February 2024 Archive

Helldivers 2's Malevelon Creek inside job is just the start29 February 2024
Persona 3 Reload sale brings hit RPG down up to 19% on PS5 and Xbox29 February 2024
Best PS4 headsets 202429 February 2024
Now that Remedy owns Control, it's time to reclaim Quantum Break29 February 2024
MW3 made a big mistake not remastering these Call of Duty maps instead29 February 2024
PS Plus March shifts gears for PS5 players as F1 24 season begins29 February 2024
Meet the S.E.E.S. in Persona 3 Reload29 February 2024
You can play this No Man's Sky rival on Xbox Game Pass right now29 February 2024
Google is overrun by Chocobos to celebrate FF7 Rebirth PS5 launch29 February 2024
The Finals' Smoking Guns event gives you a taste of the Old West29 February 2024
Don’t worry, Helldivers 2 likely isn’t nerfing its greatest weapon29 February 2024
Star Wars Mandalorian game thrown into Sarlacc pit as part of EA cuts29 February 2024
GTA 6 development enters "final stretch" as Rockstar pulls in devs29 February 2024
Baldur's Gate 3 and Starfield buried us, Immortals of Aveum dev says28 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth Platinum Trophy grind is a 200-hour marathon on PS528 February 2024
Best gaming TV 202428 February 2024
GTA 6 soundtrack set to be blessed by ScHoolboy Q28 February 2024
Xbox Game Pass gets this gorgeous-looking RPG you can play right now28 February 2024
Call of Duty Black Ops mastermind unveils a new co-op FPS28 February 2024
New Helldivers 2 update puts an end to your infinite Stratagem spam28 February 2024
Suicide Squad needs to fix its biggest blunder before Season 128 February 2024
Next Battlefield could take on Warzone with free battle royale mode28 February 2024
New Xbox sale slaps savings of up to 80% on 106 bundles of epic games27 February 2024
Sifu will reportedly (roundhouse) kick off the PS Plus March line-up27 February 2024
PlayStation to lay off 900 people and close major studio27 February 2024
Fortnite Lego Islands bring piratey platforming to PS5 and Xbox27 February 2024
Palworld update fixes 35 issues, but accidentally makes your Pals lazy27 February 2024
Assassin's Creed Infinity may microdose you with microtransactions27 February 2024
Fable devs call for backup on the massive Xbox-exclusive RPG26 February 2024
Cut Helldivers 2 content lets you fight bugs and bots like Solid Snake26 February 2024
Foamstars Season 2 is going full Saturday Night Fever on PS526 February 2024
Pacific Drive perfectly captures the crappiness of your first car26 February 2024
This long-lost LittleBigPlanet game for PS3 is (unofficially) back26 February 2024
Skull and Bones release date and latest news26 February 2024
Stellar Blade's big ambitions come in an unusually small PS5 file size26 February 2024
Fortnite Avatar collab will have you Aang-ling for sweet skins26 February 2024
Helldivers 2 vehicles datamine uncovers Terminid-trampling tanks26 February 2024
Classic Star Wars FPS is available on Xbox for the first time soon25 February 2024
Helldivers 2 players want merch so bad they're risking legal action25 February 2024
Rainbow Six Siege director stamps out hope for Ubisoft FPS sequel25 February 2024
Hidetaka Miyazaki claims Dark Souls 2 "carried" the series forward25 February 2024
Kingmakers dev teases how medieval RTS shooter could get even wilder25 February 2024
The Tomb Raider remasters set a new standard by respecting your wallet24 February 2024
Palworld esports is a real thing and it is as bonkers as you'd expect24 February 2024
Star Wars Battlefront Collection gives you a 64-player nostalgia hit24 February 2024
New MW3 Prime Gaming bundle channels cowboy chaos on Xbox and PS524 February 2024
Suicide Squad gears up for "unique" Combat Incursions in Season 124 February 2024
Just Dance 2023 song list and tracklist24 February 2024
Best PS4 controllers 202423 February 2024
This custom (and cursed) Palworld Xbox Series S bundle could be yours23 February 2024
Rejoice, a fix is coming for COD’s crippling Warzone and MW3 reset bug23 February 2024
Warner Bros slams Suicide Squad sales after Hogwarts Legacy success23 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth gameplay on PS5 actually gives big Nintendo DS vibes23 February 2024
The Finals' soundtrack actually slaps, and it's now on Spotify23 February 2024
Pacific Drive's PS5 performance stalls an otherwise ace exclusive23 February 2024
Desperate Xbox players turn to Halo Forge for their Helldivers 2 fix23 February 2024
Helldivers 2 server cap pushed to 700k but devs know it’ll still break23 February 2024
Xbox Game Pass sensation Palworld hits 25 million players23 February 2024
This is not a drill, Baldur's Gate 3 mods on PS5 and Xbox are coming23 February 2024
New Suicide Squad update is both its best and worst yet22 February 2024
Dead Island 2 unexpectedly sneaks onto your Xbox Game Pass library22 February 2024
