June 2020 Archive

Overwatch League's Super joins the wasteland in fan's Fallout 4 game30 June 2020
California startup wants to raise $20m so you can manage its League of Legends team30 June 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pros react to meta changing MP5 nerf30 June 2020
xQc claims "most" Twitch streamers get paid for doing charity streams30 June 2020
Redeye resigns as managing director of Code Red, quits esports altogether30 June 2020
Pokimane talks Fedmyster and why she left the Offline TV house30 June 2020
Dota 2 Battle Pass bundle extended after TI10 prize pool surge30 June 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare nerfs the Grau and MP5 into oblivion30 June 2020
Valorant is aiming for six new agents a year29 June 2020
Hyper Scape is Ubisoft's new battle royale game, built with Twitch in mind, says leak29 June 2020
CS:GO streamer Gaules under fire again for cheating accusation tweets29 June 2020
Dota 2 patch 7.27 brings sweeping item and draft changes29 June 2020
Fnatic Rising midlaner hits Challenger in all five League of Legends roles29 June 2020
Dr DisRespect has been banned from Twitch29 June 2020
Dota 2’s TI10’s prize pool reaches $20 million in a month26 June 2020
Rogue Company interview - a new shooter you can play with anyone on any platform26 June 2020
FaZe starts Valorant roster with Overwatch and CS:GO pros Corey and JasonR26 June 2020
100 Thieves signs four ex-PUBG pros to complete its Valorant roster26 June 2020
New League of Legends skins for Akali, Shen, and Kennen will aid COVID-19 relief25 June 2020
David Beckham co-owns an esports organisation now25 June 2020
Twitch begins to ban accounts linked to abuse allegations25 June 2020
Twitch user seeks $25 million for being exposed to "suggestive streamers"25 June 2020
Immortals fires two coaching staff over disappointing League of Legends results25 June 2020
Staff were planning Christmas content weeks before shock Mixer announcement24 June 2020
G2 signs Patitek to its Valorant roster24 June 2020
Valorant pro Ardiis cleared of cheating allegations by Riot24 June 2020
Fortnite fans can watch Inception in this week's Party Royale24 June 2020
Pokémon Unite will be a League of Legends-style MOBA24 June 2020
Rainbow Six Siege European League postponed due to the #TwitchBlackout24 June 2020
Facebook Gaming will not replace Mixer on the Xbox dashboard24 June 2020
Tyler1 offers a $50,000 League of Legends bet to TF Blade24 June 2020
Around a third of female gamers think streaming content is pretty sexist23 June 2020
Twitch CEO shares internal email about sexual harassment allegations in the industry23 June 2020
All the changes made in Valorant Patch 1.0223 June 2020
Gla1ve is due to return to Astralis’ CS:GO roster in August23 June 2020
Ninja's Twitch bio has been updated for the first time in months23 June 2020
Ninja and Jessica Blevins donate cash to distraught Mixer streamers23 June 2020
Ninja and Shroud reportedly offered double their Mixer contracts by Facebook22 June 2020
Microsoft is shutting down Mixer, will move all streamers to Facebook Gaming22 June 2020
Valorant matchmaking changes and new rank details revealed22 June 2020
Pokimane is moving out of the Offline TV house22 June 2020
Twitch streamer Loserfruit’s Icon Series skin is now live in Fortnite22 June 2020
Twitch is "actively looking into" sexual harassment allegations against streamers22 June 2020
DrLupo raises $965k for GCX's charity stream in just seven hours22 June 2020
Escape From Tarkov's latest Twitch Drop event dished out 13 million items22 June 2020
Pokimane joins Jacksepticeye and Markiplier’s brand Cloak as a creative director22 June 2020
Mixer streamers threaten to leave after former employee raises racism allegations22 June 2020
Complexity stuns Team Vitality to win BLAST Premier Spring Europe finals22 June 2020
LCS admits its Summer Split League of Legends coverage has “missed the mark”19 June 2020
Summit1G slams Twitch streamers for racing to play The Last of Us 219 June 2020
Apex Legends cross-play release date and platforms revealed by Respawn19 June 2020
T1 will host the first NA competition of the Valorant Ignition Series18 June 2020
Jensen prefers Tactical’s “attitude” to Doublelift’s on Team Liquid’s LoL roster18 June 2020
Nadeshot explains why Activision stopped 100 Thieves running a charity Warzone tournament18 June 2020
LCK Summer Split kicks off with an Aphelios pentakill in the first game17 June 2020
Sinatraa's Overwatch League MVP skin for Zarya has finally landed17 June 2020
Pokimane hits 5,000,000 followers on Twitch17 June 2020
Jamppi sued the wrong Valve in his CS:GO ban lawsuit17 June 2020
Chinese League of Legends pro Wei fined for forgetting to take Smite17 June 2020
Fortnite Season 3 is here and it’s called Splash Down17 June 2020
MonteCristo slams the quality of competition and production in LCS16 June 2020
Valorant's ranked mode is finally coming next week16 June 2020
G2 enters Valorant esports scene and signs Mixwell16 June 2020
PUBG has a "lot of work left to balance the blend of PVP and PVE"16 June 2020
Riot announces its first official series of Valorant esports tournaments16 June 2020
Fortnite’s The Device event was one of the most watched moments in gaming history16 June 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons will launch with multiplayer and cross-play15 June 2020
Rekkles says he’d prefer reworks over new ADC champions in League of Legends15 June 2020
You can now delete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare modes you don't use on console15 June 2020
CS:GO-themed watch collection unveiled by BLAST15 June 2020
