June 2021 Archive

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Limited-time events would make for a better Escape From Tarkov experience29 June 2021
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CS:GO players are bamboozling teammates with custom radio messages28 June 2021
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The best monitor deals in Amazon Prime Day 202127 June 2021
The best Amazon Prime Day 2021 gaming deals27 June 2021
It was irresponsible for Microsoft and Sony to release new hardware during a global chip shortage27 June 2021
Rocket League needs to fix its biggest problem - its players26 June 2021
Philips' new 55" monitor is designed to make the most of next-gen consoles25 June 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction was developed with the belief that "guns aren't enough"25 June 2021
From grinding $5 wagers to Red Bull athlete - the story of Warzone streamer Jukeyz25 June 2021
Call of Duty League 2021: Rosters, format, schedule, and more25 June 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction needs less Siege operators and more of its own24 June 2021
The O2 arena is back open... in Fortnite24 June 2021
Apex Legends is bringing back the original Kings Canyon24 June 2021
An Escape From Tarkov wipe could be coming this week24 June 2021
Naraka: Bladepoint console launch will “hopefully” happen by end of 202124 June 2021
First World Series of Warzone event conquered by Aydan, Rated, and HusKerrs24 June 2021
Warzone loadout of the week - ZLaner’s overpowered SMG and LMG combo23 June 2021
Valorant's Year One Anthem teases new agent 'Deadeye'23 June 2021
Valorant Patch 3.0: patch notes, ranked rework, and economy changes22 June 2021
ALGS commissioner John Nelson reflects on the first season of Apex Legends esports22 June 2021
Amazon Prime Day deals - save up to 23% on an Elgato Wave USB mic22 June 2021
PUBG is reportedly getting new content from an abandoned sequel22 June 2021
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Cyberpunk 2077 is back on the PlayStation Store, but with a PS4 warning21 June 2021
Grid Legends release date, gameplay, modes, and more19 June 2021
ALGS commissioner "open to feedback" about Apex Legends' Match Point format18 June 2021
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Valorant KAY/O abilities, release, and more17 June 2021
Valorant Give Back Bundle - skins, price, and more17 June 2021
Pokémon Unite release dates for Switch and mobile confirmed17 June 2021
Warzone dev explains the philosophy behind "sweeping balance changes"17 June 2021
Warzone developer dishes out Roze skin nerf for Season 417 June 2021
Warzone Season 4 weapon buffs and nerfs in Black Ops Cold War17 June 2021
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We’re hiring! The Loadout is looking for a staff writer16 June 2021
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PUBG's new 8x8 map Taego is coming in the next patch16 June 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: FaZe Dirty’s sniper class with an unusual perk15 June 2021
Nintendo Direct - all the news and announcements15 June 2021
DICE LA has made something "quite special" for Battlefield 204215 June 2021
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New League of Legends items revealed as Anathema's Chains and Hullbreaker15 June 2021
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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 will add five new weapons14 June 2021
Future Games Show recap: our favourite games and trailers14 June 2021
PC Gaming Show recap: our favourite trailers and announcements14 June 2021
Back 4 Blood's Swarm mode is "heavily inspired" by Left 4 Dead13 June 2021
Square Enix Presents - all the news and announcements13 June 2021
Xbox Game Pass members are getting 27 new games this year13 June 2021
Xbox Series X mini fridge memes will become reality this Holiday13 June 2021
Microsoft and Bethesda - all the news and announcements13 June 2021
Godfall is releasing on the PS4 nine months after releasing on PS512 June 2021
Rainbow Six Siege designer says there won’t be a second Operation Health12 June 2021
Thunderbird's voice actress was the inspiration for Rainbow Six Siege's first Nakoda operator12 June 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction will have 18 operators and 12 maps12 June 2021
Ubisoft Forward - all the news and announcements12 June 2021
Splitgate, a free-to-play lovechild of Halo and Portal, is coming to consoles11 June 2021
IGN Expo - our roundup of all the news and annoucements11 June 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone is getting motorcycles, probably11 June 2021
It looks like the new Valorant agent has something to do with Killjoy11 June 2021
Upset is hoping to showcase a more controlled Fnatic in the LEC: “we were very wild last split”11 June 2021
Summer Game Fest Kickoff - all the news and announcements10 June 2021
Deal of the week: get 30% off Dr Disrespect’s Roccat gaming mouse10 June 2021
Pokémon GO Fest 2021: dates, ticket price, new shinies, and more10 June 2021
TVs will soon have Xbox Game Pass built into them, says Microsoft10 June 2021
Play deep-sea survival game Subnautica for just $1 with Xbox Game Pass10 June 2021
FIFA 21 SBC players: Cheap high-rated players for completing SBCs10 June 2021
Battlefield 2042 has gun-toting robot dogs9 June 2021
Selfmade: “sooner or later, we’re going to see a remake because of Viego”9 June 2021
Warzone WW2 map Caldera setting, size, and more9 June 2021
Warzone's reportedly getting a WW2 map and it sounds enormous9 June 2021
Game-breaking Hexflash bug sees rune removed for LEC this week9 June 2021
Valorant patch notes 2.11 - Replication returns, performance tweaks, and more8 June 2021
How Loba is stealing the show at the ALGS Championship8 June 2021
LoL MSI 2021 revisited: OCE's revival, Fudge's redemption, and Xiaohu's vindication8 June 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: IceManIsaac’s “perfect SMG”8 June 2021
Fortnite Season 7 map changes, new POIs, and more8 June 2021
Fortnite Cosmic Chests: locations, how to open, and loot pool8 June 2021
Fortnite Season 7's Rail Gun can shoot through walls8 June 2021
Meet the former Halo dev working to evolve Wild Rift's matchmaking8 June 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name for Rainbow Six Quarantine7 June 2021
Say hello to The Digital Fix, your new destination for all things entertainment7 June 2021
"Don't give up on your dreams," says South American ALGS Championship winner Paradox7 June 2021
The pursuit of low ping: one player's 6,000-mile journey to the ALGS Championship4 June 2021
New players have to pay to play ranked CS:GO now4 June 2021
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Twitch's US Amazon store ransacked after fans discover 99% discount code2 June 2021
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How to fix the Rashkovsky not moving bug in the GTA 5 Prison Break heist2 June 2021
Valorant’s first year saw it reach 14 million active players2 June 2021
Pidgeot removed from Pokémon GO Battle League thanks to "broken" new move2 June 2021
The best AMP63 Warzone loadout2 June 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: JGOD’s “experimental” double AR class1 June 2021
How to unlock the AMP63 in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War1 June 2021
EPOS launches the B20 streaming microphone1 June 2021