Best gaming desks in 2024 - picks for sitting and standing22 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth reviews make it a GOTY front-runner on PS522 February 2024
PS5 audience isn’t enough for PSVR 2 as it eyes up PC players22 February 2024
Jim Ryan admits challenging PS5 launch left him with ‘head in hands’22 February 2024
Arrowhead CEO's dream game sounds like Helldivers 2 meets Rainbow Six22 February 2024
Why The Finals might break free from its gameshow shackles in Season 222 February 2024
Kingmakers' medieval chaos to reign supreme on Xbox and PS522 February 2024
Elden Ring DLC will give you 10 more reasons to break your controller22 February 2024
New CoD games will come to Game Pass on day one, Xbox pledges21 February 2024
Best PS5 headsets 202421 February 2024
Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is $40, but so what?21 February 2024
Hi-Fi Rush and two other Xbox exclusives set sail for PS5 and Switch21 February 2024
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's expansive PS5 demo just got even better21 February 2024
The 14-year wait for Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox is now over21 February 2024
Cyberpunk meets RDR2 in brand new rootin’ tootin’ skin in The Finals21 February 2024
This Helldivers 2 TikTok account tracks galactic battles in real time21 February 2024
Bless your Xbox with this stunning free Avowed dynamic background21 February 2024
AC Mirage adds permadeath for the ultimate Assassin’s Creed gauntlet20 February 2024
Xbox Game Pass rounds off February with one of our favorite FPS games20 February 2024
This neglected PlayStation franchise returns to PS4 and PS5 today20 February 2024
Helldivers 2's next big battle is against AFK server loiterers20 February 2024
PS5 Pro will be out this year to gear up for GTA 6, analysts claim20 February 2024
For a game with no campaign, Helldivers 2 has an incredible story19 February 2024
The best Star Wars games on console 202419 February 2024
Ex-343 dev says there were "20-30" pitched Halo games we'll never see19 February 2024
XDefiant seems imminent as new rewards appear out of nowhere19 February 2024
Helldivers 2 drops a massive hint about a unique third faction19 February 2024
The inFamous games deserve more love from Sony18 February 2024
New Suicide Squad KTJL update will include major endgame changes17 February 2024
Yes, PS5 and Xbox players can suplex Post Malone in WWE 2K2417 February 2024
Helldivers 2 launches 50% XP boost but it won't be around for long17 February 2024
Payday 3 offline mode is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox, with a catch17 February 2024
Dissecting Xbox's weirdest quote about its new exclusives strategy16 February 2024
Respawn is bringing Mandalorian magic to new Star Wars game16 February 2024
Ubisoft should walk the plank for Skull and Bones' $100 edition16 February 2024
Spider-Man 2 shrugs off Game Awards snub with big DICE Awards win16 February 2024
The best racing games on console 202416 February 2024
F1 24 release date leak puts it in pole position for May launch16 February 2024
Helldivers 2 invasions are near impossible, keep it that way16 February 2024
Elden Ring sneakily changes hands, and that's a headache for Bandai16 February 2024
Even without discs, Alan Wake 2 sales breeze past 1 million16 February 2024
Helldivers 2 release date, gameplay, and more details16 February 2024
Ark Survival Ascended release date, upgrades, gameplay, and more16 February 2024
Xbox says ‘our strategy is working’, and Palworld’s the proof15 February 2024
Diablo 4 leads ActiBlizz charge onto Xbox Game Pass this March15 February 2024
Xbox confirms 4 exclusives are setting sail for other platforms15 February 2024
The next Xbox will be the “largest generational leap you’ve ever seen”15 February 2024
College Football 25 gets full reveal in May, but here’s a quick teaser15 February 2024
No Man’s Sky’s new Omega update is huge, and you can play it for free15 February 2024
This blimp-based survival game is flying into PS5 exclusive territory15 February 2024
You can play this epic weeby soulslike for free on Xbox this weekend15 February 2024
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release date, gameplay, and more15 February 2024
God of War Ragnarok reaches lowest PS5 price ever at under $4015 February 2024
Fortnite meets Indiana Jones in this new F2P shooter on PS5 and Xbox15 February 2024
Helldivers 2 PvP is off the table to keep PS5 shooter less “toxic”15 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth demo makes me regret 27 years of Final Fantasy ignorance15 February 2024
This essential RPG is coming to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass very soon15 February 2024
The Finals nerfs Valentine’s Day love-bombing on PS5 and Xbox14 February 2024
