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GTA 6 theories claim a Red Dead Redemption style twist is coming

New GTA 6 theories claim that Rockstar is hiding a secret third character in GTA 6, with a Red Dead Redemption style reveal.

GTA 6 theories characters police

The first GTA 6 trailer introduces us to Lucia and Jason, our new protagonists, causing chaos on the streets of Vice City. However, they might not be the only characters we’ll get to control in GTA 6. As speculation runs rampant surrounding the new Rockstar Games title, a compelling series of GTA 6 theories allude to the existence of another playable character right under our noses.

While you might be wondering what the GTA 6 map contains, or what smash hits will feature on all the GTA 6 radio stations, we’re wondering how potentially one of the best open world games on PS5 and Xbox will handle its characters. Specifically, it is possible that a secret third GTA 6 character may be in the GTA 6 trailer, although we think there are two possibilities. The first one, like GTA Forum user ‘Jammyd’ points out, is that the brief moment of a police bodycam could be our secret character hiding in plain sight – an ideal notion for an undercover police officer, too.

The GTA Forum user theorizes that this “could this be our first look at a third protagonist” and that Rockstar Games could be leaning on the franchise’s past for this idea. That’s because GTA originally began life as Race ‘n’ Chase, a concept that would see players take on the role of a cop or criminal, with the title aligning itself with the idea of cops and robbers gameplay. Grand Theft Auto games have never been afraid to take on themes of betrayal and double-crossing, although most of our characters have often been on the wrong side of the law.

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It is likely that this clip is just there to represent the game’s atmosphere, but saving another playable character until the GTA 6 release date could be a masterstroke. It would echo the same choice Rockstar Games made with both Red Dead Redemption games. Red Dead Redemption reveals you’ll be playing the rest of your days out as Jack Marston, John Marston’s son, in the final moments. Red Dead Redemption 2 does this again, passing the torch to a younger John Marston, which wasn’t known about before release.

Outside of GTA games, a notable example of taking on the role of the law is in the form of The Getaway Black Monday. Though the franchise began life as one of many GTA clones releasing back in the early 2000s, Team Soho solidifies The Getaway franchise’s identity with Black Monday, offering up open world thrills with a gritty Guy Ritchie style story in a fully free-roam version of London.

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Another GTA 6 theory to consider is that Lucia or Jason could be an undercover cop, and we wager it might be Jason. Key art for the game shows Lucia with an ankle tracker bracelet on, indicating the law is keeping tabs on her whereabouts in Vice City. With QA tester leaks from as back as 4 years ago supporting this, we could be in for some serious bloodshed.

There’s still plenty of time to see how this unfolds, though, so in the meantime here are all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games on the horizon, including all the GTA 6 platforms you’ll be able to visit Vice City on.