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Shadowless Base Set Charizard Pokémon card sells for $295,000 at auction

Rare Pokémon card prices continue to soar

Pokémon TCG: a table covered in packs of Pokémon cards

With its recent boom in popularity, prices for vintage or rare Pokémon cards have soared in recent months. The scale as to how much these prices are growing is evident in a sale of an extremely rare and desirable Base Set Charizard card yesterday, which went for an eye watering amount of cash at auction.

The exact card we’re looking at here is a 1999 Base Set First Edition shadowless holo Charizard, which is also graded as PSA 10 meaning it is in perfect condition. This rare card was snapped up at an auction just last month by retired rapper Logic, who paid approximately $220,000. This was deemed to be a record amount paid for this Charizard card.

Around six weeks later, and another one of these super rare Charizard cards went up for sale, but the winning bid clocked in at $295,300 this time around. That’s an increase of around 34% over that short period of time.

The buyer of this card is a mystery, but whoever they are they’ve got plenty of cash lining their pockets.

This sale has now reportedly set a new record for a Charizard Pokémon card, according to Twitch streamer and trading card expert ‘IslandGrown’.

The insane prices paid for these cards shows just how much the TCG’s recent popularity has ballooned their value.

On the same day, a First Edition Neo Genesis holo Lugia also went for what is almost certainly a record price for that card. While it is a great vintage card, it isn’t particularly considered one of the iconic cards like the Base Set holo Charizard. Nevertheless, this PSA 10 Lugia went for $129,000. Crikey.