Valorant’s Year One Anthem teases new agent ‘Deadeye’

Valorant's Year One Anthem video is full of teasers for what could be the game's next agent

A teaser for the next Valorant agent, codenamed 'Deadeye'

Riot Games may have skipped an agent release during Episode 2, but with KAY/O having only just landed the studio has already teased that the popular tactical FPS game’s seventeenth agent is already in the works.

During the launch of Episode 3, Act 1, Riot released its Year One Anthem, celebrating the various elements of Valorant – from streamer culture to Champions Tour – which have grown exponentially during its inaugural year. However, eagle-eyed fans have been quick to point out a new face during the video.

At roughly 3:22, several shots of a waistcoated figure quickly zoom by (we recommend watching at .25 speed so you don’t miss it). With slicked back hair, geometric tattoos, and a hulking great rifle, the new mystery agent has apparently been codenamed ‘Deadeye’ according to ‘ValorLeaks’.

You can check out a clearer look at Deadeye below. Some have already drawn similarities between Deadeye and Fortnite’s Midas.

With KAY/O’s codename, ‘Grenadier’, befitting his kit, it would not be a long shot to say that, with Deadeye, we could soon be getting an agent that can challenge Jett for the title of ‘top Op’er’.

Will Deadeye snipe the top spot in our Valorant tier list? Only time will tell.