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Free Fortnite Doctor Who cosmetics leaked alongside paid skin bundle

Epic Games' rumored Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration isn't just going to be limited to a paid skin, it looks like free cosmetics are coming in an event too.

Fortnite Doctor Who free cosmetics event: an image of Fishsticks from the battle royale over a blurred image of a sci-fi game

If you’re both a fan of battle royales and battling Daleks, you’ll be pleased to know that free Fortnite Doctor Who cosmetics have been leaked alongside a paid skin bundle for an upcoming collaboration between Epic Games’ Fortnite and the BBC’s long-standing sci-fi series Doctor Who. If you were worried that Epic Games was going to waste this collaboration on a handful of cosmetics, you’ll be pleased to know that it looks like an entire UNIT-themed event is on the way.

As highlighted online by respected Fortnite leaker ‘iFireMonkey’, it looks like the Fortnite Doctor Who cosmetics collaboration will be made available alongside the “UNIT Code Red” event; during this event, players will reportedly need to “complete UNIT quests to detect Residual Energy and gather Intel to unlock various limited-time rewards” – all of which will be free.

Right now, details are a little light. So, as you’ll be able to see for yourself down below, it looks like this Doctor Who-themed event is going to give players the chance to earn the following free rewards in-game:

  • Star Cruiser glider
  • TARDIS emoticon
  • 3D Glasses spray
  • UNIT logo banner
  • An unidentified emote
  • An unidentified wrap
  • An unidentified loading screen
  • An unidentified back bling

Interestingly, the unidentified back bling is actually visible in the image below – and it doesn’t look too dissimilar from the dimensional transporter used by Pete Tyler (and his universe’s Torchwood, and Rose Tyler) to travel between the two parallel worlds. However, we’re not fully certain that this is what the back bling will be – so take this with a pinch of salt.

Fortnite Doctor Who free cosmetics event rewards: an image of the tweet discussed above regarding the free battle royale

What we do know, though (thanks to Fortnite leaker ‘ShiinaBR’) is that this collaboration is going to be more widespread than a few quests.

From what we know so far, it looks like we’re going to be able to get our hands on a UNIT Advanced Rifle and a Wrarth Warrior weapon in-game while exploring UNIT Outposts and a Meep Star Cruiser on Fortnite Island. With the Fortnite Doctor Who event teasing epic TARDIS antics, you’ll be pleased to know that it looks like a paid store bundle featuring David Tennant as the 14th Doctor and Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor will be released. With this all tying into the Doctor Who 60th anniversary release date and the Doctor Who Season 14 release date, which will see Tennant turn into Gatwa, we expect everything to be available sometime in November 2023.

It’s also worth noting that it looks like there’s going to be a creative map released alongside this collaboration – with voice acting – which could make it one of the best Fortnite creative codes we’ve seen yet. We’re not saying that means we’ll see David Tennant actually in Fortnite, but… It could happen.

We know this can be one of the best competitive FPS games out there, but it’s things like this that really make Fortnite worth playing. Sure, the monetisation is inescapable, but it’s also a lot of fun to see your favourite fictional characters (and sometimes, your favourite celebrities) appear in-game.