It looks like the new Valorant agent has something to do with Killjoy

The German genius took over the game's official accounts following the new agent teaser at Summer Games Fest last night

Valorant fans got a very brief sneak peek at what could well be the popular tactical FPS game’s newest agent at Summer Games Fest last night. Shortly after the clip aired, the official Valorant Twitter pages were ‘hacked’ by Killjoy, leaving a number of possible clues to its abilities in her wake.

The initial nine-second snippet from SGF features a slow pan and zoom from a half-finished robot to its head, connected to numerous wires on a table. Many were quick to point out that the location of the teaser is in Killjoy’s lab.

This was pretty much confirmed soon after, as the game’s Twitter accounts from across the globe had their profile picture, name, banner photo, and biography changed by the tech genius. Although the page admins have seemingly wrestled back control now, Killjoy left a number of cryptic images behind. These include a concert selfie, a photo of an Alarmbot being deactivated, and a text conversation with Brimstone.

While these seem harmless enough, fans have suggested that there are clues in there to the new agent’s abilities. For example, the Alarmbot snap – captioned “Variable removed. Alarmbot down” – potentially suggests that the new agent will have the power to disable other agents’ abilities. No more Viper goop getting everywhere.

The lore goes deeper, with some comparing the robot in the teaser to Killjoy’s original intended design. That’s right, ‘Killjoy’ was supposed to be ‘K1LLJ-01’ the mechanical soldier. With the recent Duality trailer revealing the existence of Mirror Earth, these parallels may not be a mere coincidence.

Valorant lore aficionado ‘Cynprel’ believes that the robot in the teaser could very well be the missing Agent 8 – a robot sent to Mirror Earth to fight back against the mirrored agents. With the new agent previously being teased on the Breeze map, Cynprel says the agent could soon return to Earth through the map’s teleporter.

With so many unanswered questions now floating around, players will most likely have to wait until Episode 3 drops for further info on the new Valorant agent.