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince has spent $22k on the Dota 2 battle pass so far15 June 2020
G2 off to a surprisingly poor start to the LEC Summer Split15 June 2020
Streets of Tarkov is Escape From Tarkov's biggest map yet15 June 2020
MAD Lions’ League of Legends coach on replicating his team’s Spring Split form13 June 2020
DoinB says he "doesn't care" about his health during League of Legends stream12 June 2020
xQc banned from Twitch for streaming an explicit clip of two gorillas12 June 2020
PS5 reveal achieves Twitch’s highest ever peak audience for a single event12 June 2020
Ocelote says G2 Esports is feeling "fresh" ahead of the LEC Summer Split12 June 2020
Tyler1 and Hai both suspended from League of Legends Partner Program12 June 2020
Riot executive resigns following offensive George Floyd comments12 June 2020
Virtual Le Mans is the perfect end to sim racing's time as the world's top motorsport11 June 2020
LEC gets its own fantasy league for League of Legends fans11 June 2020
League of Legends veteran Xmithie dropped by Immortals for LCS Week 111 June 2020
Watch the PlayStation 5 reveal here11 June 2020
CS:GO update flips B site doors on Dust 2, improves player contrast, and more11 June 2020
RajjPatel changes his "insensitive" Twitch name11 June 2020
We're giving away ten codes for Rainbow Six Siege: Ultimate Edition on PC11 June 2020
SquishyMuffinz joins NRG as Cloud9 disbands its Rocket League roster11 June 2020
Riot Games executive under internal investigation for controversial George Floyd post11 June 2020
Why attitudes to burnout in esports must change10 June 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 release date announced10 June 2020
Chance has already talked about the next Call of Duty with Treyarch10 June 2020
League of Legends: Wild Rift alpha extended to more players10 June 2020
Rapper 21 Savage tells Trainwrecks he can play his music on Twitch10 June 2020
Team Vitality signs Rainbow Six Siege star Fabian10 June 2020
League of Legends mid lane changes pushed back to after Worlds 202010 June 2020
Australian Fortnite pro SerpentAU released by team for using macros10 June 2020
Black Lives Matter - how we can all help9 June 2020
Overwatch ditches hero pools from competitive play9 June 2020
Ubisoft unveils the UK Ireland Nationals, a new Rainbow Six Siege regional league9 June 2020
Lawyer warns Twitch streamers are at risk of instant copyright claims during streams9 June 2020
Valorant players finally have an equal chance to get any map9 June 2020
Dardoch says TSM didn't compensate him for League of Legends transfer comments9 June 2020
Seven CS:GO teams reportedly warned by Valve to resolve conflicts of interest8 June 2020
OG disbands its second Dota 2 team OG Seed because of “conflict of interest”8 June 2020
Astralis’ Dev1ce admits he still “throws up” after finishing every CS:GO tournament8 June 2020
League of Legends interviewer Ovilee leaves the LCS broadcasting team8 June 2020
Large wave of copyright strikes see Twitch streamers threatened with permanent bans8 June 2020
Dota 2's Sideshop shut down in latest battle pass update5 June 2020
Seattle Surge’s Octane says the team is “blacklisted” from Call of Duty pro scrims5 June 2020
Crucible retires two game modes in favour of Heart of the Hives5 June 2020
100 Thieves enters competitive Valorant and signs Hiko as captain5 June 2020
Nadeshot tries to execute a hacker in Warzone - it goes terribly4 June 2020
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 delayed for a third time4 June 2020
Riot announces new Drops scheme for League of Legends esports viewers4 June 2020
Skadoodle officially switches from CS:GO to Valorant after signing for T14 June 2020
Call of Duty developer pledges to improve moderation of racist in-game names4 June 2020
Three time world champion Karma retires from Call of Duty esports4 June 2020
Origen fires analyst Kayys after LEC suspends him for "negative behaviour"3 June 2020
Warzone streamer Symfuhny hits 2,000,000 followers on Twitch3 June 2020
Apex Legends devs have "concrete evidence" that skill-based matchmaking works3 June 2020
Twitch streamer knocks both monitors over after horror game jump scare3 June 2020
League of Legends' Tahm Kench is sort of in Valorant's new map3 June 2020
LPL star Uzi retires from League of Legends due to poor health3 June 2020
Black Lives Matter: a note from Network N2 June 2020
Tyler1 says Diamond rank in League of Legends is "ELO hell"2 June 2020
Former Overwatch pro Dafran says he's quitting full-time streaming2 June 2020
Valve makes changes to Dota 2’s TI10 battle pass after community complaints2 June 2020
Riot is looking to ditch inter-division promotion games in League of Legends2 June 2020
Codemasters secures World Rally Championships licence2 June 2020
The launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has been delayed indefinitely2 June 2020
You can play table tennis in CS:GO now1 June 2020
Dota 2's biggest battle pass spender is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia1 June 2020
Even without the beta China has more Valorant teams than NA, Korea combined1 June 2020
Mizkif reduced to tears after receiving a gift from Twitch1 June 2020
League of Legends streamer Tyler1 is currently the fourth best Ivern main in NA1 June 2020
TSM fines ZexRow a month’s salary for cursing on Ninja’s Fortnite show1 June 2020
Dota 2 fans aren't happy with The International 2020 battle pass1 June 2020
Valorant launches tomorrow, here's when you can play it in your region1 June 2020
CS:GO streamer Gaules was Twitch's most watched channel in May1 June 2020
Kobbe says he "just had to accept" Doublelift's League of Legends trade1 June 2020