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Why watching the new GTA 6 trailer in reverse makes the most sense

We don't know loads about Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 6 just yet, but watching the new GTA 6 trailer backwards could be key to more.

GTA 6 trailer story reverse prologue theory: an image of Jason and Lucia from the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer

If you’re sitting there trying to pick apart the new GTA 6 trailer for more information about Rockstar Games’ upcoming release, you’re far from alone; although, you may actually find out more if you look at it from a different perspective. Grand Theft Auto 6 is easily the most anticipated game out there right now, maybe even of all time, and there are already countless theories online about all aspects of this open-world experience. If you want to know more about the story being told in GTA 6, however, Rockstar Games may already be outlining the prologue itself – you just need to watch the new trailer backwards.

We know there are more than a handful of new PS5 games and new Xbox games worth talking about as we head into the holidays, but Rockstar Games’ new Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer really is quite exciting. Not only is it our first look at what could be one of the best open world games of all time, it’s also a trailer that could actually be offering us very important story details – mainly, how it all starts. We know it sounds surprisng that a trailer so far ahead of the GTA 6 release date would have anything at all to do with the story at all, but the events that take place in the trailer – when isolated and looked at in reverse order – actually outline a very believable starting point.

As you can see for yourself down below, when it comes to all the scenes involving either Jason or Lucia (or both of them, of course), we see the following events take place in the following order:

  • Lucia is in prison – or a correctional facility of some kind – due to “bad luck” (oo:07)
  • Jason and Lucia are seemingly leaving the scene of a crime with cash in hand (00:59)
  • The duo are robbing a convinience / liquor store (01:09)
  • Jason (presumably) and Lucia are drifting in a red muscle car (01:11)
  • The two characters are talking about “trust” in a motel room (01:14)
  • Jason and Lucia are robbing a convinience / liquor store – possibly the same one as shown earlier (01:17)

Now, there’s nothing to say that these events shown aren’t just an assortment of random scenes pulled from footage to give players an insight into the type of game Grand Theft Auto 6 will be – one with crime, car chases, and a sprinkle of romance. However, when you look at these events in reverse order to how they’re shown – and outlined above – it tells a story of a criminal couple (like Bonnie and Clyde or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) enjoying a life of crime before being caught. Well, at least one of them being caught, anyway.

YouTube Thumbnail

When you look at the new GTA 6 map being pieced together by eagle-eyed fans, and consider the type of games Rockstar Games makes, we think it’s very unlikely that Lucia (one of the main characters in the game) will spend the entire time incarcerated. So, logically, that means it looks like she’s going to be released from prison at some point. We can’t imagine we’ll witness her descent into a life of crime, but rather how her life of crime starts to descend; the characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 are all criminals beforehand and the characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 are all outlaws before we meet them, too.

We think, though, that the aforementioned ‘some point’ will actually be the start of Grand Theft Auto 6 – the story’s prologue, if you will – and there’s one small detail on the key artwork shared by Rockstar Games alongside the above trailer that reinforces that claim: Lucia’s ankle monitor. These monitoring devices are sometimes given to criminals recently released from prison to track their movements and make sure they adhere to any restrictions their parole might entail.

As you can see for yourself below, the fact that Lucia is wearing one in the key artwork for Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to suggest that – at least at first – she will be wearing an ankle monitor and thus recently released from prison. This is an event that would make sense as the starting point for the story and allow Rockstar Games to limit a player’s exploration – just like Rockstar Games stops you exploring New Austin for quite a bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 – in the early stages of the game.

GTA 6 trailer story reverse prologue theory: an image of Lucia's ankle

Of course, it’s worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt until we know more – which could be quite a while away. However, one thing we do know for certain is that Rockstar Games doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to these sorts of things. So, all these trailer scenes and the details in the key artwork mean something – it’s just about piecing this puzzle together.

If you want to read a little more into what we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 so far, there are other GTA 6 theories that claim a Red Dead Redemption style twist is on the way and the first of (most likely) many GTA 6 radio stations has already been spotted in the new footage. One ex-Rockstar Games developer is also confident that GTA 6 will look “incredible” on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S when it drops – which, to be fair, isn’t really something you need to be an ex-Rockstar Games developer to realize. The trailer alone is stunning and it all looks like in-engine footage.