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Fortnite Avatar collab will have you Aang-ling for sweet skins

The Avatar Fortnite collab is set to get you gathering books on PS5 and Xbox, and you’ll get slick cosmetics from the iconic series in return.

Fortnite Avatar event: a blonde Fortnite character wearing sunglasses next to the bald, blue arrow-headed Aang

Though the Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action adaptation has received a pretty mixed bag of reviews, a positive outcome from the legendary series’ revitalization is it looks like a brand new mid-season Fortnite Avatar collaboration is on the way. And judging by what’s on offer, you’ll be wallet-bending to snap up the Elements event pass on PS5 and Xbox.

According to Fortnite’s API (as per prominent leaker and dataminer ‘iFireMonkey’), the Avatar Fortnite collab will arrive during Chapter 5 Season 2 with an endpoint currently set for Friday, May 3, 2024 at 6am PT / 9am ET. The mid-season event will require you to collect six books by completing quests, rewarding you with an Appa glider – yip yip!

What’s more, one of the best battle royale games is also offering up two variations of an Aang skin as an instant unlock when you pick up the pass – Fortnite style and Lego style. Finally, Avatar fans will get the high-quality Aang experience they’ve been craving from the IP for years, though it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be able to wield the four elements in the multiplayer game.

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As with other mid-season collabs, the API states that the Avatar Fortnite event will come with a free and premium reward track – the latter being required for the Aang outfit. iFireMonkey further suggests that “premium reward track items may be available in the item shop at a later date,” which is a huge win for those who won’t be able to get involved with the event for whatever reason.

One of the best free shooting games out there, Fortnite continues bringing the heat with big-name collaborations. Chapter 5 Season 2 has been heavily rumored to revolve around Greek mythology, though it’s still unconfirmed what the season theme will be when it arrives in early March. While we’re excited about the prospect of Zeus launching lightning bolts at unwitting players, we certainly wouldn’t say no to Azula making a surprise appearance with some lightning generation of her own.

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