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New GTA 6 trailer appears to confirm the game’s first radio station

One of many GTA 6 radio stations appears to be in the GTA 6 trailer, hinting toward what musical delights Rockstar Games is cooking up.

GTA 6 radio stations

Rockstar Games is already facing a mammoth task to deliver the goods with the next Grand Theft Auto title, but it is the GTA 6 radio stations that could make or break for some players. Returning to Vice City carries a musical legacy of its own, and GTA 6 needs to honor it properly. Now that the GTA 6 trailer is in the wild, we think we’ve spotted one of the first radio stations to appear in the game.

If you were living under a rock until recently, then you’ll know that our first glimpse of GTA 6 is available now, with an excellent GTA 6 trailer song to keep on repeat too. But aside from Tom Petty and Mike Campbell’s searing hot guitar licks, we think that 2 moments in the trailer point toward what other musical wonders the game holds. Specifically, if you skip over to 1:07, you’ll be able to briefly see a decal for ‘Sound4Sound’. This could be one of the game’s radio stations, or at the very least, a place to purchase music in the GTA universe.

GTA 6 Radio Stations Sound4Sound

GTA 6 Radio Stations vice vinyl

Furthermore, decals for ‘Vice Vinyl’ can be seen twice in GTA 6 trailer, in the aforementioned moment and prior to it at 0:52. Now, it is possible that this could be referring to vehicle customization in the form of wrapping and color decals. However, if you indulge in us for a moment, its credence toward music is more believable as we can also spot a crate of vinyl records in the trailer, too. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Rockstar Games has flirted with the idea of physical music before in one of the best open world game franchises around.

Before GTA 4 was released, cut content reveals that Rockstar Games was toying with the idea of adding in a MP3 player feature, with players able to buy music in Liberty City. This would allow players to listen to their favorite music without the need of a vehicle, a feature that games like Watch Dogs 2 has since implemented. While we were never able to listen to GTA 4 radio stations on-the-go, perhaps Rockstar Games is revisiting this concept for GTA 6.

The trailer’s heavy focus on social media, which is parodying platforms like TikTok or Instagram’s Reel function, might be the first inkling of Rockstar embracing more modern means of accessing viral content. The PC version of GTA 4 also has a station called Independence FM, allowing players to add in their own music files, just like Liberty City Stories on the PSP before it.

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Though the GTA 6 release date still has a fair wait for us to endure, we’re already getting excited over the potential of blasting tunes while walking down Vice City’s beaches and sprawling neon-soaked streets. Not only do these moments in the trailer potentially hint toward GTA 6 radio stations, but they also show off just how varied the GTA 6 map is shaping up to be. However, as a new PS5 game and new Xbox game, you won’t get to explore GTA 6 on every platform.