December 2019 Archive

A League of Legends fan has created a realistic Summoner’s Rift in Unreal Engine31 December 2019
Riot ban Galatasaray from Turkish League of Legends30 December 2019
The top streamers of 201930 December 2019
Former professional League of Legends player Remilia dies29 December 2019
Ceb tackles Dota 2 vs League of Legends debate with strange bicycle analogy28 December 2019
Corinna Kopf leaves Twitch to stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming28 December 2019
Meet the MAD Lions League of Legends coach championing creativity and aggression28 December 2019
Twitch bans n0tail for using homophobic slur during Dota 2 stream27 December 2019
Hong Kong protesters clash on Grand Theft Auto V27 December 2019
Remembering the Twitch streamers we lost to Mixer, Facebook, and Youtube in 201926 December 2019
The biggest esports tournaments of 201926 December 2019
A League of Legends fan has ranked the best tails in the game26 December 2019
Merry Christmas from The Loadout25 December 2019
Three Dota 2 players have earned the most money in esports this year24 December 2019
The best esports plays of 201924 December 2019
Valve sues Dota 2 tournament organiser that owes $750k to talent and players24 December 2019
G2’s captain Perkz confirms it was Caps’ idea to swap League of Legends roles24 December 2019
Germany's dedicated esports visa will be available next year24 December 2019
Astralis' director calls its CS:GO team a "different kind of beast"23 December 2019
Fortnite pro Bugha shows the power of controller aim assist23 December 2019
Tyler1 says his next League of Legends tournament will be held in a "huge stadium"23 December 2019
DrLupo raises $2.3 million in 24 hours for St Jude's Children's Hospital23 December 2019
Somehow Giants Software has made Farming Simulator into an entertaining esport22 December 2019
T1 and GenG will pay for English-speaking casters to cover a Korean LoL tournament20 December 2019
Grand Theft Auto V's Twitch viewership is up 227% this year20 December 2019
Win a League of Legends Worlds T-shirt20 December 2019
Braum has the highest AFK rate of any League of Legends champion20 December 2019
PUBG banned 116,561 cheaters last week20 December 2019
Meet the former international volleyball pro trying to give Team Vitality’s esports players the edge19 December 2019
League of Legends streamer Tyler1 thinks that xQc is a “normie”19 December 2019
PUBG will test motor gliders this week19 December 2019
Dr DisRespect and CouRage struggle with CS:GO flashbangs19 December 2019
The weirdest Twitch clips of 201918 December 2019
Mark Hamill and Ninja are going to play Fortnite's Star Wars update together18 December 2019
CS:GO has seen a growth of nearly 200% in China this year18 December 2019
‘Global restructuring’ sees ESL UK employees take voluntary redundancies18 December 2019
Respawn announces Apex Legends Global Series, will host four majors next year17 December 2019
Dr Lupo hopes to raise $2 million for children's hospital with 24 hour stream17 December 2019
This year's Worlds reached 21.8 million League of Legends fans a minute17 December 2019
Kkoma officially joins Vici Gaming League of Legends team as head coach17 December 2019
PUBG has sold 60 million copies since launch17 December 2019
A Russian internet company is suing Twitch for $2.8 billion over Premier League streams17 December 2019
Sword files police report against former League of Legends Griffin coach cvMax16 December 2019
FIFA 20's FUTmas event is "overpriced" according to its players16 December 2019
There's a crab rave easter egg in Battlefield V16 December 2019
Why Lando Norris thinks sim racing holds real value to F1 teams16 December 2019
Caps might change roles in League of Legends to take down former teammate Rekkles16 December 2019
PewDiePie is going to take a break from YouTube next year16 December 2019
Rick Fox believes League of Legends is close to overtaking the Super Bowl16 December 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dev confirms regular Gunfight will return16 December 2019
McLaren Shadow Project crowns Kevin 'Siggy' Rebernak as its new champion16 December 2019
What Fortnite Chapter 2 means for its future14 December 2019
Astralis' Zonic wins his second CS:GO coaching award this year13 December 2019
Dr DisRespect calls Jimmy Kimmel a "precious noob" in festive Turtle Beach ad13 December 2019
Rick Fox, Yassuo, xQc, and more will join Tyler1 for his League of Legends tournament13 December 2019
Ruined King and Convergence are the first League of Legends story-driven games13 December 2019
All the esports and streaming winners from The Game Awards 201913 December 2019
Prologue is the new game from PUBG's creator13 December 2019
All proceeds from the new League of Legends skin will go to charity12 December 2019
League of Legends adds Aphelios during the last full moon of 201912 December 2019
Ninja wants you to know he doesn't give a f*** about his Mixer viewership12 December 2019
Shroud's Mixer viewership declines by 67% compared to Twitch12 December 2019
PornHub stats show people have got the hots for Apex Legends' Wraith12 December 2019