Suicide Squad update signals pain from Mastery foes, but we like it14 February 2024
Sea of Thieves’ cryptic post hints at rumored PS5 version14 February 2024
To our utter joy, Tomb Raider Remastered retains its most iconic bug14 February 2024
3 months later, Spider-Man 2 sales swing past 10 million copies14 February 2024
Helldivers 2 calls for backup to "beef up" its PS5 plans14 February 2024
You won’t be getting any “major” new PS5 games until 2025, says Sony14 February 2024
Tekken 8 release date, gameplay, and full details14 February 2024
Foamstars release date, gameplay, modes, and more14 February 2024
The Finals release date, gameplay, maps, and more14 February 2024
Stellar Blade’s “explicit body exposure” lands it 18+ rating in Korea13 February 2024
Helldivers 2 solo has no right being this good (and terrifying)13 February 2024
New Xbox sale offers up to 90% off 125 incredible games including MW313 February 2024
Early The Finals footage shows this major feature is still missing13 February 2024
Xbox update adds more zip to your megabits with better download speeds13 February 2024
You can win this gorgeous one-of-a-kind PS5 console right now13 February 2024
This week’s new Xbox podcast is judgement day for its exclusives13 February 2024
Xbox's radical new strategy will see these two games hit PS5 first13 February 2024
Kill The Justice League nerfs most overpowered Suicide Squad build12 February 2024
Foamstars director opens up about PS5 exclusive's bubble troubles12 February 2024
Persona 3 Reload has made my Xbox Game Pass sub worth it12 February 2024
The best Helldivers 2 weapon is hiding in plain sight12 February 2024
Fortnite Doctor Who collab branded a "myth" by Russell T. Davies12 February 2024
Calm down MW3 fans, 'sneaky' tweaks to your new bundle are being fixed12 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth demo on PS5 proves the wait for Sephiroth was worth it12 February 2024
Helldivers 2 dev reveals “wild idea” that needs to happen right now12 February 2024
Project 007 job listing hints at feature seen in underrated Bond game11 February 2024
Rumored PS6 specs sound great, if you can take advantage of them11 February 2024
No Foamstars Platinum trophy sucks, but there is a free PS5 reward11 February 2024
Warner Brothers is working on new DC games, but sadly not Superman11 February 2024
Helldivers 2 servers continue to struggle despite new PS5 update11 February 2024
GTA 6's real Florida Joker wants $50,000 to voice Rockstar character10 February 2024
Palworld devs admit hit Xbox game is "severely lacking" staff10 February 2024
If Skull and Bones is a "quadruple-A" game, what's a quintuple-A game?10 February 2024
Xbox consoles aren't going away just yet, according to Phil Spencer10 February 2024
Helldivers 2 secondary objectives really should be your main priority10 February 2024
Sorry folks, but the GTA 6 release date could be later than we hoped9 February 2024
Love is in the air in Baldur’s Gate 3’s new PS5 and Xbox patch9 February 2024
PS5’s Stellar Blade has no paid cosmetics, and that's surprising9 February 2024
Xbox games on PS5 make perfect sense, but it feels like giving up9 February 2024
Palworld breeding tool puts the rizz in Grizzbolt for Xbox players9 February 2024
6 things I wish I knew before playing Helldivers 29 February 2024
Death Stranding 2’s badass ship has got Kojima (and us) very excited9 February 2024
Next-gen Xbox reportedly borrowing this genius PS5 feature9 February 2024
The long wait for XDefiant will soon be over on PS5 and Xbox9 February 2024
Suicide Squad KTJL easter egg brilliantly teases Batman's return9 February 2024
Subnautica 2 sneakily confirms co-op is coming at long last8 February 2024
Incredibly, Suicide Squad KTJL just leaked its own Season 2 DLC8 February 2024
PlayStation shares exciting new Rise of the Ronin details in BTS video8 February 2024
The Finals update eases its gruelling XP grind ahead of Season 28 February 2024
The best PS5 co-op games 20248 February 2024
New MW3 map features a cheesy Breaking Bad easter egg8 February 2024
The FF7 Rebirth demo needs to include Junon’s most important character8 February 2024
Helldivers 2 developer in “crisis mode” after bug-infested PS5 launch8 February 2024
A free Ray Gun is waiting for you in Warzone Fortune’s Keep8 February 2024
Crash Bandicoot and COD dev isn't shutting down after all8 February 2024
Forza Motorsport finally fixes its progression grind for Xbox racers8 February 2024
Fortnite TMNT crossover goes hard with this amazing Shredder skin8 February 2024
PS Store sale knocks up to 90% off of 1,700 top PS4 and PS5 indies7 February 2024
Cute but creepy Hauntii to arrive on Xbox Game Pass on day one7 February 2024
Xbox oopsie accidentally reveals epic RPG coming to Xbox Game Pass7 February 2024
MW2 weapons are back on the menu in Warzone Season 27 February 2024
