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Xbox oopsie accidentally reveals epic RPG coming to Xbox Game Pass

After a big blunder, Xbox has all but confirmed that the incredible RPG Tales of Arise is finally making its Game Pass debut very soon.

Tales of Arise Xbox Game Pass: The main masculine and feminine characters from Tales of Arise posing with their weapons, set against a blurred Xbox-themed background. Between them is an Xbox Game Pass logo styled like a neon sign.

Each month we eagerly await the reveal of all the new Xbox Game Pass games that will be making their way to Microsoft’s subscription service. It’s typically like clockwork, with new reveals arriving shortly after the announcement with little trouble. Well, the latest Xbox announcement mistakenly revealed a future game heading to the service – the popular RPG Tales of Arise – which could headline March’s games.

Originally titled “Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Madden NFL 24, Tales of Arise, PlateUp!, and More”, the now-fixed Xbox Wire blog post (which was seen by The Loadout) was meant to announce the Xbox Game Pass February 2024 games. While the other headlining games did indeed feature within the corrected version of the blog, Tales of Arise was removed.

This suggests that Tales of Arise is intended to arrive on Xbox Game Pass in the first wave of March, and was mistakenly included in the post. If so, our list of the best Xbox Game Pass games will have a new contender for the crown. It’s worth pointing out that this blunder was also repeated in the blog in other countries, such as the French version, which has also been altered, adding further credence to the news.

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Xbox Game Pass reveals typically arrive a day or so after the final game from the previous update is added to the service. In this case, that would be Return to Grace, which is being added on February 20, 2024. So, expect to hear more about Tales of Arise on Game Pass very soon.

Developed by Bandai Namco, Tales of Arise was one of 2021’s best games, delivering a stellar RPG game experience packed with intriguing characters and action-packed combat. Clocking in at about 40 hours in length, you’ll certainly be getting your money’s worth with Game Pass if and when Tales joins the service.

Nevertheless, while PlayStation fans are enjoying the PS5-exclusive RPG Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Tales of Arise could hit the spot if you’re veering into jealousy.

There’s certainly no shortage of games to play through in the meantime though, especially with lots of new Xbox games on the way. While you wait to dive into Tales of Arise, you could also check out the ever-growing selection of the best Xbox games. And don’t miss out on the major changes that could be on the way for your favorite console, with these three epic Xbox exclusives possibly coming to PS5 in a surprising turn of events.