Psyonix reduces Rocket League item prices following complaints12 December 2019
PUBG esports is in a “volatile place” as it heads into 202011 December 2019
ESL confirms the next CS:GO Major will be held in Brazil11 December 2019
Bwipo says no League of Legends team will be able to challenge Fnatic and G2 in the LEC11 December 2019
All the esports and streaming stars nominated at The Game Awards 201911 December 2019
FaZe Clan is still trying to get Jarvis' Fortnite ban removed11 December 2019
Apex Legends pro Dizzy quits esports to focus on streaming11 December 2019
A CS:GO mod puts character models in esports team hoodies11 December 2019
Twitch signs DrLupo, Lirik and TimTheTatman to exclusive contracts11 December 2019
Faker talks about his friendship with League of Legends streamer Tyler110 December 2019
'Top Gun' mod turns Rocket League into a flight combat sim10 December 2019
PUBG announces 2020 Global Series, will host four major esports tournaments10 December 2019
Rick Fox says he’s open to owning a League of Legends team again10 December 2019
Fortnite will make a "special announcement" at The Game Awards10 December 2019
K0nfig thinks booths should be used at CS:GO LAN events10 December 2019
Oustanding Esports Coverage is a category at the Emmy's now10 December 2019
Louis Vuitton's League of Legends range will set you back thousands9 December 2019
Jankos says he'd only play League of Legends in NA if he's paid more9 December 2019
2019 League of Legends All-Star viewership falls dramatically from 2018 event9 December 2019
McLaren ready to select new F1 Shadow Project driver9 December 2019
Casters lose it after new Tekken 7 characters are revealed9 December 2019
Meet the Sheriff leading the Overwatch Police Department8 December 2019
Dr DisRespect signs a TV deal with the creators of The Walking Dead6 December 2019
CS:GO scammers are using s1mple's old streams to steal skins6 December 2019
Evil Geniuses’ CEO roasts other LCS teams during League of Legends AMA6 December 2019
League of Legends release True Damage merch6 December 2019
A useful Twitch feature is hidden behind the Konami Code6 December 2019
Riot Games confirms more League of Legends games are on the way6 December 2019
Rick Fox will get tattooed by Tyler1 if his League of Legends charity stream hits $100K5 December 2019
Fortnite pro Benjyfishy gets caught out by classic waterfall trap5 December 2019
Rocket League fans are unhappy with the prices of items after Blueprint update5 December 2019
Fnatic's Krimz sets a new record for kills at LAN events5 December 2019
Pokimane donates $500 towards Twitch streamer’s leukemia treatment5 December 2019
Phantoml0rd can sue for more than $50,000 after Twitch lose appeal5 December 2019
Faker loses a Bronze ranked League of Legends game during Rick Fox's charity stream5 December 2019
xQc finds out his Overwatch Contenders team has disbanded while streaming5 December 2019
OG finally reveals its CS:GO roster4 December 2019
Streamer reduced to tears after his viewers buy him a new PC4 December 2019
Rocket League fans petition Elon Musk to add Tesla's Cybertruck to the game4 December 2019
G2’s League of Legends Worlds documentary shows Perkz in tears after final defeat4 December 2019
Dafran would tilt if he didn't have the right chair in the Overwatch League4 December 2019
A US congressman pleads guilty to spending campaign funds on Steam4 December 2019
Only 72.5% of PUBG players have killed another player4 December 2019
Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Gaming list features Fortnite stars like Bugha and EwOk4 December 2019
HenryG claims Starladder is the "worst offender" for not paying CS:GO talent4 December 2019
PUBG's studio director suggests a new map is on the way3 December 2019
ESL confirms restructure and job cuts in France and Spain3 December 2019
Ninja drops a “weird flex” during Fortnite stream3 December 2019
Riot Games settles gender discrimination lawsuit for $10 million3 December 2019
YouTube relaxes its violent videogames policy3 December 2019
Smash pro ZeRo leaves Twitch to stream on Facebook Gaming3 December 2019
Renegades return to CS:GO with Grayhound roster3 December 2019
You can customise new League of Legends merch with your name and Season 9 rank3 December 2019
League of Legends is the most watched game on Twitch once more2 December 2019
Twitch mistakenly bans Nightbot for five minutes2 December 2019
XQc was the most watched streamer on Twitch last month2 December 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare's Gunfight mode will get 1v1 and 3v3 options2 December 2019
Valde leaves North for an "unnamed" CS:GO team that's probably OG2 December 2019
Ninja signed a deal with Mixer to help "everyone else" in the streaming industry2 December 2019
Operation Shattered Web helps CS:GO record its highest average player count2 December 2019
GiantWaffle streamed 572 hours last month, breaking Twitch's monthly record2 December 2019
Astralis win ECS Season 8, pretend to lift missing trophy2 December 2019
PUBG Mobile Esports will have a $5 million prize pool next year2 December 2019
Zonic believes k0nfig has learned his lesson since missing out on Astralis1 December 2019