December 2020 Archive

Apex Legends lore video dives into Pathfinder's troubled past31 December 2020
Games to look forward to in 202131 December 2020
The weirdest Twitch clips of 202030 December 2020
CS:GO coach kassad parts ways with Cloud929 December 2020
Pokémon GO's Local Business Recovery Initiative is "not fit for purpose"29 December 2020
We want a League of Legends World Cup, and we want it now28 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone secret challenge will unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun27 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War remove Streetsweeper shotgun27 December 2020
Fan sends Pokimane their “dating credentials”, includes their Warzone wins26 December 2020
Jakob Lund Kristensen on Astralis' growth: "we thought we were better than everyone else"26 December 2020
Valorant devs planning to nerf the running accuracy of weapons next year25 December 2020
FIFA 21 Puzzle Master SBC solutions: How to solve and which players to use25 December 2020
FIFA 21 First XI SBC solutions: How to solve and which players to use25 December 2020
The Loadout Awards 202025 December 2020
One in ten young gamers get into debt buying loot boxes, report finds24 December 2020
Pokémon GO’s Unova Celebration event will feature shiny Snivy24 December 2020
Complexity Limit claims second consecutive WoW World First title24 December 2020
Escape From Tarkov's final wipe of 2020 is finally here24 December 2020
US Senator dubs $200,000 esports study “wasteful” in annual report24 December 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands has more Night Fae players than any other covenant24 December 2020
League of Legends pros picked Aphelios 1,283 times in Season 1023 December 2020
Apex Legends Global Series sees huge rise in Crypto usage23 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 has sold 13 million copies, even after refunds23 December 2020
Fortnite players call a mid-game truce to sing Christmas carols23 December 2020
Among Us smashes gaming record for most monthly players23 December 2020
Forget Cyberpunk 2077, classic games of years gone by have sold me on the Xbox Series S23 December 2020
Team Aydan drops record-breaking 109-kill game to win Warzone tournament23 December 2020
Apex Legends players have figured out how to slide forever23 December 2020
Shroud thinks he'll keep streaming on Twitch for at least another ten years23 December 2020
Cloud9’s Zven had the best average KDA for the whole of LoL Season 1022 December 2020
Ex6TenZ ditches CS:GO for Valorant in Ninjas in Pyjamas move22 December 2020
Neymar clutches up in CS:GO against Vitality pros ZywOo and shox22 December 2020
2021 League of Legends LEC roster rumours and transfers22 December 2020
Team Envy signs chess streamers the Botez sisters22 December 2020
The best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team nicknames22 December 2020
League of Legends world champion DAMWON renames for 2021 LCK season22 December 2020
CS:GO star ZywOo signs new four-year Team Vitality contract21 December 2020
2020 League of Legends All-Star viewership falls for a second year21 December 2020
CS:GO pro Twistzz leaves Team Liquid after three years21 December 2020
Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit results are in21 December 2020
FIFA 21 prodigy Anders Vejrgang goes 300-0 in FUT Champions21 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway – win a copy of mecha beat ’em up Override 2: Super Mech League!19 December 2020
Apex Legends' serial winner Lynx TH explains APAC South's aggressive meta18 December 2020
Thunder Tier One isn't just an exciting new game, it's a test bed for PUBG changes18 December 2020
Pokemon TCG collector swaps $900,000 of Charizards for Pikachu Illustrator card18 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway - stay frosty with Arctic's computer cooling bundle!18 December 2020
Riot confirms a League of Legends MMO is in development18 December 2020
Twitch clarifies you can call someone a simp, but only if it's "banter"18 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 removed from the PlayStation Store18 December 2020
Get your Back 4 Blood closed alpha code here!17 December 2020
You can win a gold medal in esports at the 2022 Asian Games17 December 2020
FunPlus Phoenix lands League of Legends world champion Nuguri17 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway - upgrade your PC with be quiet!17 December 2020
Astralis confirms its 2021 CS:GO and League of Legends Talent team rosters16 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone Double XP Tokens disappear following Cold War update16 December 2020
The best party and split-screen games to play with family and friends16 December 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One patch notes16 December 2020
PUBG Season 10's new chopper hunts you as you play16 December 2020
Among Us is now available on Nintendo Switch16 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone Resurgence mode: what is it and how does it work?16 December 2020
Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island guide: the best places to drop and loot16 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War guns: which new weapons are coming from Black Ops Cold War16 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway - grab a Remothered: Broken Porcelain code16 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway - upgrade your peripherals with Razer's Wireless Legends bundle15 December 2020
You can pet the Plaguehound in Black Ops Cold War Zombies15 December 2020
League of Legends LEC 2021 Spring Split start date confirmed15 December 2020
MrBeast is the top YouTube creator in the US for 202015 December 2020
Battle Styles Pokémon TCG expansion adds new gameplay mechanic15 December 2020
Hearthstone esports experiences major decline in 2020 viewership15 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 last-gen build was worked on "until the last minute"15 December 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s zombies split-screen issues fixed15 December 2020
New LCS format revealed for 2021 League of Legends season14 December 2020
Scalpers make nearly $30 million profit from PS5/Xbox Series X|S eBay sales14 December 2020
The big Christmas giveaway – get special starting bonuses in Raid: Shadow Legends!14 December 2020
