Your favourite Warzone assault rifle probably just got nerfed

The FARA, C58, and several barrel attachments have all been tweaked in the latest Warzone update

Three Warzone operators emerge from some smoke, aiming their weapons

It’s that time of the week where Call of Duty: Warzone players hold their breath in anticipation – the patch notes are here. ‘Has my favourite weapon been nerfed?’ ‘Is my loadout now garbage?’ Well, there’s a good chance both of those concerns are correct after the latest patch today, June 30.

For starters, three individual weapons have been issued with small but potentially loadout-changing nerfs – the Nail Gun, the C58, and the FARA 83. All three have been extremely popular in the first few weeks of Warzone Season 4, and Raven Software is taking action.

Both the FARA and C58 assault rifles have received “slight” increases to their recoil, making them a tad harder to control. On paper, this doesn’t seem like too bad a change, but when coupled with another balancing change which we’ll talk about shortly, it could have big consequences. Elsewhere the Nail Gun has had its damage range slashed by 39% to make it less overpowered and bring it more closely in line with the game’s arsenal of shotguns.

With the MG 82 being nerfed last week, and now the C58 and Nail Gun also getting tweaked, that means all three of the new Season 4 weapons have been nerfed to some extent.

Now, the big changes of this update are actually to barrel attachments. In a nutshell, Raven is decreasing the amount of recoil control barrel attachments give to assault rifles and LMGs, bar a few exceptions. Here’s the lowdown.

All assault rifles, except the Cold War AK-47 and the XM4, will have less 5% less recoil control on the Ranger and Takedown barrels. This is presumably because both the AK and the XM4 both have relatively high recoil already.

Also, every single assault rifle and light machine gun in Warzone that uses a Reinforced Heavy, Match Grade, or VDV Reinforced barrel will have a 2.5% decrease in recoil control.

And finally, every assault rifle and light machine gun that uses a Task Force, Spetsnaz RPK, or CMV Mil-Spec barrel will receive 5% less recoil control.

Raven explains its decision in the patch notes.

“We felt with the magnitude by which recoil was being reduced, there was hardly any room left to master the control of these weapons. We want weapons to reward you for learning their reload timings, recoil patterns, and bullets to kill. Your proficiency with a weapon should be a journey that is worked toward with an equivalent payoff.”

While the nerfs are targeted just towards these attachments, barrels such as the Ranger and the Task Force have become key components to some of the strongest long-range assault rifle and LMG builds.

So if you drop into Warzone this week and think the aim on your best Krig Warzone loadout is slightly off, now you know why.