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Fortnite Doctor Who collab branded a “myth” by Russell T. Davies

The Fortnite Doctor Who PS5 and Xbox collaboration could be dead in the water, but the math isn’t mathing when we consider previous leaks.

Fortnite Doctor Who myth: Ncuti Gatwa wearing a brown leather jacket

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies has seemingly put to bed rumors surrounding a potential Fortnite collaboration on PS5 and Xbox. However, between RTD’s wording and the litany of Fortnite Doctor Who leaks out there, something isn’t quite adding up.

Responding to a comment asking for more collab information on a recent Instagram post (spotted by Redditor ‘crimsonfist101’), RTD flat out says: “There isn’t one! It’s a complete myth, I’m afraid.” It’s a sad day for Whovians hoping to dab on Daleks as Tennant or Gatwa’s Doctors in one of the best battle royale games, but it could still be a red herring.

According to recent leaks, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 looks to revolve around Greek mythology – you see where we’re going with this. Season 2 will run for roughly three months, starting in early March. This means that we’ll still be battling the gods when Doctor Who Series 14 airs in May. It’s tinfoil hattery at its finest, but considering the amount of leaks over the past year there’s more than enough substance to back the theory that RTD is doing a bit of light trolling with his use of the word ‘myth’.

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In April 2023, notable Fortnite leaker ‘iFireMonkey’ reported the types of cosmetics we’re in for, including the promise of a free Beep the Meep spray – ‘FNBRintel’ later leaked what could be the full rundown in August. At the time the collaboration was expected to arrive during the show’s 60th Anniversary towards the beginning of December, though it looks to have taken a backseat to Lego Fortnite.

While the ideal moment for the collab to arrive has passed, ‘Doctor Who Leaks’ reported on Christmas Eve that it’s “still happening but is back to early stages”corroborating an earlier report from FNBRIntel that it’s being reconceptualized.

Should the leaks actually materialize this time, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Fourteen dropped in favor of an all-Fifteen collection – a major blow for Tennant fans. That being said, the Scot’s portrayal of the Time Lord is by far and away the most iconic of the modern Who era, so there’s every chance Disney and Epic will want to harvest everything they can from the money tree.

Though unconfirmed, a Fortnite Doctor Who event makes perfect sense considering Disney’s hand in both IPs. Back in October 2022 Disney snapped up streaming rights to the iconic British series outside of the UK and Ireland. Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this month that the House of Mouse had invested a $1.5 billion stake in Epic Games.

As part of the deal, the pair will work to create “an all-new open, persistent, and social universe that will bring Disney stories and experiences to life, [while] interoperating with Fortnite.” Fortnite Percy Jackson when?

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