PUBG players will wear temperature patches during 2021 Global Invitational14 December 2020
Edward Gaming's LoL coach comes out of retirement to rejoin its LPL roster14 December 2020
Mizkif pulls six-figure holographic Lugia Pokémon card live on Twitch14 December 2020
CDPR apologises for Cyberpunk 2077 last-gen console issues, offers refunds14 December 2020
Custom-made Etika Joy-Cons are "a way to honour Etika's legacy", creator says14 December 2020
League of Legends coach cvMax suspended until May 202114 December 2020
Among Us' new map is a giant red airship11 December 2020
Sodapoppin ruins rare Charizard Pokémon card with lube on Twitch11 December 2020
Ruined King: A League of Legends Story gets a shiny new gameplay trailer11 December 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone gets two new Gulags in Black Ops Cold War Season One11 December 2020
Console gaming gifts for gamers this holiday season11 December 2020
FIFA 21 POTM Fernandes SBC: solutions and cheap players11 December 2020
League of Legends Worlds 2020 racked up over a billion hours of watch time11 December 2020
Valkyrae scoops Best Content Creator at The Game Awards 202011 December 2020
Team Rocket will be launching a Pokémon GO invasion during The Game Awards10 December 2020
Spellbreak's new chapter quests will force you to change the way you play10 December 2020
Valorant's Snowball Fight mode brings "casual fun" to the competitive shooter10 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 players have found an embarrassing NSFW glitch10 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 launch breaks Steam and Twitch records10 December 2020
FIFA 21 players ditching their next-gen versions due to long matchmaking queues10 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 streamers could face bans due to nudity and copyrighted music10 December 2020
The Game Awards 2020 nominees for esports and streaming categories10 December 2020
CS:GO teams clash with CSPPA over BLAST Premier player protests10 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 report warns of potential seizure triggers10 December 2020
Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotics: all confirmed Exotic gear10 December 2020
League of Legends' retirees have paved the way for a new era9 December 2020
Apex Legends fans are getting a novel of tasty new lore9 December 2020
Mortal Kombat 11 pros to compete for $60,000 at WePlay Dragon Temple9 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 streamers are all making their Cyberjunk as big as possible9 December 2020
Pokémon GO’s Kanto Tour wants you to catch the original 150 in a day9 December 2020
League of Legends: Wild Rift's December update brings new champions and skins8 December 2020
New FIFA 21 code suggests Ultimate Team could be blocked in some regions8 December 2020
Top Blokes wins RLCS Season X Winter event thanks to dramatic finals comeback8 December 2020
Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship cancelled8 December 2020
Black Ops Cold War scorestreak options added to custom games8 December 2020
Excel Esports confirms its LEC and NLC League of Legends rosters8 December 2020
League of Legends fan makes Doublelift's face out of 720 Rubik's Cubes8 December 2020
Florida Mutineers finalises its 2021 Call of Duty League roster8 December 2020
League of Legends: Wild Rift might already be the best mobile MOBA7 December 2020
Free Fire adds Cristiano Ronaldo as a playable character7 December 2020
CS:GO major in spring 2021 reportedly cancelled by Valve7 December 2020
We're giving away a Fanatical gaming bundle worth $2,0007 December 2020
Floyd Mayweather's next challenger isn't a legendary boxer... it's Logan Paul7 December 2020
G2 drops CS:GO veteran JaCkz7 December 2020
Nintendo under fire for banning sale of custom Etika Joy-Cons7 December 2020
League of Legends followed by over half of Dota 2 esports fans7 December 2020
Splatoon 2's unofficial invitational draws in 7,000 viewers7 December 2020
LoL Worlds 2020 finalist Suning parts ways with head coach Chashao7 December 2020
Twitch removes 'blind playthrough' tag after inclusivity concerns7 December 2020
Valorant First Strike’s 18 regional champions crowned7 December 2020
2021 League of Legends LCS roster transfers and rumours7 December 2020
Demon's Souls' next-gen splendour makes for an uncanny remake4 December 2020
Meet IslandGrown, the streamer helping supply Twitch’s stars with vintage Pokémon cards4 December 2020
Fortnite World Cup 2021 cancelled, next year's competitions to be held online4 December 2020
Black Ops Cold War Season One delayed, new Warzone map confirmed4 December 2020
Call of Duty titles collectively generated $3 billion in revenue over the last year4 December 2020
Study claims motorists drive safer with a next-gen console than their own family4 December 2020
Ninjas in Pyjamas' new talent program aims to find Sweden's next CS:GO star4 December 2020
CS:GO Operation Broken Fang introduces map pick and bans4 December 2020
The Call of Duty Endowment Bowl returns for 20203 December 2020
Renegades’ Cp2 and coachJ on how Valorant changed their lives3 December 2020
Pokémon TCG's Shining Fates expansion features over 100 shiny Pokémon3 December 2020
Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenes3 December 2020
Former League of Legends world champion Impact joins Evil Geniuses3 December 2020
FIFA 21 next-gen upgrade goes live early3 December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 dev sets embargo for content creators to avoid spoilers3 December 2020
Rainbow Six Siege patch notes Neon Dawn - next-gen upgrades and Aruni2 December 2020
LCS veteran Goldenglue becomes 100 Thieves Academy head coach2 December 2020
CS:GO streamer Gaules tops the Twitch charts for November2 December 2020
Here's Valorant agents as Among Us crewmates2 December 2020
Excel Esports' League of Legends team is getting its own BBC documentary2 December 2020
TheGrefg sets a new Twitch record during Fortnite Galactus event stream2 December 2020
Rocket League Season 2 adds goal celebration music and a new arena1 December 2020
Dirt 5 interview - how Codemasters shipped a next-gen racing game during a pandemic1 December 2020
Doublelift retired thinking LoL star SwordArt wasn't joining TSM1 December 2020
The Xbox Series S can play PS2 games with ease1 December 2020
Valve removes CS:GO star Krimz's VAC ban1 December 2020