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The closest thing to Palworld on PS5 is currently half-price

You can pick up the underrated Pokémon and Palworld-like Temtem for a mouth-watering price in the new PS Store sale on PS5.

PS5 Palworld Temtem sale: A dinosaur-like creature standing to the side, set against a blurred image of sheep using machine guns from Palworld. A colorful PlayStation logo is tucked behind the creature.

Palworld has taken over ever since its release on Xbox, though PlayStation players have unfortunately been missing out on the Pokémon-with-guns fun. However, if you’re a PS5 player looking over at Xbox’s Palworld with jealous eyes, then it’s the perfect time to try out Temtem as it’s currently a whopping 50% off on the PlayStation Store.

While it’s not aiming to be one of the best survival games like Palworld is, Temtem is the closest you’ll get to the creature-catching action on PS5. Like Palworld’s more graphic, gun-filled take on Pokémon, Temtem switches things up to offer a unique monster catch MMO game.

Right now, you can grab 50% off Temtem, costing just $22.49/£19.99 in the PS Store sale. The more expensive deluxe edition, featuring bonus cosmetic items, unfortunately, is not on sale, though the standard edition is exceptionally good value. Much like Palworld, Temtem is also currently in early access on PS5. Nevertheless, new cosmetics, content, and other improvements are steadily arriving to dial up the fun.

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As you’d expect from a Pokémon-like, you’ll embark on an adventure to catch cute and deadly creatures, build your team, and battle other tamers. However, Temtem sets itself apart from the competition with its MMO features. Across the stunning Airborne Archipelago, you can find and battle other players to become the best tamer in town. Likewise, you can also team up with friends.

Perhaps most exciting of all though, you can even buy and decorate your own home. From getting new furniture to giving your humble abode a lick of new paint, it’s the perfect side activity for a Pokémon-like. Similarly, you can also customize your character, earning new items and flexing your style.

If that all sounds appealing to you, then be sure to check it out as the sale ends on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. Alongside Temtem, there are a staggering 300 other games available in the PlayStation Store Critic’s Choice sale. Otherwise, check out all the new PS5 games on the horizon, especially as it looks as though Xbox’s best exclusives are also coming to PS5 in the near future.