once the patch is live, players will no longer see club chat, club tags, or club roster information.

While this might be a shock for some of you, Karadwe says he hopes this notice will give you enough time to “migrate your community over to platforms like Discord so you can stay in touch with your friends in League and beyond.”