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Valorant players finally have an equal chance to get any map

Ascent has been removed as the game's featured map


If you’re sick of playing Ascent in Valorant, you’re in luck. Riot Games has taken the map out of the featured slot in the game, meaning players finally have an equal chance to play any of the tactical shooter’s maps.

The Italian map, which has a large, open middle area, was made more common in Valorant patch 1.0 so that players get “more opportunities” to play the map over the likes of Split, Bind, and Haven. But after a week of being in the spotlight, Riot has changed the probability again so players get a fair shot of sneaking around and acing other maps.

While the change, which was announced on social media yesterday, has been welcomed with open arms by fans, the games on Ascent will no doubt prove very useful for Riot’s development team, which is looking to tweak the new map based on player feedback and play data.

The other maps, which have been available through the beta, have all been tweaked in various updates leading up to the launch, and since Ascent hasn’t had that opportunity yet, expect some changes to be made around the map’s choke points.

Players have found some pretty creative ways to block off sites once the Spike has been planted, so we’ll have to wait and see if that’ll be patched out or altered before the launch of Valorant ranked.