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A free Ray Gun is waiting for you in Warzone Fortune’s Keep

Turn your enemies into ash with a free Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune’s Keep, as Season 2 introduces this sweet easter egg on PS5 and Xbox.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Ray Gun: An image of a Call of Duty character and a Ray Gun

Using the best Warzone weapons is crucial for winning in the Call of Duty battle royale, but sometimes it can be good to cut loose from the norm. Disintegrating PS5 and Xbox players with a Ray Gun sounds much more fun. Well, you can do exactly that in Warzone Season 2, as the return of Fortune’s Keep includes this awesome Warzone easter egg to find.

If you really want to shake up the current Warzone meta in Season 2, then there’s no better way to do that than with the most iconic weapon in Call of Duty history. But you don’t need to boot up spin-off mode MW3 Zombies, as YouTuber ‘xGarbett’ shows how easy it is to claim the Ray Gun. When you next drop into one of the best battle royale games out there, you need to head to the Ground Zero area on the reworked Fortune’s Keep map and locate the Hazard Room. This will be found by dropping straight into the Ground Zero pit, and entering the laboratory area.

By following the YouTuber’s path, you’ll encounter a deadly obstacle course of sorts, so time your movements precisely. After activating the switches as shown, this will then deactivate the electricity in the water, making it easier to dive underwater and navigate a short tunnel to the aforementioned Hazard Room. Congratulations, you’re now in possession of one of the best Warzone guns out there, no matter however you set up your Warzone loadout.

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The Ray Gun behaves a little differently in Warzone than it has done in COD Zombies, and its damage isn’t enough for a one hit kill. However, it is still extremely powerful and can dispatch your opponents quicker than Amazon shipping. Discovering the Ray Gun in Fortune’s Keep reminds us of a similar secret in Call of Duty World at War, which allows players to wield the weapon during the campaign mission, Little Resistance. 

Treyarch makes it a lot easier to get the Ray Gun, though. World at War is still one of the best FPS games in the franchise, thanks to its harrowing and gritty aesthetic, superb music, and of course, the debut of COD Zombies itself. Maybe we’ll get a similar easter egg in Black Ops Gulf War, the alleged next COD installment, which appears to be bringing back another beloved Zombies weapon

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As you know, Warzone is free for all to dive into, but what if you want to try out some traditional multiplayer instead? The good news is that the game’s counterpart, Modern Warfare 3, is gearing up for another MW3 free multiplayer weekend to celebrate the launch of Season 2.