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PS5 audience isn’t enough for PSVR 2 as it eyes up PC players

Sony is bringing awesome changes for PS5 and PSVR 2 owners, as testing is underway to bring new games to both PC and PlayStation 5 consoles.

PSVR 2 new PC games: An image of a Helldiver, PSVR 2 and a PC.

We all love getting immersed in our favorite PS5 games, and if you own PSVR 2, you can take it even further. However, if you’re worried about the selection of games available on PlayStation VR 2, then worry not, because Sony appears to be listening. In a fresh PlayStation blog post, Sony has confirmed that it’s bringing PSVR 2 to PC too.

Some of the new PS5 games that include PSVR 2 functionality, like No Man’s Sky, are among the best PS5 games available. But it’s hardly an extensive library. In the recent PlayStation blog, Sony explains that it is “currently testing the ability for PSVR 2 players to access additional games on PC to offer even more game variety in addition to the PSVR 2 titles available through PS5.” Though Sony doesn’t specify what games will be in this forthcoming PC selection, we wager that the list of best PSVR 2 games is going to get incredibly stacked.

For now, Sony assures players that “we hope to make this support available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.” Games like Superhot are still in need of PSVR 2 support, but bigger pipe dreams like seeing Half-Life Alyx remain nothing more than that – a dream. However, with PSVR 2 now branching out to PC, we wouldn’t rule it out completely.

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Efforts to bring improved PSVR compatibility have been in the works for a while, but not necessarily from Sony. Projects like PSVR-to-PC conversion iVRy Driver for SteamVR are at the forefront, but the developer behind it wasn’t so sure it’d be possible. Speaking in a Reddit forum last year before the PSVR 2 was released, Mediator Software said “the original PSVR is (electronically) equivalent to a monitor and so it is relatively simple to get a video signal up on it. Reading sensors etc. took a lot of reverse engineering, and at least a year from release before anyone figured that out.”

The decision to bring PSVR 2 to the PC audience coincides with what PlayStation is doing increasingly with its first-party PS5 games. We’ve seen Sony’s recent success with releasing titles like Helldivers 2 simultaneously on PS5 and PC, a deviation away from the usual formula of releasing PC ports more than a year later after release. We’re looking at you Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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With Xbox exclusives coming to PlayStation 5, there’s a lot to lay your eyes on right now. Who knows, maybe some of them will get PSVR 2 support one day, given the lack of an Xbox VR push. In other PlayStation news, here’s what could change for PS5 owners as part of Sony’s fresh strategy for big releases.