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Fortnite Doctor Who event teases epic TARDIS antics, leaks claim

The ultimate Time Lord may visit the island soon as new details claim a Fortnite Doctor Who event is in the works for fans of the long-running BBC show.

The TARDIS from Doctor Who in the battle royale game Fortnite

Fortnite’s list of amazing crossovers never stops growing, be it the inclusion of Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even John Wick. Epic Games is seemingly eyeing up another spectacular crossover for 2023, this time for fans of BBC’s Doctor Who. The beloved Time Lord could be the next Fortnite crossover character to wield a few chug jugs and a gold Scar, and Doctor Who could arrive at an excellent time.

Detailing the specifics for a new Fortnite event, community member and leaker ‘iFireMonkey’ explains that “it has recently been brought to my attention that there have been discussions in regards to a potential collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who.” Moreover, iFireMonkey claims that “based on what I’m aware of, this would be a two-week long event in-game featuring a set of free rewards for completing challenges as well as item shop cosmetics.”

For those of you hoping to see specific Doctor Who actors like David Tenant, Jodie Whittaker, or even Tom Baker, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for those details. However, iFireMonkey alleges that “the item shop would feature 2 skins, 2 pickaxes, 1 glider, and 1 emote […] there would also be a free Beep the Meep spray as some sort of incentive for checking out the creative map associated with this collaboration.”

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Beep the Meep is an alien lifeform that has appeared in numerous forms of Doctor Who media, dating back to its first appearance in Doctor Who Weekly issue #19, back in 1980. The character is poised to make a live-action debut in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials set to release in late 2023.

“This [event] is most likely planned for November since things like Beep the Meep have a lot of relevance towards the 60th-anniversary specials for Doctor Who,” the leaker says. Fans will of course be counting down the days till the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary release date, which is sure to bring about a wealth of surprises with it. There’s also the matter of tuning for Ncuti Gatwa’s turn as the Doctor when the Doctor Who Season 14 release date arrives.

An image gathered by the leaker also sheds light on a supposedly scrapped vehicle customisation mode for Fortnite, that would see players change the look of each car, bike, and boat in the game to their liking: “An interesting thing to note is ‘Garage Debug’ being one of the tabs, which relates to that DelMar mode we had leaked previously which was set to feature a garage tab with vehicle customisation.” This is accompanied by text that described a “U.N.I.T TARDIS Alert” event.

With the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials still a few months away, this will be a crossover to keep your eyes open for. Until then, check out the best Fortnite Creative codes to find your next fix of fun.