Rapper Logic drops $220,000 on super rare shiny Charizard Pokémon card

It's... It's BEAUTIFUL

Rapper Logic made waves earlier this year when he announced his retirement from making music and instead opting to sign an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch.

Logic, whose deal with Twitch is said to be worth “seven figures,” has now hit the headlines again – but this time it’s because of him spending money, rather than making it. The rapper has reportedly blown over $200,000 dollars at an auction on one of the planet’s rarest and most sought after Pokémon cards: a shiny base set Charizard. This particularly shiny Charizard went for so much because it was in perfect, PSA 10 condition, was a first edition base set card, and was a particularly rare shadowless variant, in which the shadow on the right hand side of the artwork is missing.

The fee Logic has reportedly paid for the Charizard card makes it one of the most expensive ever sold. The winning bid was $183,812, but a 20% buyer’s fee means that he will have forked out around $220,000.

Logic explains why he is so obsessed with retro Pokémon cards in an Instagram post, which shows him pulling his own shiny Charizard out of a base set box the day after his auction scoop.

“When I was a kid I absolutely loved Pokémon but couldn’t afford the cards,” his post reads. “I remember even trying to trade food stamps and now as an adult who has saved every penny he has made being able to enjoy something that I’ve loved since childhood now as a grown man is like buying back a piece of something I could never have, it’s not about the material it’s about the experience.”

Logic is following in the footsteps of another well-known name, YouTuber Logan Paul, who has also recently become obsessed with collecting and opening packs of rare vintage Pokémon cards.