Fortnite Cosmic Chests: locations, how to open, and loot pool

Mysterious Cosmic Chests are spawning in Chapter 2 Season 7 - here's how to crack them open

Aliens land on the Fortnite island

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite sees an extraterrestrial army taking over the island, and with UFOs and space-age weapons now littering the new-look map, there’s plenty for players to explore and try out.

One new addition to Season 7 is the Cosmic Chest – a new puzzle-based chest that drops insane loot if your squad can find one and open it up successfully. These appear to be spawning at random locations and are quite rare to find, but if you do come across one, summon your team around it to complete the puzzle and scoop up some high-rarity weapons, loads of ammo and items, and a personal bonus offering some sought after materials.

We’re here to tell you everything there is to know about these mysterious cosmic chests in Fortnite Season 7, including what they look like and how you and your teammates can open them up.

Fortnite Cosmic Chest locations

The locations of Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7 appear to be random at this time, but we will update this if certain spawn points are discovered.

How to open a Cosmic Chest in Fortnite

First, locate a Cosmic Chest and approach it to activate it.

Now it’s time to open it. Cosmic Chests can be opened in Fortnite Season 7 by completing a team-based puzzle. The puzzle requires all members of your team to stand close to the chest.

The crystal covering the chest will then send a beam of light outwards, which will attach to one or more members of the team. The team member chosen by the light beam must then find the hitmarker on the crystal and hit it precisely with their pickaxe.

This will go on for a little while as teammates chip away at the crystal, so make sure there are no enemies around you while you attempt to do this, or build yourself some protective walls while you complete the puzzle.

Once the puzzle is complete, the crystal will crack open in a small animation, play a mysterious-sounding tune, and drop all the Cosmic Chest’s loot.

Fortnite Cosmic Chest loot

We haven’t got an exact loot pool for the Cosmic Chests just yet, but here’s what we’ve seen dropping from them so far.

One weapon for each member of your team (so two weapons for a duo, four weapons for a quad, etc.) will drop, and they appear to be a minimum of Rare (blue) quality.

You will also have stacks of ammo, health potions, med kits, and builds drop from the Cosmic Chest.

As well as the loot that falls on the ground, each player will be awarded with a personal bonus. This bonus will award each player random amounts of sought-after rewards such as gold (used for crafting and buying weapons at vending machines), alien artifacts (used to customise the new Kymera skin), or a chunk of XP. These are the rewards we’ve seen so far, but we’ll keep a look out to see if any more can be gained from the personal bonus.

That’s all we know about the Cosmic Chests in Fornite right now, but we’ll keep this guide updated if there are any further developments with the new puzzle-based chests.