Amazon Prime Day deals – save up to 49% on this Razer Viper wireless mouse

Go wireless today

If you've ever looked on with green eyes at the photos of clean setups many gaming companies seem to share these days, then you're not alone. However, on Amazon Prime Day, you too could join the masses who have desks devoid of wires and cup stains.

While scouting the web for our best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, we've come an absolute steal on the Razer Viper Ultimate. This wireless mouse, which is designed with esports in mind, can be picked up for a fraction of the price today, with savings up to 49% depending on where you live.

If you're not familiar with the Viper Ultimate, it's a high-speed, super lightweight mouse that boats low latency, a 20,000 DPI sensor, and optical mechanical switches. It comes with a super nifty dock that will fit right at home on your desk too – but don't worry, the Viper's 70-hour long battery life means you won't be using it all that often.

The mouse comes in several different colourways: black, white, and pink, but the biggest saving can be found on the default Razer black version. If you live in the US, the Razer Viper Ultimate is available at $89.99 down from $149.99 (a 40% discount) and if you’re in the UK, it’s priced at £86.99, down from £169.99 (a 49% discount).

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