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This long-lost LittleBigPlanet game for PS3 is (unofficially) back

A LittleBigPlanet Hub beta build has surfaced after being lost for a decade, gifting you the chance to check out the enigmatic PS3 game.

LittleBigPlanet Hub beta PS3: a crocheted Sackboy stood next to a giant moustachioed crab

A playable beta for the axed LittleBigPlanet Hub has surfaced, finally providing us with the free-to-play live-service experience promised to us by Sumo Digital all the way back in 2013. The game was initially destined for the PS3 but never saw the light of day. However, you can now witness it for yourself.

As spotted by ‘Imagisphere’ on Twitter, the Russian LBP Community has dumped the EU version of the LittleBigPlanet Hub rom onto Archive.org. Though it’s only a short jaunt judging from the footage below, getting to hear Stephen Fry’s delightful narration again while plodding along is a real treat.

Originally revealed at Gamescom 2013, LittleBigPlanet Hub was set to bring together features from the first two LBP games alongside exclusive new content, for free, in an accessible, live-service package. Despite never formally being canceled, the multiplayer game was never heard of again after its unveiling – a puzzle-platforming relic lost to time.

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Instead of LBP Hub, it was LittleBigPlanet 3 which was later released in November 2014. In the time since its launch, the game received content updates that bore an uncanny resemblance to levels and features originally spotted in early LBP Hub footage – the addition of the Seaside Surprise level kit and Challenges being the clearest examples.

Although LBP Hub never saw the light of day it’s incredible to see it appear after a decade, be it down to an NDA expiring or otherwise. Now preserved for all to enjoy, it’ll give long-time fans a chance to simultaneously revel in nostalgia while enjoying a brand-new experience. For more on the beta, check out Imagisphere’s post here or watch some gameplay of the beta in action below.

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Sporting some of the best games out there, LittleBigPlanet is an IP with real heritage. Sadly, though, it’s been the best part of a decade since LBP 3 launched, and with no new announcements in that time, it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be seeing a fourth game make its way onto the list of PS5 exclusives anytime soon.

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