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Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover “on hold” indefinitely, leaker claims

The long-rumored Fortnite Doctor Who crossover to coincide with the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials is allegedly on ice until changes are implemented.

Fortnite Doctor Who leaks

One of the more exciting collaborations to hit Fortnite in 2023 could be the rumored Fortnite Doctor Who crossover, which is said to coincide with the forthcoming Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials. Official confirmation from BBC is yet to be clarified, but according to Fortnite leaker ‘FNBRIntel’, fans of the show could be in for disappointment when it comes to one of the best battle royale games available.

FNBRIntel explains that “the collaboration is completely on hold at the moment due to higher-ups being upset due to the anniversary content being dissociated from the show’s timeline if it was to be released in December/January.” At present, it is understood that the Doctor Who collaboration would feature skins for The Tenth/Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) and The Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa).

Furthermore, FNBRIntel purports that “all content including [the] event pass, limited-time challenges, creative experience, and the attendance reward are being reconceptualized to reinvent any unnecessary content.”

Fortnite Doctor Who skins sprays rewards back bling

In a separate post, the leaker details every reward that can be earned in the crossover. FNBRIntel details them in a handy spreadsheet, which you can view above. However, they note that “everything on this list may not make it to the game.”

A release date for the crossover allegedly targets Quarter 1 2024, meaning that it could be dropped in the game throughout January, February, or March. With the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary release date landing at the latter end of 2023, it’d make sense for Epic Games to capitalize on the hype shortly after Gatwa makes his debut as The Doctor after the Doctor Who Season 14 release date.

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Leaks surrounding the Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover have been captivating Fortnite fans since they first emerged earlier this year, claiming that it could also bring along some free Fortnite cosmetics to players too. However, Epic Games is putting its focus on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 theme reveal, meaning that Doctor Who content will have to remain on the sidelines for now.

We’re still waiting on the arrival of the Fortnite FPS mode – a feature that has been said to arrive with multiple seasons but still eludes players. Regardless of Doctor Who cosmetics or that mode arriving, get stuck into some awesome maps via these Fortnite Creative Codes.