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GTA 6’s Lucia isn’t that bikini-clad woman, but PS5 players don’t care

The GTA 6 trailer sparks a fiery debate between PS5 and Xbox players as they debate whether GTA 6's Lucia is actually the bikini woman.

GTA 6 Lucia theory bikini woman

The GTA 6 trailer is rammed full of bite size moments to pick apart, from Rockstar Games’ incredible knack for detail or recreations of real-life social moments. However, despite all that GTA 6 is seemingly offering, one aspect of the next open world adventure is ensnaring the minds of PS5 and Xbox fans. Whether you believe it or not, the debate about whether Lucia is actually this woman continues to be the subject of intense online debate.

For the first time since 1999, Rockstar Games is giving players the chance to play as a female protagonist in GTA 6. It’s a pretty big deal, as the franchise has been populated by largely male focused stories, and we’re ready for a different take in one of the best open world game franchises on of all time. Even with a compelling story, that might be told be backwards in the trailer, at 0:39 seconds is where fans are focusing.

GTA 6 lucia bikini woman

The shot in question depicts a Vice City resident wearing a bikini that parodies clothing brand Louis Vuitton, posing in a rooftop pool. Now, we do see where players are coming from (kind of), when it comes to the passing resemblance between the two characters. However, we don’t think it is her. Not only do Lucia and this unnamed woman possess different facial features when it comes to blemishes, nose/lip shape, but we just don’t see it. 

That isn’t to say that Rockstar Games won’t allow players to customize Lucia how they see fit, as previous games like GTA 5 and GTA 4 have continued to allow players to change their clothing preferences. Nevertheless, this isn’t stopping PS5 and Xbox players from confidently claiming that this woman is in fact our new protagonist. Comparison photos are flying round on social media, while community notes on posts from pages like ‘GTA6Intel’ are striking back to determine that this isn’t Lucia.

Rockstar Games, in typical Rockstar fashion, is refusing to comment on the situation. And we likely won’t get any official confirmation until more gameplay arrives, or even until the GTA 6 release date arrives. However, there is a theory that a secret third playable character in the trailer. We think we’ve even spotted the first of many GTA 6 radio stations, too.

gta 6 lucia trailer

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What we do know is that the game, from a visual perspective, looks stunning – and former Rockstar Games talent agree. Former animator Mike York is vocal about the game’s first trailer on YouTube, and claims that the game will deliver the same visual sheen in the trailer on release.