Respawn makes it easier to complete Apex Legends’ Season 7 Battle Pass

The Apex developer admits it "missed the mark" with its Battle Pass rework

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Apex Legends developer Respawn has made changes to Season 7’s Battle Pass after the player base criticised it for being too “grindy.” The new Battle Pass will act differently than in other seasons, using Battle Stars to level it up rather than XP.

Just hours into the new season though, it became clear that the new star system was making Battle Pass progression much harder than in previous seasons. That’s because there are only two methods of earning stars: completing daily and weekly challenges, or accrue 10,000 XP to earn one star.

After hearing the criticism, Respawn has now taken action. While the distribution of stars for challenges will stay the same, weekly challenges will now take “less time” to complete. It has also slashed the amount of XP you need to hit to earn extra stars. Players will only need to gain 5,000 XP to earn a star now.

In the tweet announcing the change, Respawn admits that it “missed the mark” with its reworked Battle Pass system. It says that its goals were to “make [the Battle Pass] engaging for the entire length of the season” and “encourage you to try out new legends and playstyles,” but that the new star system was too strict.

While fans of the battle royale are happy to see some action taken, others are concerned that the real issue lies with the one thing Respawn didn’t touch: daily challenges. Completing a full set of daily challenges in Season 7 will see you earn eight stars, so not even enough for a full Battle Pass tier, which requires ten.

While seasonal Battle Passes are there to provide content throughout, well, the entire season, striking the balance between making it completable for most players and avoiding making it too easy is proving difficult with this new star system.