The Persona remake machine could have more in store for PS5 and Xbox7 February 2024
Destiny 2 is giving out free Bright Dust, but you'll have to be quick7 February 2024
Revealed Stellar Blade length hits the sweet spot for PS5 exclusive7 February 2024
MW3 Season 2 will lure you in with a free weekend on PS5 and Xbox7 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth to deliver a mountain of minigames to PS5 players7 February 2024
Your Palworld Effigy bug frustrations are finally over on Xbox7 February 2024
Halo Infinite on PS5 is just what the Xbox exclusive FPS needs6 February 2024
Next-gen Xbox could get a Nintendo Switch up for rumored 2026 release6 February 2024
It will take up to 100 hours to unlock Helldivers 2 Warbonds for free6 February 2024
PlayStation slips on banana peel, reveals FF7 Rebirth demo is coming6 February 2024
PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade is more like Stardew Valley than you think6 February 2024
Lace up your cleats, Xbox Game Pass is adding Madden 24 this month6 February 2024
PS5 controller update improves this criminally underused feature6 February 2024
Phil Spencer breaks silence on PS5 port rumors for Xbox exclusives6 February 2024
Xbox’s PS5-bound exclusives may shockingly include Gears of War5 February 2024
PS5 is "dream" platform for Stellar Blade, but Xbox fans almost had it5 February 2024
Black Ops Gulf War will continue controversial MW3 campaign feature5 February 2024
The closest thing to Palworld on PS5 is currently half-price5 February 2024
Apex Legends Season 20 delivers biggest gameplay change in years5 February 2024
FF14 will cost you twice as much on Xbox as it does on PS55 February 2024
Avowed dev pushes back on combat criticism, telling fans to "trust us"5 February 2024
A long-overdue PS5 Uncharted Drake's Fortune remake could be happening5 February 2024
Helldivers 2's future PS5 updates will 'always be free'5 February 2024
Your Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass hopes could be dashed5 February 2024
Own a PS5? These three epic Xbox exclusives are heading your way5 February 2024
Suicide Squad game teases the return of Arkham Origins' best villain4 February 2024
Palworld devs says servers "won't go down" despite $6 million cost4 February 2024
The Finals leak hints at strange Season 2 content for free-to-play FPS4 February 2024
You only have a few days to get this epic free Overwatch 2 skin4 February 2024
New MW3 Prime Gaming bundle gifts best free skins yet for PS5 and Xbox4 February 2024
Stop overreacting to Suicide Squad KTJL's handling of Batman3 February 2024
You almost got a version of The Last of Us 2 inspired by Bloodborne3 February 2024
COD Black Ops Gulf War leaks signal hope for a TranZit remaster3 February 2024
Hideo Kojima clarifies Mads Mikkelsen's role in Death Stranding 23 February 2024
Skate is still 2 years away for PS5 and Xbox, leaker claims3 February 2024
The best PS5 open world games 20242 February 2024
Apex Legends Season 20 will deliver PS5 and Xbox players 120fps2 February 2024
Hades 2 release date estimate and latest news2 February 2024
Does Skull and Bones have crossplay?2 February 2024
Helldivers 2 previews largely positive, but reveal major weak point2 February 2024
Suicide Squad KTJL’s rarest easter egg needs 48 minutes of your time2 February 2024
5 massive unknowns in the wake of PlayStation’s State of Play2 February 2024
You should play the Tomb Raider remasters on PS5 for one tiny reason2 February 2024
Spider-Man 2 PS5 dev spent eight months drawing Venom’s tentacles2 February 2024
New Bloodborne PS5 rumors get Souls lovers' hearts pumping2 February 2024
MW3 Season 2 reworks this terrifying Call of Duty perk2 February 2024
Warzone ranked Resurgence rewards are a bad start for Fortune's Keep2 February 2024
FF7 Rebirth demo with exclusive PS5 rewards expected very soon2 February 2024
PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade looks unbelievable, and that worries me1 February 2024
Stardew Valley in space Lightyear Frontier is coming to Xbox Game Pass1 February 2024
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Wonder Woman is a total badass1 February 2024
Judas looks like Bioshock, but it gives big Mass Effect energy too1 February 2024
Is Death Stranding 2 coming to PS4?1 February 2024
5 reasons why Helldivers 2 is Halo for PS51 February 2024
Apex Legends Season 20 release date and latest news1 February 2024
MW3 Season 2 brings back a forgotten, awesome COD WW2 mode1 February 2024
Xbox swoops in to squash Palworld bugs faster1 February 2024
You need to claim these free rewards for The Finals on PS5 now1 February 2024
Rise of the Ronin release date and latest news1 February 2024
Hideo Kojima's Physint smells like PS6 gold, but not PS51 February 2024
New Death Stranding 2 feature fixes a major flaw in weirder PS5 sequel1 February 2024