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GTA 6’s real Florida Joker wants $50,000 to voice Rockstar character

After attempts to take GTA 6 developer Rockstar Games to court, the Florida Joker now wants to work with the studio for a considerable fee.

GTA 6 Florida Joker: An image of Lawrence Sullivan 'Florida Joker' and a GTA 6 character.

Rockstar Games has always had its finger on the pulse for all things satirical. From funny radio station talk shows, to oddball characters, to jibes at well known brands and corporations, we’re sure that GTA 6 will continue this tradition. The first trailer for the game briefly depicts a man bearing a resemblance to Lawrence Sullivan, otherwise known as the ‘Florida Joker‘. And now, Sullivan wants to nab himself a job at Rockstar Games.

Speaking in a new TikTok video, Sullivan expresses his new outlook on GTA 6. “Rockstar [Games], Take-Two [Interactive], we gotta talk, I’m not suing y’all anymore,” Sullivan explains. Claiming that both companies are out of their “goddamn nuggets”, Sullivan believes it would be beneficial for Rockstar Games to hire him to voice the parodied version of himself in the new PS5 game.

Sullivan adds that he wants both companies to “do what’s right, shoot me like $50,000, [or] $100,000. Let me voice the character.” Should Sullivan be successful in forging a job at the highly respected studio, he will devote his time to an extensive tour around the world to promote GTA 6. You know, because Rockstar Games needs the exposure for potentially one of the best open world games ever made.

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His makeshift marketing campaign will aim to “promote the game and go to every comic-con”, with the opportunity for people to meet him – presumably at a cost, of course. With over 174 million views and counting on YouTube, the GTA 6 trailer is one of the most-viewed gaming trailers in history. However, that level of viewership isn’t enough, and Sullivan wants to take the game’s reputation further.

“I’m making the game more relevant, people wanna play it, I’m the reason why that game is so hype right now,” he claims. We’re not sure how Sullivan thinks this will pan out for him, but we know this crusade isn’t over yet. We’ve still got a long time to go until the GTA 6 release date arrives, leaving plenty of opportunities for Sullivan to chase his dream.

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Naturally, Rockstar Games remains silent on the situation and refuses to give it the time of day. Until we can play GTA 6, there is a lot to uncover, like T-Pain’s involvement with the game or the mystery of this bikini-clad woman.