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Treyarch fixing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s zombies split-screen bug

Currently zombies does not support split-screen

Call of Duty’s zombies modes are best enjoyed when played with friends, but in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players are running into problems when trying to set up local split-screen parties – something Treyarch is trying to fix.

Currently players can be invited to the local lobby – like they can in Cold War’s multiplayer modes – but the lobby leader cannot start the game. Instead players are presented with a warning prompt that states “the selected playlist does no support your current party configuration. Please remove all split-screen players from your party to continue.”

The error message has caused quite the stir online, with many taking to Twitter to complain about the lack of split-screen availability in the game’s current state. One player has even set up his own petition, urging Treyarch to add split-screen to the game as soon as possible.

However, Treyarch has confirmed the lack of split-screen is a bug, not a feature, and the development team is working on a fix.

The error was listed as a known bug in the most recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch notes, which detailed a number of changes to the game’s guns and killstreaks.

Many are hoping the bug can be fixed quickly so that split-screen zombies will be available with the Nuketown ’84 patch, which drops tomorrow (November 24), but who knows. Split-screen is also pretty buggy in multiplayer, so Treyarch might need a bit of time to iron everything out.

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