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The best Animal Crossing: New Horizon island ideas

Make a splash with these creative Animal Crossing island ideas to spice up your New Horizons haven for yourself and your cute, cuddly villagers.

One of the best things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is its customisation. From educational islands to ones that scream fun in the sun, you can be sure that with a little hard work here and there, you can create a masterpiece that everyone will be proud of.

If you have a brief glimpse online, you’ll have noticed a great deal of online designers have embraced the warm summer sun – creating bespoke beach parties, pool bars, and more. Of course, you don’t have to jump on the summer bandwagon, but trust us, there are some great ideas out there.

So if your island is in desperate need of some tender loving care, have no fear – we’ve got the best Animal Crossing island ideas for you and the summertime right here. And the best bit? They won’t take you hours and hours to build either.

So, here are our top ten Animal Crossing island ideas to help you decorate your island paradise in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: A pool party in Animal Crossing, with several chairs, an ice cream stand, showers, and more.

Pool Party

Everyone loves a pool party, and your villagers are no different. There are at least three types of pool on New Horizons and loads of accessories to jazz up your party, such as wetsuits and Coconut Juice.

Apple, the Hamster, is an excellent addition to a pool party, especially with her polka dots outfit. You could also add some of the Jock characters, like Boots, for a sportier take on the pool party idea. You can invite your friends for a diving race too!

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: An AnimalCrossing character sat at a picnic table in a campsite setting.

Summer Camp

We’ve all attended Camp at one point or another, so why not make your island look like summer camp? It’s easy to chop down some trees to make stumps to sit on, and you can place Campfires too.

Camp is always better with friends, so fill up your village with a mixture of Peppy, Jock, or Sisterly characters. You can go fishing, tell stories around the Campfire, or take turns chasing down Wisp’s ghost pieces.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: Two recent graduates and their friends in Animal Crossing.


Animal Crossing’s Graduation Gown comes in four colours, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. You can even get Graduation Caps, so tell your friends Graduation is the dress code, and hang out by the Museum.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: A lovely summer picnic setting in an Animal Crossing park.

Picnics and Parks

All of the Animal Crossing games are perfect for picnics and parks, and with the sunny weather making an appearance, there’s no reason for your villagers to miss out. You can decorate your island with Picnic Tables or Outdoor Tables and lay on the Picnic set for your friends to enjoy.

Tubby villagers like the sheep are great additions to a picnic, and the sportier animals are awesome fun. Bird villagers are fantastic, as they help to remind you of feeding birds with the crumbs of your sandwiches.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: An Animal Crossing character in a bikini poses with surfboards on the beach.

A Day at the Beach

Every New Horizons island has some beach access, so why not put it to good use? Get the Coconut Juice and the Wetsuits out, and host a party among the Conch Shells. You can host your own fishing tourney like Pocket Camp or have diving, fishing and shell gathering competitions.

Audie the Wolf is excellent at the beach, and so is Axel the Elephant, with his striking blue colouration. Bangle the Tiger would make an epic beach racing buddy, so don’t forget to invite him to your island if you get the chance.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp items surrounding the character.

An Ode to Pocket Camp

For those of you who still play Pocket Camp, why not bring the joys of Camp to your New Horizons island? If your island is still primarily tents, all the better! Pocket Camp has lots of tents, and bundles of fruit trees, so fill your island with those and invite plenty of villagers.

Some of our favourite Pocket Camp villagers are the rabbits, like Dotty, or the cats like Rosie. However, Pocket Camp isn’t the same without a Ram or a Hamster or two.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: An Animal Crossing character dressed as a mermaid in a sea-themed room.

Mermaids and Atlantis

It might be hard to obtain, but Pascal’s Mermaid Set makes for a gorgeous summer island idea. Turn your home into a mermaid grotto and invite your friends around to visit. You could even decorate your beach, pier, or pool with mermaid items.

Mermaids just love collecting shells, so round up your friends and hunt all those pretty seashells down. Maybe you could offer a spare mermaid item as a prize? Or dive for those elusive scallops that Pascal likes so much?

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: An Animal Crossing character stood on a football pitch.

Sports Day

With so many Jock characters on Animal Crossing, it’s almost a shame not to let them have their fun on Sports Day. Get the sports equipment out, find a beach ball, and dress in your best sporty outfit.

There are some wonderful Jock characters to choose from, but Jay and Moose are our favourites. But any villager can be a Jock for the day, so don’t despair if you don’t have any Jock villagers to choose from yet. Catch a villager and dress them in a Jock outfit.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: An Animal Crossing character stood in a summery, holiday island, posing for the camera with a smile.


Stuck at home? Fear not, you can turn your island into a staycation heaven at the drop of a hat.

Sisterly characters are great to have around, as they make for great waitresses and maids. You can turn your home into a little cabin, villa, or even a traditional English bed and breakfast! With trips to the seaside, fruit picking, and evenings by the campfire, you’re sure to enjoy your holiday at home.

Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas: A winter wonderland complete with ice deer in Animal Crossing.

Let It Snow

If all this summer talk is getting you down, why not do the complete opposite and decorate your island with all things icy? It’ll be a great way to cool down while the sun’s beating down on you in real life.

Bring out the winter jackets and the snowmen, and find some wintery characters like Roald or heavy-coated Rams. Add some cosy Campfires and some mugs of tea or coffee, and you have a snowy paradise just waiting for your friends to cool off.

So, there you have it, our favorite Animal Crossing island ideas in New Horizons. Spend some time and energy on your Animal Crossing island, and boost your creativity. You never know; it might be just what you need.